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Moleculica USA, price, opinion, how to use – alchemy of the 21st century




Perfect care at the molecular level

Against the main causes of skin aging

  • Cleans, moisturizes and nourishes
  • Aligns texture
  • Smoothes wrinkles
  • Brightens dark spots
  • Increases elasticity and turgor
  • Improves face colour

Moleculica what is, effect – perfect care at the molecular level

The main feature of Moleculica cream is a patented technology that contains isolated molecules of plants and minerals. This is the only method that delivers bioactive substances to the deepest layers of the skin, to the cell nucleus, ensuring faster renewal.

Before applying Moleculica

The use of a microencapsulation system helps the active elements not to disintegrate during application, but to be maximally absorbed into the skin. Thus, Moleculica creates a reserve of vitamins and microelements that continue to work and maintain youth for many years to come.

After applying Moleculica

Moleculica a comprehensive solution to combat age-related changes

  • Peptide complex. Stimulates the synthesis of elastin, improves skin elasticity, strengthens and sharpens facial contours.
  • Retinol. Smoothes wrinkles and creases, accelerates the process of cell formation and regeneration, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen. Support water balance, make the skin more elastic, firm and radiant.
  • Shea butter. Relieves dryness, deeply nourishes, helps to restore the lipid barrier of the skin.

For maximum results, try the whole Moleculica line

Night cream with Elastin

Regulates elasticity, firmness and integrity of tissues, has an antioxidant effect. Deeply nourishes and softens rough skin, enhancing the barrier function.

Face mask with Yuja fruit extract

Deeply moisturizes, increases skin density, reduces wrinkle depth and promotes epidermal restructuring.

*Each product can be used both in combination and separately

Manufacturing and clinical research

When creating the whole line of Moleculica products, the desired molecule is isolated from the ingredients so that it is biologically active and easily absorbed by the skin.

Research has shown that this method increases the content of collagen responsible for skin elasticity by 4 times, compared to conventional anti-aging products.

They replaced their daily care with the Moleculica line

Clinical studies conducted under dermatological control involved more than 1000 women aged 35-60 years with different skin types.

Experts recommend the anti-aging Moleculica line

Everyone needs care – cosmetic surgeries, like botox, cannot compensate for its absence.

Moleculica works equally well for mature and young skin. The cream acts as a protective barrier against aggressive environmental influences without causing skin addiction. Moleculica creates a reserve of essential elements and oxygenates the skin. Due to this, a quick renewal occurs, which prevents the skin from losing moisture.

To get rid of the signs of aging, follow these simple tips until you get the desired results.

Ann Brown, cosmetologist

How to use Moleculica

  • Morning. Cleanse your skin, apply basic care and let it absorb.
  • Daytime. Apply the mask for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a week after cleansing the skin. For maximum results, use a basic care cream after the procedure.
  • Evening. After cleansing the skin, apply a basic or special night care cream and let it absorb.

Moleculica turn back time!

Ann Reeves, 42 y.o.

I was going for expensive cosmetic procedures for twelve years, but they did not bring any effect. Having tried the Moleculica day cream, I saw the result in a week. The oval of my face got tightened every day, the skin became dense and elastic. So I decided to buy myself a night cream and a mask. In a month, there were no traces of wrinkles on the forehead. These products are definitely cheaper and better than any cosmetologist. All beauticians offer Botox. It’s so great that I’ve found a worthy alternative.

Mary Wilmore, 34 y.o.

Molecular cosmetics was a discovery for me. I have a combined skin, which is prone to dryness in the cold season and is oily in the warm season. The whole product line is perfect for me, which really makes me happy. It used to be very difficult for me to find the right cosmetic products. After six months of application, my face has visibly rejuvenated and I began to look expensive, like a Hollywood star))

Jane McMillan, 57 y.o.

I always looked younger than my age, although I didn’t use anything much. But as soon as I turned 45, I began to age dramatically. It was very hard for me to watch how I turn into an old woman. I started buying anti-aging cosmetics. But it didn’t help much. My daughter gave me Moleculica. Just one cream did the impossible. It not only stopped aging, but also relieved me of dryness and wrinkles. Everyone now says that my skin is glowing and looks rejuvenated. I recommend it to everyone, regardless of age.

How to order Moleculica – where to buy, buy online, original, official website

  • Fill out the order form
  • Wait for the operator’s call
  • Get your order packed discreetly for your convenience

Moleculica the best solution for age-related changes

The review of an anti-gravity Moleculica cream: a budget-friendly line with a luxury effect

Hello everyone! Today we will talk about one line of interesting, and most importantly, affordable anti-age products: the Moleculica line.

Kate Myers a blogger and a chemical technologist.

I know everything about cosmetics!

I learned about this brand’s cosmetics from my subscribers. The line consists of 3 products:

  • Day cream
  • Night cream
  • Rejuvenating mask

This cream is sold only on the official website. This is a clever trick from the manufacturer: so that cosmetics are not faked and counterfeit products are not sold to gullible citizens. That’s great, I approve it!

Ideally, it is better to use the entire line at once. Day cream, night cream, and mask perfectly complement each other in their compositions. Especially since this line is inexpensive – like 3 cups of cappuccino in your favorite coffee shop.

It took me 1 month to test this line. I tested it, as always, in my own laboratory, on myself and my friend.

How does the Moleculica line behave on the skin?

I was using the entire line for about a month. The texture of all 3 products is soft, gentle, it feels perfect on the skin, does not leave a greasy shine and a feeling of a film. The smell is pleasant, neutral, with a bit of fragrance. After application, a slight tingling may occur – the components of the product penetrate the skin.

