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Toxic OFF USA, price, review, how to use – capsules to cleanse the body




The most powerful detox program

9 signs of body intoxication

E ven if we follow healthy eating habits, avoid alcohol or cigarettes, toxins still accumulate in our bodies. They enter the body through water, food, cosmetics, household chemicals and even air. For years, toxins poison us, make us age quickly and provoke serious illnesses: allergies, edema, liver disorders, etc.

Check yourself for toxins. Do you have these symptoms?

  • Fast fatiguability
  • Weight gain
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Skin problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Frequent headaches
  • Bad breath
  • Frequent colds

Answered ‘yes’ more than two times? Your body needs to be cleansed. Fight toxins with Toxic OFF capsules!

Who needs Toxic OFF

Those who monitor their health

In the 21st century, detox every 6 months is the same norm as a morning shower and brushing your teeth. Be careful and don’t let yourself go!

Those who want to be slim

Toxic OFF removes harmful elements from blood vessels and liver, which slow down metabolism and lead to weight gain. With these capsules, you will quickly get back to normal.

Those preparing for an important event

With Toxic OFF you will be transformed for a holiday or vacation: you will forget about swelling, pimples and bruises under the eyes, and the skin will again become fresh and radiant.

Those who are just tired

A healthy body can easily cope with critical loads and long-term severe stress. Therefore, fatigue after work, a feeling of powerlessness and sleep problems are a signal! Your body is clogged with toxins and urgently needs to be cleansed.

How Toxic OFF works – what is, effect

The active ingredients of Toxic OFF – wormwood and turmeric extract – are sources of artemisin and curcumin. These are the most powerful natural detox ingredients.

Molecules of artemisin and curcumin are gently incorporated into the membranes of cells of the gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels and liver and cleanse them of toxic agents – carcinogens, heavy metals, salts, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, etc.

Toxins are replaced by nutrients – vitamins, phytoncides, antioxidants. They strengthen cellular immunity, improve the functioning of internal organs and protect you from repeated intoxication.

Your well-being will be perfect once again!

Detox program with Toxic OFF: visible results

  • Comfortable weight loss. From 4 to 7 kilograms.
  • Elimination of toxins. Smooth skin, healthy complexion, fresh breath, good digestion, great mood.
  • Vitaminization. The body will receive more than 70 useful substances (vitamins, calcium, magnesium, etc.).
  • Healthy immunity. The frequency of allergy and chronic disease exacerbations will decrease by 50%.

Toxic OFF formula: Plants only

  • Wormwood extract
  • Turmeric
  • Gotu kola (centella)
  • Emblika (amla)
  • Celery extract

Specialists about Toxic OFF

Christina Ashby, phytotherapist, nutritional consultant

A modern person cannot hide from toxins – even if they do not smoke or drink. Alas, parasite eggs are found even in bottled water. The air within a radius of 1000-1500 km from factories is stuffed with carcinogens and heavy metals. Therefore, make yourself a habit: cleanse the body 1-2 times a year. As a herbalist, I recommend Toxic OFF, a natural product based on wormwood and turmeric. It binds and removes toxins at the cellular level, cleanses the liver, blood vessels, skin, intestines, and also kills parasites. After this detox, you will look and feel like after a good rest!

Joanna Smith, toxicologist

Did you know that the liver of a modern 30-year-old city dweller looks like that of a 70-year-old alcoholic of the last century? Every day, it processes more than 12,000 poisons: city smog, food E-additives, car exhaust, etc. Liver enzymes cannot cope with such a load. To help it eliminate toxins, take Toxic OFF capsules… This supplement will destroy all the bad stuff that has accumulated in your body for years. You will see the result in the mirror! It is proved that after one Toxic OFF course the face and body look 5-7 years younger.

Purity begins with Toxic OFF!

Feedback from those who have tried

Rania, 32 years old

I did not expect any wow effect from these capsules. I just wanted to cleanse the body. But at the end of the course I started wearing size 46 and the bruises under my eyes disappeared. Incredible! Toxic OFF developers, thank you for saving me from old complexes!

Ninel, 48 years old

I got rid of allergy to dust and neighbor’s cat! Hurray! Next week I’ll go buy myself a kitten.

Audrey, 29 years old

I take Toxic OFF 2 times a year for prevention. I live in a metropolis – polluted air, junk food, stress. I feel better with it than my peers.

Alice, 34 years old

I have two dogs at home. I love them, but at the same time they bring dirt and parasites. To avoid picking up parasites, the veterinarian advised to take a cleansing course of Toxic OFF capsules twice a year. So I do it. It seems everything is fine. After the course, my skin becomes so smooth!

