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A woman was unable to get through passport control due to the excessive use of a skin rejuvenation product created by her daughter

Thanks to a strange incident at Dublin Airport, the general public can learn about an amazing scientific breakthrough in the field of facial skin rejuvenation, which was created by an Irishwoman for her beloved mother who was starting to age.

This unbelievable story happened recently at Dublin Airport. Border control officers detained a 45-year-old woman when she was buying a plane ticket for A Dublin-Paris flight. According to the report from one of her legal representatives, they found a discrepancy between the photo of her in her passport and her face in person.

Despite all the clarifications from the woman to prove that the woman shown in the passport was indeed herself, and that her appearance changed because a few weeks before the flight she began to use a rejuvenating cream developed by her daughter – a medical university student – the airport employees did not believe her at all and detained her to clarify the situation.

We act according to our guidelines. The photo in the passport is a completely different person. The passport holder looks 15 years younger than the person in the photo. What is most suspicious for me is that this passport was issued not very long ago – only about a month. As far as I know, even with plastic surgery, it is impossible to produce such results that quickly. This is the source of our suspicion.

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Cara Whelan (Dublin airport border officer)

However, it turns out there is indeed a product that can provide such fast results without surgery! And the creator of the product is a student from Ireland who wanted to help her mother restore her beauty and youthfulness.

Hello, Aoife Walsh! Please tell us how you managed to create this rejuvenation product that is so effective it even made your mother become a suspect because of her passport photo at the airport?

You know, this product was created for my mother, who has raised me and worked hard to support my education… A few years ago, my father passed away. I obviously do not like to remember those times. My mother raised me by herself… It was a difficult time; she had two jobs to be able to support my education. For many years, she shouldered the burden to provide for the family on her own. Can you imagine how difficult that was? Constant stress and the burden of responsibility ruined her health. She was only 45 years old, but she looked much older than her real age. Obviously, she lost the attention of men and suffered from loneliness. At such an age, it’s quite difficult to build your personal life up from scratch.

And so you are trying to help her?

Of course, how could you think that I could ever calmly watch my mother withering away like that! After all, 45 years is not old at all! At such an age, a person starts living for themselves and creating a happy personal life! I was so motivated to help my mother and decided to look for a rejuvenation product in order to restore her beauty and confidence. However, whether in the pharmacy, beauty salon or on the Internet, I couldn’t find a really good rejuvenating cream.

And then you decided to develop your own product? Rechiol effect review

Yes, because I am studying pharmacy and will soon finish my university studies, becoming a specialist with a diploma. So, I have the ability and knowledge to do just that. I only use natural ingredients in my development.

The first result is astonishing! You can take my mother’s story as an example. The trip to Paris was my gift to her on her birthday. I managed to put together some money I made from my side job and then decided to make her happy with a short trip so she could rest, relax and maybe meet someone. This is her first flight abroad, and her passport was only made 1.5 months before the flight. Imagine how much younger my development made her during this time that even the airport officials did not believe that it was her in the photo at all? Even for me, the effects of the rejuvenating cream are very surprising, but believe me, this was a pleasant surprise. Thanks to my cream, my mother looks young and attractive, which is important to women.

My product quickly smooths wrinkles, even in old age, tightening the skin naturally, and removing eye bags – this is a real recipe for rejuvenation. After seeing the first results, I decided to patent my formula, and I got it done right on time! After getting the patent, my phone began to be bombarded by calls and messages from pharmaceutical companies. They all asked me to sell this recipe to them and transfer the copyright of this rejuvenating cream.

But, you didn’t accept the offer, right? Rechiol forum

Of course not. I created the rejuvenation product for my mother, not for profit. I want all of those women who do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars for rejuvenation procedures and surgeries to regain their beauty and youth. This is my vision, and I cannot break my own principles.

How did you orchestrate the full production of the product? It obviously requires a lot of funding.

The head of the university helped me. Together with our laboratory and the Institute of Science and Research, we are able to run the production of the rejuvenating cream directly in this place. And he even gave a great name for the product – Rechiol.

Aoife Walsh’s development is truly unique. The ingredients’ contents and the right proportion of it succeeded in creating a true miracle in the field of skin rejuvenation. When we ran the first clinical trial, the results surprised the entire scientific world!

Rechiol has absolutely none of the drawbacks the more expensive solutions have, including side effects and contraindications, and most importantly – their solutions only offer temporary effects. Rechiol shows perfect results for any age and can be used without any restrictions. Clinical trials show that even women over 65 can quickly smooth their age-related wrinkles as well as eliminate skin dryness and skin sagging. Rechiol is also effective for preventing age-related changes for women in their 20s. The cream perfectly nourishes the skin and protects it from premature ageing for years.

