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Motion Mat USA, price, how to use, opinion – life without diseases




Acupuncture needle mat

Health and well-being

Having an effect on 800 acupuncture points on the human body, Motion Mat stimulates the body to self-heal.

The needle surface of the mat creates a controlled pricking, thereby reducing the intensity of nerve receptors compression, relaxing cramped muscles and reducing the swelling of adjacent tissues.

Regular acupunture massage improves blood supply and lymph drainage in the affected area — this relieves unpleasant sensations during movement and brings a person back to their usual lifestyle.

The secret of longevity and active life

Indispensable helper in every household

  • For musculoskeletal system pain
  • For migraine and insomnia
  • For colics in the gastrointestinal tract and diseases of the urogenital system
  • For neurosis and panic attacks

Motion Mat invest your time in your health

Just 15-30 minutes a day

Use on:

  • Back: eliminates spine and lower back pain, improves the functioning of the respiratory system, gives energy and vigour
  • Legs and feet: improves blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system, has a lymphatic drainage effect
  • Stomach: relieves concomitant pain and other unpleasant symptoms of genitourinary diseases in men and women
  • Neck: eliminates pain spasms and clamps in the neck and improves brain blood circulation, which improves cognitive functions.

Motion Mat what is, effect – with care for you

Hypoallergenic materials of high-quality were used in the production:

  • Organic flax
  • Coconut fibre
  • 100% recyclable high-strength eco-plastic
  • Neodymium magnets

Your personal massage therapist

  • Anywhere
  • Any tim

Buyers’ opinion on Motion Mat:

I don’t know what would have happened to me, if I hadn’t found out Motion Mat. I have a genetic predisposition to arthrosis, which makes me suffer so much. Sometimes my joints ache so bad that I want to howl. Only the massage mat can save me. I just lock myself in my office for 20-30 minutes, lie on the mat, stand up for a while, and the pain goes away.


I work in IT and spend 16 hours at the computer. I don’t have time to visit massage therapists, but the mat helps me out greatly. My spine would have crumbled long ago without it.

I give Motion Mat 5 out of 5 in all respects. My husband and I used one mat together, I went to the website to order another one. I couldn’t find the perfect acupuncture mat for a long time: the needles were too sharp, or the plastic was of poor quality. Once, my husband got a piece stuck in his skin, so we had to rush to the hospital.


My wife and I have refused taking pills a long time ago. We use Motion Mat to cure all diseases — when one of us have a headache or a lower back pain. My wife had problems with the endocrine system — everything went away in 3 months. It may seem ridiculous, especially to those who are used to live in a common herd system, but acupuncture really works.


How to order Motion Mat: buy online, original, official website, where to buy, America

  • Leave an application on our website
  • Wait for our manager to call you to clarify the details
  • Pay for the order upon receipt in any convenient way

Try it to see for yourself

98 $

49 $

I thought I was having a heart attack, but it was osteochondrosis

I’m going to tell you how I got rid of unpleasant symptoms, forgot about the disease and returned to my active lifestyle quickly.

The pain in your shoulder blade and chest, hard to breathe. The first thing you think about is your heart. There is nothing to think about — you should call an ambulance. That’s what my colleagues did when I felt bad at work.

The ECG showed that my heart was fine. I got a full examination at the hospital and found out I had thoracic osteochondrosis. I didn’t expect that! I do sports, go to yoga classes, sleep on an orthopedic mattress. All in vain…

The experts gave me a list of complex treatments with chondroprotective agents, neuroleptics, sedatives, and recommended taking classes with a therapeutic exercises instructor. I followed all the recommendations as a responsible patient. I got stuck during one of the classes — I couldn’t turn my head or raise my arms. Any movement caused pain. Seeing my torments, the instructor began to ask me about the problem. When he heard the diagnosis, he slapped his forehead:

“Why didn’t you say anything? Any exercise is prohibited in your condition with exacerbation. You need to remove the pain syndrome. This problem can be solved in a week. After that, you can and should do exercises for tone and health.”

Wiping away my tears, I looked at the instructor with interest.

“All over the world, people with this diagnosis live an active life and don’t feel pain. Do you want me to help you? Believe me, the pain will disappear forever, and you will be able to do sports without the risk of injury.”

That’s how I found out about the Motion Mat acupuncture device. Of course, I’d heard about acupuncture before, but I couldn’t dare. And everything was much easier with it — a comfortable and practical mat that can be used at home, on holiday and even at work. And it’s made exclusively from natural and safe materials. Amazing! I asked my trainer to help me with the order. He helped me buy Motion Mat with a discount — I paid only half the price. Ridiculous price for good health.

