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An express method from Indian yogis

Almost all of us are whacked out by the time the night comes because of the crazy rhythm lifestyle and stress at work at work. What can you do if you are running out of energy, but still have a lot of things to do and barely have 15 minutes a day for yourself?

I know a great method that works quicker than a cup of coffee. It’s called “acupressure” – massaging bioactive points on your neck, back and lower back. Indian yogis craft acupressure sadhu boards for that purpose and it takes them just 10-15 minutes to get enough energy for their family and for some workout after that also.

I lied on the sadhu desk when I’ve visited India. At first, it felt unusual, but after doing it, there was no fatigue and I felt like I had wings! Even after sitting all day long in front of a computer.

I begged them to sell the desk to me, but they didn’t. Instead of that, they told me a secret: you can buy an acupressure mat in our country, too. It works exactly like a sadhu desk, but it’s much more convenient and space-saving, and it can easily fit into a lady’s bag.

When I came back home, I bought a mat. It’s called Motion Mat. You can buy it here, directly from the manufacturer, it’s affordable. This is what it looks like:

It’s great that plastic “pins” are located according to the bioactive points of the body.

The mat is made from flax and is filled with coconut fiber that keeps its shape well – the mat doesn’t wrinkle when you change a position. Motion Mat‘s “pins” are made from medical HIPS-plastic and look like flowers with pointed petals.

To quickly recover after a hard working day, just lie on the mat and think about something nice.

If your neck and shoulders ache after working in front of a computer, the following position is recommended:

You can walk barefoot or wearing light socks – it feels nice and the mat massages your feet. By the way, here’s a lifehack for you: put Motion Mat on the floor in your bathroom and stand on it while you wash your face or brush your teeth. This massage will be even more invigorating than having cold and hot shower or a cup of strong coffee!

Motion Mat can be useful in the office, too. If you can’t lie on the floor, just put it behind your lower back for 10 minutes. Your productivity will increase at least twice, I checked it!

“Is it painful?” – you might ask. Well, it feels like you lie on small pebbles, that’s why it’s better to lie on the mat wearing light clothing made from cotton or silk. Bathrobes and leisure suits made from thick fabric aren’t suitable – you won’t get the massage effect.

For beginners, it’s recommended to start with 5-7 minutes, even if they want to spend more time lying on it. During a week, increase this time to 10-15 minutes.

Motion Mat helps athletes to boost the effectiveness of trainings. Massaging bioactive points helps to quickly reduce extra weight and gain muscle mass. Orange peel skin on your thighs and buttocks goes away, too. Can’t believe it? Here’re several exercises you can do with Motion Mat.

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So, it’s easier to boost your energy after a working day than you used to think. This method is good for everyone: office employees and always busy new moms. Those who have visited my channel for the first time get a GIFT: 50% OFF on Motion Mat.

All you need is to go to the website of the manufacturer of Motion Mat by pressing this button and place an order. Your mat will be on its way to your place within just an hour after you’ve ordered it!

Take care and stay healthy!

Motion Mat what is, effect – how to deal with back pain from sedentary work? Advice from an accountant with 25 years of experience

Hi everyone!

When I was little, my mother used to say:

“Study well, Maya, or you’ll be like me – breaking your back all your life.”

She used to earn money by picking vegetables and worked hard on the farm.

But the office job is no easier than one in the field with a hoe. When you’re young, you can easily spend 8-12 hours at the computer. But gradually the hours add up to days, and the days to years… And now, closer to 40, my neck began to go numb from sedentary work, I got chronic pain in my lower back.

I just used to take painkillers and diclofenac on my sore spots and went to work. And then the pills the ointment stopped working.

I went to the clinic – the doctor made the “fibromyalgia” diagnosis, found several hernias and protrusions and sent me to get a therapeutic massage: 3-4 courses of 10-15 sessions a year. The procedure was expensive even for my salary. I took 2 courses, and then I ran out of savings.

I asked my son to help me with the money. He said: “Mom, stop goofing around! Here’s a massage mat for you – you’ll feel renewed in two weeks!”- and he gave me this device.

My son said that his back pain was gone in a month with this mat. He is a programmer – he also suffered from back and joint problems. And now he’s carrying my grandson in his arms all around!

I read the instructions when I got home. All I had to do was lie on this mat for 10-15 minutes every evening after work, and when it gets easier, do simple exercises on it.

It is better to lie down on the mat wearing light clothes. A thin robe or cotton T-shirt is just perfect.

According to the instructions, the healing effect is achieved due to acupressure – ancient Indian acupressure massage with plastic needles. But it doesn’t hurt at all; on the contrary, it’s a pleasant tingling sensation, like after a contrast shower. And these are not long iron needles, like the Indian yogis have, but round plates in a lotus flowers shape with neodymium magnets, which enhance the warming effect.

The mat is small, so I put it alternately to my neck and lower back: 5-10 minutes for each zone. I felt noticeably better after the very first session. The feelings after the procedure: as if I was not sitting at the computer in the office, but lying on a soft feather bed all day. Such lightness in my whole body! It’s definitely better than a painful and expensive massage!

The next evening I came home from work with a sore neck and got straight to the mat. I turned the relaxing music on and was just laying there for 15 minutes, enjoying the pleasant sensations. After this relaxation, I could go without painkillers for the whole night. My back was so comfortable that I didn’t even have to put a pillow under my lower back.

And a week later, both my back and neck stopped hurting at all. This is the first time this has happened to me in 5 years! Satisfied, I returned the mat to my son. But he advised me to buy the same mat for myself. Like, if you have a sitting job, it should always be at hand.

I ordered my own mat here. It’s called Motion Mat. With a 50% discount, the price is very pleasant – about the same as 1 massage session with a chiropractor. And considering the fact that the mat is designed for more than one year, the savings are significant!

Now I have my own massage parlour at home. I rest on this mat every evening after work. My spine is happy, my neck muscles are relaxed, and it no longer hurts, even if I stay late at the office.

And recently, my youngest daughter, who’s a student, also used this mat for a week for exercises. She says that her cellulite disappeared from this “recharge” and her hips got smaller for some inches. I asked her to take a photo for this post. And really, she doesn’t have any more “orange peel”!

So, if you also have back cramps after work, I recommend using Motion Mat. The muscles and spine relax on it perfectly, the pain and aches go away. This means that the ancient methods of acupressure works! I rate this brilliant invention 5 stars out of 5.

By the way, the special offer for Motion Mat is still valid. So, you better hurry – health is better than wealth!

And traditional blogger thing – leave likes, share, and subscribe to my channel. Be healthy!

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Super! That’s what I need after work!


Cool mat! A great option as a massage in the evenings. I work in a warehouse, my back suffers a lot of loads too. After work, I stretch out on this mat with pleasure. 10 minutes – and your back is as good as new!


I bought this mat six months ago, and I don’t regret it! I lie down on it with my knees and hips – it helps a lot with joint pain.


I’ve heard that this mat helps to fight cellulite, but I still hesitated to buy it. Thank you for the link with the promo!


I’ve been looking for it for a while:)


I love this mat so much! I lie on it, and jump, and meditate.


I think it hurts. Or it doesn’t?


The body tingles noticeably during the first few times. It’s like lying on a small pebble with your bare back. It is unusual but not uncomfortable. And then you get used to it and just enjoy the sensations.


I once thought it was a scam. But when my father fixed his sciatica within 2 weeks I started believing it. I relax on this mat myself after work.


I think I should buy it. We really do sit too much. Our muscles are not adapted to this way of life.