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Moleculica Ireland, price, how to use, opinion: scientists’ new development smoothes wrinkles in 30 days




There is no elixir of youth, but it is still possible to make old wrinkles less noticeable and prevent the formation of new ones. A new name has appeared on the beauty market recently and it already managed to establish itself as an absolute must have. This is a Moleculica care complex: a day/night cream and a mask.

Editors of the ‘Beauty needs no sacrifice’ portal were lucky to talk to one of the founders of Moleculica. Francesca Dalvani told us why beauty influencers only talk about Moleculica:

Moleculica contains everything you need for the beauty and health of your skin – hyaluronic acid, retinol, peptides, collagen, vitamins and oils. It envelopes the skin like an air cloud and makes it perfect.’

Francesca Dalvani

And these are not just big words. Customer reviews and results speak for themselves, as well as long research. We created the Moleculica formula in laboratories of Sweden and Japan. We studied the action of the components, their dosage and interaction with each other. We have selected 10 of the most active ingredients and made a decision to create a whole line of home care products.

First of all, it was important for us to create a unique product that has no analogues and that would suit any skin type. Clinical studies have confirmed that our efforts were not wasted. The results showed that Moleculica is what aging skin needs.

97% of women noticed the lifting effect and pigmentation lightening after two weeks of using Moleculica.

Moleculica’s tests were very meticulous. A focus group of 40 female volunteers of different ages was assembled. We wanted to track the slightest changes, which would be impossible with a large number of participants. Research has shown that the Moleculica formula increases collagen production in the skin by 4.7 times. No cosmetics company has ever been able to replicate this before. Hopefully this won’t change.

The result upon completion of the research: expression lines were completely smoothed out, deeper ones – nasolabial and those on the forehead – became less pronounced.

An increase in the elasticity and density of the skin was also recorded – the face oval became clearer and more contoured.

~ Editors: The result is really impressive. How did you manage to achieve this effect? Moleculica effect, what is

~ Francesca Dalvani:

The skin is 80% collagen. After 25, its synthesis in the body decreases by four times. The skin becomes dry, flabby, takes on a gray-yellow tint and wrinkles appear. And with the onset of menopause, these processes are accelerated by another half.

We worked backwards and tried to eliminate the root cause of wrinkle formation. This is dehydration of the skin and collagen deficiency.

~ Editors: Francesca, but almost every bottle of the cream promises to relieve dryness and increase collagen levels in the skin. Why don’t these products give the same effect as Moleculica?

~ Francesca Dalvani:

These products simply don’t interact with the skin. The reason is simple – the large size of the molecules. The product is not absorbed, but remains on the surface and creates a film. Then it is washed off with water. This is at its best. At worst, it clogs pores and provokes acne.

~ Editors: We can conclude that you are very proud of this product. Does it make sense to ask about the active ingredients of the product, the composition? Isn’t it a mystery?

~ Francesca Dalvani:

Not at all! Firstly, neither we nor other manufacturers have the right to hide the composition of cosmetics. This is punishable by law! As well as when the product is presented as natural, but in fact it only contains silicones and fragrances. Zero active ingredients – zero action.

And yes, you’re right – we are proud of our product. Therefore, each bottle from the Moleculica line displays the composition, and laboratory examination will prove the presence of certain components in each of the products.

Moleculica day cream includes peptides, retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid and shea butter. By creating an invisible ‘second skin effect’, this complex instantly lifts the contours of the face. The oval becomes clear and pronounced.

The night cream contains a multivitamin complex (B5, E, F, A), elastin and natural oils (almond, coconut, grape, peach). The cream takes gentle care of the skin – fills it with useful substances, increases the production of natural collagen and pushes wrinkles out of the inside.

The action of Moleculica mask is aimed not only at smoothing wrinkles, but also at lightening pigmentation of various origins: hormonal, age-related, those caused by sun exposure, and traces of acne.

All together this visually makes you look 5-7 years younger.

~ Editors: Based on the photos of the participants, it is obvious the women have changed beyond recognition in some cases! It is purely my opinion

Francesca, let’s say a woman in her 40s has already bought this line. How long does it take to get rid of wrinkles?

~ Francesca Dalvani:

It all depends on the skin condition. I always warn my clients – improper care weakens the skin. Insufficient cleansing and vitaminization, as well as dehydration, worsen its condition and contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, the sooner a girl begins to care for her skin, the better.

