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Bentolit Ireland detoxing, good shape, health – original review, buy online, price




Bentolit – is triple-distilled volcanic clay enriched with natural plant extracts. The powder is used to prepare a clay drink which you need to take once a day:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to prepare
  • Nice coffee taste

Bentolit — is cleansing, how to use

Volcanic clay is an extremely strong adsorbent. It is 20 times more effective than popular drugstore dupes:

  • Neutralizes dangerous chemicals which get into an organism with water, food and medications
  • Improves skin health and eliminates various diseases, including acne and acneiform rash
  • Improves hair and nails health, strengthens and makes them more elastic
  • Reduces alcohol and nicotine intoxication

Detoxification with Bentolit: forum

Bentolit contains purified volcanic clay and oat fibres which reduce the appetite and make weight-loss fast and safe:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Dissolves fat deposits
  • Prevents fat depositing in problem areas of the body
  • Makes the skin more toned, removes stretch marks
  • Helps to get rid of cellulite

Bentolit Ireland — is health improvement

Bentolit formula includes natural extracts of ginger and dandelion root which help to improve health in general and boost immune system:

  • Improves digestion Improves gut microflora
  • Relieves allergic reaction symptoms
  • Helps to go into remission from acute exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Boosts immune system

Bentolit is purified volcanic clay, enriched with natural extracts – where to buy

  • Fennel fruit/seed extract improves digestive tract function
  • Volcanic clay reduces appetite and fat deposits, prevents fat digestion
  • Ginger root extract reduces appetite, stimulates gastric juice production, alleviates the course of a range of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Soy protein isolate burns subcutaneous fat, works as an energy source for the body
  • Dandelion root extract normaliza la digestión y el apetito, restablece el equilibrio electrolítico y normaliza la microflora en los intestinos
  • Oat fibres cleanse the gut, improve digestion and get excess cholesterol out of the body
  • Powdered coffee gets the excess liquid out of the body, boosts metabolism and energy

Bentolit – Instruction for use

Bentolit drink is fast & easy to prepare:

  • Put 2 heaping teaspoons of powder into a cup
  • Pour 200 ml of purified water or skim milk
  • Mix it thoroughly, let it sit for 10 minutes, then mix it one more time

Drink clay water 1 time a day without regard to food, preferably in the morning.

It’s recommended to use a shaker bottle to turn clay into a smooth paste.

Expert opinion

Linda Gardner, nutritionist, an author of a weight-loss technique, 16-year experience

Bentolit is a unique product which has three direct effects. The first one is cleansing or detoxification. Volcanic clay has an extremely strong absorbent effect. It is 20 times more effective than activated charcoal.

The second effect is weight-loss. Oat fibres and powdered coffee in the product’s formula reduce appetite, the number of snacks you have daily reduces 5 times and portions of food become 3 times smaller! This reduces the number of calories you consume and helps to lose weight.

The third effect is a complex health improvement. If taken regularly, volcanic clay helps to boost the immune system, reduce the frequency of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases and allergic responses. I believe that Bentolit is the only product that provides a triple effect. It’s a 100% natural and safe supplement which should be a part of any person’s ration if you take care of your health.


Gabriella Banks

I thought that clay was used only for masks and wrapping. Came across Bentolit drinking clay accidentally, ordered it and tried it. I’m pleased. My general condition and digestion improved in a week, chronic stomach heaviness went away. I lost about 6,5 lb in a week!

Helen Edwards

I’ve been taking clay for 5 years already. It’s a great detoxification product. My skin looks wonderful with it. Excess weight has gone, although I had just about 11-15 lb of it. I undergo a course once in several months for cleansing and prevention purposes. Moreover, Bentolit is a great source of minerals, vitamins and micronutrient. I’d rather take the clay I know well than the chemicals that the drugstores are full off.

Meredith Walton

I like to drink Bentolit – it’s a natural and safe product. Before that, I took clay produced by another popular manufacturer and had a terrible stomachache and digestion problems. I switched to Bentolit and now it’s all right, I feel fine and look even better!

How to order

  • Place an order through this site
  • Confirm your order through phone
  • Get you order at your post office

Bentolit is triple help for your body

Natural. Effective. Safe.

  • Natural detoxing
  • Natural weight loss
  • Health and youth

98 €

49 €

An excellent student from Dublin received the Health Excellence Award for discovering a weight loss method – 31 lb / week without chemicals, starvation or exercise

In spring 2020, something amazing happened at the European Congress of Endocrinologists. The whole audience applauded to the podium for a full 10 minutes. The speaker was Sophie Kelly, a student from Dublin. She proposed a unique formula that allows weight loss in the blink of an eye, without restrictions on food intake.