Using this line for a week, I got rid of a facial wrinkle on my forehead, which even the best lux couldn’t remove. This is how my forehead looks now. I wrinkled it on purpose!

Thanks to the shock collagen therapy, I got rid of couperosis stars on my nose in 2-3 weeks.

In general, my skin became smoother, tighter, and pleasant to touch. My complexion improved, the unhealthy redness was replaced with a slight blush. After the course of Moleculica now I can go without foundation even with evening makeup.

My friend is testing Moleculica

For test purposes, I ordered a line of Moleculica for my good friend Michelle as well. She’s much older than me, 47.

Unfortunately, my friend doesn’t care about herself as much as I do: she smokes, sleeps little, loves sweets and light beer, which makes her suffering from swelling and acne. Naturally, she looks older than she really is.

I asked Michelle to tell me about her experience with creams and masks. And this is what she told me.

When I saw Michelle next time, I was a little stunned to be honest. Instead of an ordinary middle-aged woman, I saw such a beautiful girl that I couldn’t take my eyes off! The difference is noticeable, right?

This is how the anti-gravity effect declared by the manufacturer looks like.

And now – let’s analyze the composition!

Anti-gravity moleculica day cream

Peptide complexes

There are 6 of them – the maximum allowed in-home and salon cosmetics. They allow you to deceive gravity and tighten sagging cheeks, “putting in place” facial contours and removing the double chin. The peptides of the Moleculica cream stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, contribute to the correct restoration of its fibres and renew the skin at all levels – from the epidermis to the intercellular space. I have no complaints about this! These peptides are really doing their job.

Hyaluronic acid

This is not the type of cheap hyaluronic acid that low-budget creams and serums are full of nowadays. The weight of one molecule is 6000 daltons, which is even less than in hyaluronic acid intended for injection. It penetrates not only into the epidermis but also into the derma, where it retains moisture, preventing the skin from drying out and aging.


The same vitamin A. But there’s so much of it!.. 1% or more. I have never seen this even in the “top” luxury cosmetics: Dior, Chanel, etc. So, do not be surprised if in a couple of weeks your nasolabial creases and forehead wrinkles will completely disappear. P.S. It is hard to imagine how many cosmetologists have already lost their jobs due to such a rich composition of the cream!

Shea butter

A conductor of nutrients to the lower layers of the face and neck skin. It also takes care of the epidermis, smoothes and refreshes the skin, removes redness, fights dark circles and age spots.

Anti-gravity Moleculica night cream

Hyaluronic acid

The concentration of low-molecular hyaluronic acid in the night cream is 12% higher than in the day cream. So, while you’re sleeping, your skin is being saturated with it, and by morning your face looks really rested. The effect does not disappear after face washing.


You probably know that with age, the content of this amino acid drops rapidly, which makes your skin age faster every year. The Moleculica night cream is enriched with highly concentrated fish collagen. It is absorbed better than the bovine collagen. This means that it will not stay in the epidermis, but will get directly to its destination – to the connective tissue of your skin.

Multivitamin complex (В5, Е, F, A)

The complex of these vitamins stimulates the synthesis of enkephalins, which are called the “comfort molecules”. These molecules, in turn, stimulate the cells that are involved in fighting the signs of ageing – wrinkles, uneven skin texture and a dull complexion. Small wrinkles are smoothed out, your skin becomes fresher.


An essential protein for maintaining skin tightness. Its content in night cream is 6%, which is 2% more than in luxury creams from £1000.

Natural vegetable oils (almond, coconut, grape, peach)

There are a lot of oils in the cream. But they are represented in microdoses necessary for the nutrients’ transportation. They don’t make your skin greasy. On the contrary, after 2 weeks of using the cream, my skin has become more matte and smooth.

And finally, the mask

Anti-age Moleculica mask is used 1-2 times a week as an additional source of collagen, elastin and vitamins.

The mask is enriched with pure extract of Yuzu, a sour citrus fruit from Asia. It visibly smoothes the skin and has a light acid peeling effect. So don’t be surprised by a pleasant tingling sensation – it’s normal.

Leave the mask for at least 20 minutes, but not more than 25. Then, wash it off with warm water and apply cream (day or night, it doesn’t matter).

My conclusion: the line is super! The richest composition for this money and the effect of salon care. For a small amount, you get luxury quality cosmetics. The creams and the mask are perfect for ladies with noticeable age-related changes. And the line will be useful for young girls as well: with so many peptides and collagen, early ageing is not a problem for you!

My rating: A with a big plus.

And, according to the tradition, leave a like and your comments.

And I have a gift for you: 50% discount on the Moleculica line until the end of this month.

Moleculica comments, review, forum


I have the same skin type as your friend has. I’ve been dreaming of making it perfect, and my cosmetologist says that only plastic surgery will help. I hope this line will help me too!


I tried this line as well. All products are great!


I’ve found out about this brand recently. I just love it! This luxury and for such ridiculous money!


Interesting composition. I’m a chemist, I know it. Of course, I should take it!


I bought it for my mom as a gift. She’s thrilled!


I only tried the day cream. But it’s gorgeous! It is perfect for jowls, wrinkles and nasolabial folds!


Does it make sense to use just a mask, without the creams?

Kate Myers

Ideally, it is better to use the mask with the creams from this line, because their compositions complement each other. But if you use active peptide cream with low-molecular hyaluronic acid, you can try it.


Thanks for the discount, Kate! It was useful.


This line is in my collection of favorites for a long time. Thank you for the detailed review!