I can say with confidence that currently there is no other skin rejuvenation product like this.

Niall Ryan (Senior researcher at the University of Pharmacy’s laboratory)

When trying to sell our products at the pharmacy, we have to face opposition from large companies. Nobody wants to destroy the market by selling a product at such a low price. Rechiol is objectively proved to be the best rejuvenation product among all the other products that have ever existed. Unfortunately, selling products as effectively as this at a cheap price is not one of the pharmacy network plans. For them, the most important thing is profit.

We also made a firm decision – rejecting such provisions and market the Rechiol on our own terms. Thanks to that, we can sell this rejuvenating cream at a minimal price – at only £490,000.

Connor Byrne (Head of the Institute of Science and Research)

We’ve managed to meet with Aoife Walsh’s mother, who now recalls the incident at the airport with laughter.

You surely know how delighted I was when the officers at the passport control didn’t believe that the woman in the photo was me! Honestly, even my delayed trip to Paris could not ruin my mood that day. I am truly grateful to my daughter for this wonderful gift. It is a miracle for me!

Your daughter said that you motivated her to develop Rechiol.

This is very touching to me. I remember how she brought me the first bottle of the rejuvenating cream. At that time, there was no question about which factory produced it – it was only a gift developed and created by herself, by her own hands. I even shed some tears because of it. I am very grateful…

How long do you need to get the first results? Rechiol how to use

Not more than a month! From the time my daughter gave this gift to the time of my flight to Paris, I used this cream every day and was surprised by the results. I have become at least 15 years younger! And you probably can also see it yourself!

This is not just about beauty and appearance only. My life has also improved. I became more confident. The people around me are also starting to be nicer to me, and my life now has really become more colorful! I became young not only on the outside but also in the inside! My personal life became more interesting, men who were much younger than me began to look at and chat me up! Now, I feel true happiness as a woman, and yes, now I have a lover. How old is he? – I’m not going to mention it, but he’s indeed younger than me.

By the way, I didn’t go on holiday after I missed my flight due to that delay. However, I recently flew on a trip with my young boyfriend! And all of this is thanks to my daughter and her miraculous Rechiol product. It’s great that this rejuvenating cream will be produced in Ireland and will help many women become better, prettier and younger!

It should be noted that Rechiol rejuvenating cream has gone through all the necessary clinical trials and is sold with shipping available throughout Ireland. However, because of the success of this new product, many counterfeit products have appeared on the market. In addition, large pharmacy networks and pharmaceutical companies are still against the selling of this new product and creating many fake sites that sell this product at much higher prices.

We made the decision to distribute this product outside of the pharmacy network. We are currently selling Rechiol directly to customers. We do not use any intermediaries such as pharmacies. We have discussed many options and focused on the most effective one. If you wish to buy Rechiol with a discount, please fill in the form on the supplier’s website. Our staff will be in touch to answer your question and confirm the order details. After that, your order will be shipped. There is a website of the supplier where you can place an order and get a discount. Almost everyone has access to the Internet. Even if a person doesn’t have a computer, it is likely that they have a smartphone with Internet access. Hurry and place your order before the promotion ends.

If you place your order by 05.10.2020, you will have a chance to own Rechiol at the max discount. This promotion is designed to attract the public’s attention to this product. We hope to initiate a “word of mouth” effect, as we believe people will recommend this product to their friends and family.

What is the normal price for this product? Rechiol original buy online

Production cost is approximate €100 per bottle. Now, we are offering an attractive discount, so that everyone will be able to buy this product – a discount up to 50%! The manufacturer understands the importance of making this product affordable for everyone and not just for some people. We are committed to not selling this formula abroad; we do not intend on exporting the product and we will only be selling it in Ireland.

Make a profit!

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Saoirse Murphy

I’ve already bought it. This is the result!

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Clodagh McCarthy

The results are really amazing!

Niamh O’Sullivan

The most important thing is the transformation that is happening within you. First, your face returns to its youth, and then your life begins to be filled with a variety of emotions and excitement again, and this cannot be expressed in words!

Bella Blanche

I fully agree with that! After using this cream, my husband started to get interested again in me, it’s like we went through our teenage years again and now we’re having sex more often than it was 20 years ago!

Carol McCarthy

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Irene Scholes

A little over a month

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