Sophie presented a great idea, and the science centers immediately put it into action. Specialists from the Institute of Endocrinology, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Institute for Developmental and Research Biology and Nutrition, and many other specialists, have begun to develop this preparation. It has already been created and is giving great results.

How will this new preparation save millions of lives and how will citizens of Ireland practically get this product for FREE, read in our today’s article

Journalist: “Sophie, you are ranked among the 10 most intelligent students at medical universities in the world. What prompted you to address the problem of being overweight?”

I don’t like to talk about this in public, but the motivation of a personal nature. A few years ago, my mother died of hypertension caused by being overweight. Everything was fine until one evening when she had a stroke while sleeping and died in agony. She was not here anymore. This is how my grandmother died. I started studying everything related to being overweight and losing weight. I was shocked to discover that dieting, exercise, pills and liposuction in 90% of cases are dangerous to health and only make the problem worse. My mother has also been on all sorts of diets combined with exercise for almost 5 years!

For the past 3 years, this topic has caught my attention. In fact, a new way of treating overweight, which is so popular today, emerged as I was writing my dissertation. I realized I had discovered something new, but I couldn’t even imagine it would attract the attention of so many people.

Journalist: “What kind of people are you talking about?”

As soon as my weight loss method became public, I received many offers to sell my idea. The French were in first place, offering me 120,000 euros. Recently, a US holding company offered $ 35 million. I changed my phone number and no longer use social media because I am harassed by offers every day.

Journalist: “As far as I know, you haven’t sold the formula yet?”

No I did not. It may sound weird, but I didn’t create this formula so people abroad could make money on it. What do you think will happen if I sell the formula abroad? It will get a patent, ban the production of this preparation to others and the price will jump. I’m young, but I’m not stupid. This way, people in Ireland will not get a chance to heal. A foreign doctor told me that such drug should be at least $3,000. Incredible! How many people in Ireland can afford to pay$ 3000 for it?

So I immediately accepted the invitation to participate in the development of this product. I have collaborated with the best specialists from the Institute of Endocrinology, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Institute of Developmental and Research Biology and Nutrition. An extraordinary experience. Clinical studies are currently completed and the drug is available to the public.

The coordinator for drug development was Emily Murphy – the endocrinologist, professor at the Faculty of Medicine. We asked her to tell us more about this new preparation and future plans.

Journalist: “What does the formula devised by Sophie Kelly consist of? Does it allow us to lose weight without diet and sports?”

Sophie’s idea is like navigating a vehicle, showing us the shortest way to lose weight. Moreover, the method is effective throughout life.

The drug developed on the basis of Sophie’s formula contains super antioxidants that send a signal to the part of the brain (amygdala) to stop storing calories, subcutaneous fat and suppress the desire for ‘junk food’. It’s called «Bentolit».

The secret of the effectiveness of this product lies in the high concentration of clay bentonite – the most powerful sorbent known so far. Clay bentonite prevents the accumulation of alpha-toxins in the blood: widespread toxins that contaminate food and that may be linked to liver cancer. Food is immediately converted into energy in the stomach or is deposited in the form of fat. «Bentolit» lowers the level of PRAP protein in the body. This protein is found in adipose tissue and is responsible for storing fat in the body. When the level of this protein decreases, adipose tissue is destroyed and the body loses weight without physical exertion or diet.

These are the results of the respondents who participated in the testing of «Bentolit»:

Journalist: “Impressive! Will your medicine also be available in pharmacies? And what will be its price?”

As soon as they realized that we had created a truly effective drug, the pharmacies had already attacked us in all possible ways and I think you have already noticed that. They suggested Sophie to sell her formula. But they didn’t want to produce it. On the contrary, they wanted to prevent the launch of the product on the market. Obesity drugs make up the largest part of the global pharmaceutical market. In Ireland, sales of such drugs bring in millions of dollars in profits. Our product can drastically change this situation. Who will spend money on ineffective weight loss methods if they can buy one product, «Bentolit», and permanently forget about being overweight.

Pharmacy chains and partners of pharmaceutical companies work closely together. So the volume of drug sales has a direct impact on them. They don’t even want to hear about us and our medicine. Although this is the only drug officially recommended by the Institute for Research and Developmental Biology and Nutrition in Ireland for the treatment of overweight.

Journalist: “If it is not available in pharmacies, how can we get this medicine?”