Our experience has shown different results. From 3 weeks to 8 weeks. But the result has always exceeded expectations.

The main thing is consistency. Regular use of Moleculica maintains a sufficient amount of active components in cells and prevents their premature aging.

~ Editors: This is undeniably worthy of the attention of every woman who wants to get rid of wrinkles

We already know that Moleculica is better than similar creams, but can the effect of Moleculica be considered an analogue of injection procedures?

~ Francesca Dalvani:

The Moleculica line has been developed to eliminate the need for injections. These procedures are dangerous, traumatic, require a rehabilitation period and are very expensive.

Moleculica saves not only your money, but also time. By choosing such an ally in the fight against aging as Moleculica, a woman can remain socially active and spend her time enjoying herself, rather than going to the beautician and hiding under a cap or at home after the procedure.

~ Editors: Francesca, I think many women will be delighted with this news! : Moleculica official website, where to buy, buy online, original

~ Francesca Dalvani

This is nothing. We decided to please your readers and give them a 50% discount. Absolutely everyone will have the opportunity to purchase the Moleculica care set at half price.

The editors warn: do not buy the Moleculica care set through resellers or third party sites. To prevent the spread of counterfeits, the manufacturer sells Moleculica on the official website only.

Moleculica review, forum, comments

Is it really suitable for dry skin? I know retinol is not desirable in this case.


Hello. It is undesirable if your skin care only consists of retinol, and there are still many auxiliary components that will moisturize and care for your face. The cosmetologist told me this:) I’ve been using the Moleculica set for six months already. I did not find any cons. Everything you need for perfect skin. You can check out my last year’s photo and yesterday’s.

Vicky Simon

It’s my second set. I’ll never change this cosmetics for anything. Delighted with the night cream! In the morning, my face is smooth, rosy, like a juicy peach. And no dark circles or swelling.


Is it really that good? I love making aquashine. Expensive, but the effect is superb – the skin shines like a diamond.


Are you kidding? Yes, I’m just delighted. No procedures can compare with the effect of Moleculica… Previously, I used to go for aquashine and carboxy procedures. But now there’s no need at all. The pigmentation is gone, the face shines as you say, and there is no hint of wrinkles. My fav definitely!


Well, I’m intrigued 10 out of 10. Show your photos:)


No problem at all. There is a gap of about 6-7 months between the photos. I use Moleculica everyday. I don’t regret it. The result is obvious.


Wow, super! I can’t add more.


Just awesome! Ordering!


I also use this care set. As for me, the day cream is slightly oily. I have to dab my makeup several times with a napkin in the middle of the day. But the effect is visible from the first days due to retinol. Although previously I was afraid of this component. The main thing is to use SPF means.

Hannah J.

My husband gave me this set for my anniversary. At first I was upset – I thought ‘oh, what a load of crap!’ The company is completely unknown. I usually use babor or biologic. But the creams and the mask made me happy. The skin is shiny and healthy.


My skin is very dry. It peels off and wrinkles are more noticeable no matter how you cover them up.

Julia 12345

Yeah. You can’t keep up with these cosmetic innovations.

Aymani Chidiac

Author, I totally agree about the effect of Moleculica… Very good creams. The effect is not instant, of course, but you can see the diffeence in 3-4 weeks. The cream nourished the skin and the wrinkles seemed to jump out from the inside. A huge plus is its composition. All the best together. The mask is good too. Gonna buy more.

Amanda Black

I’d never have thought such results are real…. I will definitely order a set for myself and my friends for the holiday.


I’ve never seen a cream like this. I’ll ask a beautician first.

User 34573

There are many reviews about Moleculica creams… They only sell it on the official website. I’ll have to order and wait.


Try it, it won’t get any worse. I work in the office for 8 hours. The air is too dry because of air conditioning. This is probably why I have problems with my face (peeling, wrinkles, gray tint). Moleculica day cream became a real salvation for me! It moisturizes the skin and leaves no oily shine. The night cream is super too! I’ve been using it for 2 months. No wrinkles are visible at all! I’m very pleased.


I’ve tried so many things to get rid of wrinkles and nothing helps. And I really want to look good at my son’s wedding. I ordered this complex, let’s see if it is as effective as they say.

Paradise Angel

My mom has this set… Take it, you won’t regret it! It erases wrinkles and signs of fatigue.