It was delivered in 3 days. The first impression was very pleasant — flaxen removable cover, coconut fibre filler. The applicators are shaped as opened flowers, made from eco-friendly medical plastic, attached to the cover without glue. No chemicals or synthetics.

I decided to try out the mat right away. As my trainer recommended, I placed it on the floor and lied down. At first, I felt a little discomfort, but that’s because I wasn’t used to it. In a few minutes, I felt a pleasant warmth, the tension was gone, my muscles relaxed. I even napped!

Every morning I started with Motion Mat. At first, I would just lay down on it with my back, then I started to walk on it with my bare feet and to place it under my neck and arms. And sometimes I even sat on it during work (believe me, it doesn’t hurt a bit, but it is very useful — my cellulite was gone!!!).

I’ve been using the mat for over two months. During this time, I completely forgot about osteochondrosis and pain, returned to training in the gym and even signed up for dancing. Motion Mat is a fantastic thing and a guarantee of good health.

If you suffer from osteochondrosis or other chronic diseases, take my trainer’s advice — order Motion Mat. No fatigue, bad mood, pain — only energy, lightness, cheerfulness and a positive attitude. This is exactly what you will feel after every use of this massage mat. If you are interested, I’ll leave a link to the manufacturer’s website. Now there is a 50% discount on the acupuncture mat — have time to buy an accessory for the health of your whole family.

Motion Mat comments, review, forum

Lisa Farrell

I would never have thought that such masochism really works, if I hadn’t tried it myself. At first, it felt like hundreds of fragments dug into my back, but gradually the unpleasant sensations were replaced by waves of warmth, spreading throughout my body. I can’t say about osteochondrosis, but it helps perfectly to get rid of stress, insomnia and muscle tension!

Emily Austin

I’ve got the mat only recently, but my impressions are still only positive. Previously, I used a mat from another company, complete rubbish — my whole back was scratched, the needles bent quickly, the fabric got dirty. I had to throw it out after 2 months of usage. But now I have a great one.

Brian Davis

I’ve been suffering from neck pain for several years. Massage doesn’t help. I’ll try your Motion Mat, this is my last hope.

Ann Garrett

I ordered this massage mat for my grandpa. He’s been suffering from knee joints arthrosis, he can barely walk around the house. And after 2 weeks of using Motion Mat he’s running around with his grandchildren! We even thought about surgery… Thank you for such a miracle!

Sophia Ellis

I’ll definitely try it, I have a constant lower back pain, I can’t bear it any more.

Ethan Thomas

As a person who knows a lot about rehabilitation firsthand, I will say this: Motion Mat is better than any physical therapy. No matter what your problems are — joints, tendons, muscles, Motion Mat will help you overcome them and leave them in the past. Don’t postpone it — health caring should be on time.

George Black

As a pensioner, it is especially pleasant and useful for me to have such a thing at home. Back spasm, knee pain, neck twist. The mat is versatile, you can massage any part of your body with it, at any time. And you don’t have to go to the doctors, they only pull money out and prescribe all sorts of chemicals.

Alice Norman

An incredible thing. I always feel a surge of energy after a session. I use the mat every day, now my sister and mom use it too!!! And now I know what gift to buy them.

Richard Hawkins

My personal trainer recommended me to use Motion Mat, he said that this was the best thing for relaxation after exercises. And I completely agree with him. The muscle tension is gone, I forgot about the pain and muscle soreness a long time ago. My body is in good shape, my physical condition is great.

Julia Baker

I’m almost a completely healthy person, but I still constantly try to take care of myself. I don’t have time for massages and gyms, so Motion Mat was a real discovery for me. After using the mat, I feel inspired, elated, my mood is just great, I get a good night’s sleep, and I don’t have any fatigue after a working day. I recommend it to everyone.

Sharon Green

I found out about Motion Mat at my yoga classes. It’s worth every penny! I can physically feel my blood flow accelerating, my constant swelling is gone, I even lost a few pounds. Such a simple thing turned out to be so useful.

Erin Douglas

After pinching my nerve, the doctor recommended a course of acupuncture. But I’m such a coward that I was afraid to take it — I read that experts often put the needles in a wrong way, and then this leads to serious problems. And you can’t find a good specialist in my small town. So I found an alternative: Motion Mat. I don’t regret it a bit! And I will go to the acupuncture appointment later, it’s interesting to try and compare the effect, especially since we’re going to move to the capital with my husband.

Chris Gibson

I’m very pleased with Motion Mat. My back pain is completely gone. If you have a sedentary job, or a physically active job, this mat is a must-have for your home.

Chloe Bradford

An interesting thing, I really want to try it

Brittany Stokes

I’ve just ordered this mat, and there’s really a 50% discount, thank you for such savings. Although, if everything people say about it is true, I don’t mind paying the full price for it.

Try it to see for yourself

98 $

49 $