We decided we could act without the help of pharmacies if they don’t want to cooperate. And so we decided to directly distribute «Bentolit». Without intermediaries such as pharmacies. We considered several options and chose the most effective one. Whoever wants to get «Bentolit» must participate in drawing after which they receive a call, a free consultation and receive medication. By the decision of the Institute for Research and Developmental Biology and Nutrition in Ireland No. 5, anyone can participate in the lottery. Almost everyone today has the internet. Even if they don’t have a computer, they do have phones with internet access.

Whoever wants can participate in the lottery until 05.10.2020. This campaign is being done in collaboration with the Institute for Research and Developmental Biology and Nutrition in Ireland so everyone can find out about this medicine. We hope that the news will spread very soon and that all patients who are cured will recommend this medicine to their friends.

Journalist: “How much does this medicine cost?”

The production price is 49 €. We are now negotiating with the Institute for Research and Developmental Biology in Ireland to compensate for almost the entire price for customers. More than 50%. Fortunately, specialists are aware that such drug should be available to everyone, not just individuals. In return, we decided not to sell the formula overseas and not to export it so that it is only available in Ireland.

98 €

49 €


Mary T.

After I started taking it, I continued to eat whatever I wanted and still lost 17 lb. “Bentolite” is the best weight loss product I’ve ever seen, but the good part is that you don’t have to sweat in the gym, I don’t have time for it and I don’t like it.

Harry H.

I weighed 180 lb. When I was younger, I was slim, but over the years I gained weight in the abdomen and on the hips. At the age of 35, I realized that I had to act quickly to get my body back to normal. I went to the gym for a year, but I couldn’t get back to normal. A couple of weeks after I included “Bentolite” in my menu, I regained my weight from my teenage days. Now I take care of my body and keep “Bentolite” on hand just in case.

Susie R.

The promotion is so good! I practically got my medicine for free!

Kate Z.

I read about this in a medical journal. There was an article written by a famous endocrinologist…

Helen M.

This is something amazing, when you dream about something for so long and you almost start believing that it is impossible. It’s fantastic! I lost 20 lb and still losing weight. My friends are amazed, they care about me, they believe I am on a diet. I didn’t tell them anything, let them figure it out for themselves:))))))

Nancy E.

I ordered it. They said they would deliver in 3 days, I’m waiting.

Christine L.

Me too! It should arrive tomorrow.

Olivia N.

I ordered it, I hope to be among the first to be sent.

Maria J.

“Bentolite” literally saved me. Two years ago I had an accident and I was bedridden. After that I started walking with crutches, but obviously I couldn’t do sports because I didn’t have enough strength and the weight only made things worse. I heard about “Bentolite” from my friend. She gave me 6 packs. Of course I didn’t have much hope, but I definitely thought to give it a try. I used as directed. The changes were visible from day one, I wasn’t losing weight, but I felt my body start working faster, digesting food better, I felt my metabolism was improving. In the first 14 days I lost 20 lb even though I didn’t change my diet at all! The other 44 lb disappeared in about 4 weeks. I’m so happy my friend told me about Bentolite because I don’t know what I would do without it. I weighed 189 lb.

Monica B.

Through these reviews I realized I had to buy it. I’ll order, maybe I’ll get a discount too.

Anna M.

I ordered it, nothing easier. I received it by the mail in 2 days. Thank you very much!

I lost 136 lb for the sake of my boyfriend and left him right away!

Hi girls! Do you also want to lose weight but you lack the willpower? I thought it was impossible. But I did it. I discovered that it could be very easy. You just have to:

  • fall in love
  • know a good approach.

Although I’ve always been big, it was the least of my concerns, until recently. I love good food, so what? A pizza for dinner watching your favorite series? Sounds like a good idea to me! Except that, aged 27, I checked my body mass for the first time in several years. The scale displayed a terrifying number: 269 lb. It was a shock, but only for a little while. I quickly returned to my usual lifestyle: yummy food after work, knitting on my lap, spoiling my two gorgeous cats…

I was very happy with my life until I met a man online. I got carried away and I fell in love with him just a few weeks after! It was a hot online relationship.

Finally that day came and we met in person. Everything was fine. We went for a coffee, took a walk in the park. But something was wrong: the spark between us was gone. We used to make love online. But after that first date, all of a sudden, he was no longer interested. We were friends, but not more.