Natalie, 47 years old

I took this dietary supplement when I had problems with metabolism. I lost 7 kg with it. Additionally, I forgot about the heartburn, the acne disappeared, and morning swelling stopped. Recommend!

Toxic OFF official website, original, where to buy, buy online – comfortable detox is now available to everyone!

Promotion from the manufacturer: 50% off till the end of this month. Hurry up to buy!

Regular price 98 $

Your price 49 $

Detox: a general cleaning of the body. How to get rid of parasites, lose weight and improve your well-being

According to the BMA, a person consumes 10-15 kg of GMOs, pesticides, preservatives, growth hormones and heavy metals per year. Along with these substances, parasites enter the body, in most cases causing irreversible consequences: from weakening of immunity to the development of serious diseases. According to WHO statistics, about 1,000,000 people die from parasitic infection every year.

Fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, headaches, skin and joint problems are the result of intoxication of the body with harmful substances and parasites

“A person can be examined for years. Each of the doctors will treat the patient for his own, profile disease, never reaching the true cause. And it’s not about poor qualifications, but the fact that parasites are not considered as the root cause of the development of the disease. And in vain. According to statistics, in 91% of cases, infected patients did not even suspect that they had parasites.” – say parasitologists.

BMA: “Almost 75% of the world’s population are carriers of parasitic diseases. In the next 10 years, the number of deaths will double!”

Parasites colonize the body. Absorbing all useful substances and trace elements, they depress human health. When parasites settle in the vessels, they form blood clots, causing heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. By colonizing entire organ systems, parasites and their waste products provoke the formation of infections and tumors.

According to the British Medical Association, toxins and destructive activity of parasites in the body provoked the formation of chronic, oncological diseases and AIDS in 64% of patients.

How to help the body?

The BMA Rapporteur – Dr. James McMillan, parasitologist-immunologist

Physical weakness, drowsiness, bad mood, apathy and depression – advanced medicine no longer considers these symptoms to be insignificant. They indicate serious diseases, including parasitic ones.

Patients often come to me with symptoms of chronic fatigue. They have already bypassed several specialists and received only prescriptions for a course of vitamins-energy drinks or immunostimulants. But without quality detox, these drugs are powerless.

Many people are mistaken believing that detoxification is needed for weight loss only. Poor health and weak immunity are the result of life in a modern metropolis. Detoxification eliminates these and other symptoms by cleansing the body of parasites and poisonous substances (slags, toxins, pesticides, metals).

There are several detox methods: procedures (gastrointestinal lavage and hydrocolonotherapy) and consuming special substances (activated carbon, silicon dioxide, lignin, etc.). However, these methods are outdated and require training and supervision.

Science does not stand still and Toxic OFF developed by parasitological scientists proves it. This is a home detox tool. It is many times more effective than outdated methods and does not require a visit to a specialized clinic.

From the first days of using Toxic OFF neutralizes the action of harmful substances, suppresses the vital activity of parasites and eliminates them from the body.

The composition of Toxic OFF is free from antibiotics and other aggressive substances. The product acts gently, without undermining natural processes, because it contains only natural extracts:

  • Emblica. A powerful antioxidant. Eliminates toxins. Cleanses lungs, blood, lymph, liver and kidneys. Eliminates pathogenic microorganisms and has an immunomodulatory effect.
  • Wormwood extract. Stops the vital activity of the most active parasites. Paralyzes them, suppresses the ability to reproduce and eliminates the parasites along with their eggs from the body.
  • Gotu kola. Stimulates the outflow of bile, which helps to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract from congestion, parasites, their larvae and eggs. Improves digestion.
  • Turmeric. It has anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects. Neutralises oncogenic flora in the body. Supresses vital activity of microbes and viruses.
  • Celery. Restores tissue damaged by parasites. Restores intestinal microflora and enhances protective function of the body.

Laboratory research results of the London Institute of Parasitology

In 2019, Toxic OFF was investigated in an independent laboratory of the London Institute of Parasitology. The effectiveness of the product was noted in all subjects.

  • Complete cleansing of the body from parasites and toxins 98% of subjects
  • Normalization of vital systems of the person 97% of subjects
  • Improved physical endurance and performance 96% of subjects
  • Weight reduction by 5-10 kg 89% of subjects
  • Mild form of chronic diseases 81% of subjects

In addition, after a course of Toxic OFF the subjects improved their sleep regimen, improved their skin condition (papillomas and psoriasis disappeared), joint mobility, got rid of seasonal and household allergies, and increased their brain activity.

It follows that detox will not harm anyone and is highly recommended for those who often consume vegetables, meat, sweets, coffee and alcohol.