I understood right away that the problem was in me, or in my excess weight to be more precise. I had never thought how important it could be for men! The man I was in love with, was unable to have a hard-on in front of a big girl…

Anyway, I decided to slim down. I took a membership to a gym, but I went there for 21 days, spending 2 to 3 hours a day without any results. During this time, I lost only 1,1 lb, despite a strict diet: two apples a day, a banana and a chicken breast.

Then I bought slimming pills in a pharmacy. I don’t know what was inside, but they gave me a bad heartburn, morning nausea and terrible liver pain in the evening. I kept taking them for eight days, but, I didn’t lose even half a pound. I stopped.

My next (successful) attempt was clay. Don’t worry! I didn’t have to eat dirt or regular clay. I ordered Bentolit, which is a food supplement based on detoxifying volcanic clay. Its main action is to eliminate toxins and fat deposits. I think everyone is aware that the toxins hinder normal processes inside the body and cause weight gain. Bentolit was 100% up to the task.

All these pictures show me. The difference between them is only a month.

What I liked about it most, is that I didn’t have to change my usual way of life while taking this dietary supplement. No need to go to the gym or to count my calories. Your body will do it by itself. All is needed is just a little help – taking Bentolit on an empty stomach every day. It’s the only thing that helped me. A month later, I was half my previous weight! This is so cool! And my skin didn’t sag, which was very important for me.

You can’t even imagine how happy I was at first! Especially when I changed my wardrobe. A lot of nice trendy clothes fit me so well, whereas before I’d wear a black dress that made me look more like a car cover. I put more makeup and started wearing high heels and short skirts. Men began to pay attention to me.

‘What about the guy?’, would you ask. I don’t know. I am no longer in contact with him. When I was losing weight, we remained in contact, but just as friends. One day, we met again, it was when I was already 132 lb. I wore heels and a deep neckline dress, I had a nice hairstyle. As for him, I still found him nice, but I was too good for him. I couldn’t understand how I could fall in love with him? This probably happened because I was fat and I lacked male attention.

It’s completely different now! I have many suitors who are good-looking and successful men, I don’t even know which one to pick. I like all this attention! It makes me want to live, to get creative, to fall in love and to make others fall in love with me.

My darlings, I wish you all to feel desired and loved again. Getting slim has shaken my world. I am so happy! I wish you happiness. I became the official representative of Bentolit in our region and now it’s available to everyone who want to slim. Nothing is worse for a woman than to be unhappy with her body.

This helped me and it will help you too, no doubt about that. Love to all!

Attention! The special offer for readers of the blog will expire in Don’t miss out on your chance to buy Bentolit for weight loss at a 50% discount


Looking good! Congrats!


I also want to be slender like you!


I never heard of this slimming way, but it sounds interesting. I want to try it too.


You will not regret the purchase, I wish I knew about Bentolit before. I lost so much time on diets and in the gym. I didn’t waste it, but I didn’t get the result I expected. Whereas here I lost 26 lb so easily. It’s just melted away! I am very happy with the result. Here is a photo of me:


Awesome! A colleague of mine has lost her baby weight on clay regime. To my knowledge, Bentolit is the best slimming product compared to other dietary supplements.


Wow! Maybe my love life will work out after I’d lost weight. But, to be honest, I’m scared… I can’t even imagine taking that stuff… Yuk!


Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Just look how obese I was. I got married after I reached my current weight. Actually, I married my surf instructor!


Hi there, there’s nothing to be afraid of. What’s really scary is to stay big and do nothing about it, suffering from complexes. I was like that too, nothing would have changed in my life if it’s not for my psychologist and nutritionist who helped me. I discovered Bentolit after trying many diets and all kinds of pills. I can not say that the effect was immediate, but I am very satisfied. I ended up losing 37 lb in 2 months! 37 lb!! My husband immediately stopped cheating on me. I am so happy! So, get the things under control and get yourself some of this clay. Here is how I was:


Apparently, there must be a reason why I came on this site. It’s very motivating for me. I’ll order!


Just eat less and you’ll be fine! They overeat first, and then complain about unfaithful husbands.


Well done all! Good on you!!


I saw a show yesterday, all the celebrities go crazy about this bentonite clay. Everyone gets slimmer with it, even men.


Just received my package! I’m going to start ))


Go ahead. I have been taking it for 13 days. I feel fine. I lost 8,8 lb. I feel so light, I never felt anything like it.

Bentolit detoxing, good shape, health

Bentolit – is triple-distilled volcanic clay enriched with natural plant extracts. The powder is used to prepare a clay drink which you need to take once a day:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to prepare
  • Nice coffee taste

98 €

49 €