Toxic OFF must definitely replenish your first aid kit if you come into contact with animals, land (garden/vegetable garden); if you actively use public transport or a bathroom.

At this stage, negotiations are underway with pharmaceutical companies on the supply of the product to all pharmacy counters at a manufacturer’s fixed price. We will definitely notify the population about all the nuances, but for now the manufacturer sells Toxic OFF on the official website, restraining pharmacy and retail margins.

According to statistics, there are skeptics who think that all this will bypass them. In this case, I offer answering a few questions:

 Do you experience sudden nausea, diarrhea, or abdominal cramps unrelated to food intake? Concerned about itching in the anal area? Do you have heartburn? Do you have papillomas, hives or red spots on the skin? Do you experience muscle pain, swelling in your legs after eating meat? Do you have bad breath that toothpaste or chewing gum can’t handle? Do you have a longtime increased body temperature (above 37 degrees) and enlarged lymph nodes, but there are no other symptoms of ARVI? Frequent headaches?

If you answered yes to at least two questions, this is a cause for concern. I recommend you start taking Toxic OFF.

Toxic OFF forum, opinion, comments

Nathalie Johnson:

Hmm, now it’s really scary to go to the store – all the products contain all kinds of preservatives and emulsifiers, GMOs and other rubbish.

Christie Black:

Never heard of such a cleansing method, thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely buy and try the course, hope it hepls.

Jenny K.:

Just recently read about Toxic OFF and ordered it at once. I look forward to my order, hope it helps. We have 2 dogs at home. So I noticed that my husband has lost a lot of weight over the past month and periodically complains about all the symptoms that are described in the article. I’m sure he has parasites.


Guys, I should confess that our family also had such a problem. But I knew about Toxic OFF for a long time, my sister used it to get rid of parasites. So we started taking it right away and healed quickly. I completely agree with the author, prevention is necessary.


Wash your hands after contacting with animals!


Hm, probably you’ve never encountered parasites, that’s why you think in this way. I spent the whole summer doing flowers in the garden. And although I wore gloves I picked up this infection.


Oh, I’m such a hypochondriac! I already found all the symptoms. I will order this product right away, just for prevention.

Woman from Mars:

Right, now many doctors advise detox, they say it is very good for the body. I didn’t understand the point before, but now I do. These GMOs and other stuff is really killing us. Now I will order myself this Toxic OFF and go through detox at home.


Previously, I went to a special clinic every year or went to a sanatorium, where my digestive tract was completely washed. The effect after detox is super. Health condition is excellent.

Samantha G.:

An amazing product, my mother introduced me to it. She is fond of detox products, always keeps to special diets. After the course of Toxic OFF she got visually younger. I also decided to detoxify the body. I ordered myself a package. I apologize for the details, but I was taken aback when I saw what was coming out of me.

That’s awful! I completed the full course. I’m not complaining about my health now, although previously I suffered from migraines. I also noticed that it became easier to work (I am an accountant). In general, I advise it everyone.


Hello. I was looking for a product against parasites and found this article. Now I’m ordering it. My whole family was tested and they found parasites. I don’t even know where the parasites came from, we buy all the natural products on the market.

lisa.collins: Barbara:

Now you don’t know what’s better. The market is a breeding ground for microbes, there are no storage conditions for food (meat and fish). The supermarket is full of chemicals.

don.kihot: lisa.collins:



Hello, thanks for the information. We suffered for 2 weeks, tried to heal with folk methods. But this is nonsense! As soon as we started taking this antiparasitic product, we immediately felt better. Flatulence and vomiting disappeared on the second day. After a week, the tests showed complete recovery.


Totally agree – you can pick up parasites in public transport, in the office, at the post office and in food. My husband, for example, loves meat with blood, so we have antiparasitic products at home as a rule. God helps those who help themselves. I will order this Toxic OFF for my family.


It has not yet been studied how many types of parasites exist, but people are already suffering from their action. I heard that there are 19 types of parasites that can even kill a person. We must eliminate them with various drugs and antibiotics.

Dr. Jeremy Brown:

Antibiotics will not help get rid of parasites; this is a broad-spectrum drug. In this case, you need a drug that hits parasites locally and suppresses their vital activity. As an example, Toxic OFF. Antiparasitic drugs simply break down parasites and they leave the body naturally.

OliviaFlowers: Dr. Jeremy Brown:

Thank you, I got the point concerning antibiotics. The doctor also said that antibiotics have no effect on parasites, they only kill the flora of the body and even help them reproduce.

Nick8888: OliviaFlowers

Why poison yourself with chemichals and antibiotics if you can choose drugs with a natural composition. Don’t understand…


Just received my order. Starting a powerful detox!