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To bring your weight back to normal, you do not need to give up your favorite foods or participate in weight loss marathons. A strategy that is effective in the long term is to gradually balance the diet, stop overeating and increase physical activity.

In this article, we will look at the Vean app life mode, which has only recently appeared but has already attracted the attention of many users. Below you can find out what is Vean, how does Vean work and what makes it better than analogues in the USA. Also read reviews, comments and opinions about Vean to make sure it is convenient and effective.

What is Vean?

Vean coach weight loss plan is an app that will help you lose weight. You need to tell us about yourself so that Vean goto weight loss can create a personalized weight loss plan, weekly budget and goal. The application has an image recognition function. Vean automatically identifies the food, eliminating the need to enter it yourself.

  • Tailor workouts and nutrition plans based on gender, height, weight, and goals. It takes into account the level of physical fitness and food preferences
  • Load what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including snacks. The application will summarize calories and BJU and keep a weight loss graph
  • Enter your height, weight, goal and favorite meals into the app, and it will select a meal plan for the day
  • Helps to balance weight with a balanced diet: Reminds you to eat vegetables and fruits, grains and proteins throughout the day
  • Will help not to eat because of stress, boredom, anger or “for the company.” Take pictures of food and write down the reason for each meal
  • Helps track body changes and see how exercise and diet affect appearance over time. You only need to periodically upload photos and enter your parameters

Vean also offers customized plans for weight loss or muscle building. Application functions are standard: food diary, nutritional value calculator, barcode scanner. Vean evaluates the diet, allows you to add new dishes, tracks carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The application has a list of products that is suitable for any diet. The application adapts to our psychology.

How it works?

To successfully lose weight, it is not at all necessary to actively engage in sports – it is enough to burn more calories than you consume. And calories are spent even on such a simple and mundane thing as walking. Exactly how much you walked in a day and how many calories you burned at the same time, the application weight loss program will calculate. You can use it without registration, just download and install it on your smartphone, the program will do all the calculations automatically.

It does not matter where your phone is currently located – in your hands or in your pocket. The Vean application has a very simple and intuitive interface, and statistics are among the additional functionality. You can find out exactly how many steps you took on any day of the month, how many it is in kilometers and in time. Visual graphs and charts will help track progress in general.

Vean not only tracks calorie intake, but also evaluates the quality of food. The application has tracking of meals and exercise. When analyzing food, Vean takes into account health concerns and allergens. The application also gives recommendations for weight loss.

This application not only counts weight and calories, but also motivates you to achieve your goals. Vean and encourages small changes that will help you gradually move to a healthy lifestyle. You only need to define goals and complete the tasks of the application. For this, it awards points that will allow you to move to the next levels.

Vean – a quick way to lose weight

The Vean application contains a whole group of applications for all occasions. Among them, you can find such useful things as a workout program at home without additional equipment, exercises designed to pump the abdominal muscles, workouts for the arms, methods for developing flexibility, losing weight and much more. There are applications there with a purely functional purpose, for example, a pedometer, a running tracker, a QR code scanner for counting calories, and reminders to drink water.

A diary is attached to Vean life-changing results program, in which it is convenient to add frequently consumed foods, dishes and create whole food sets for the day. All this is complemented by a set of physical exercises, graphs of the dynamics of weight changes, as well as the ability to share the results with friends. In general, this is a universal fitness application for all occasions.

From this variety, you can choose the options you need and combine them into a single flexible system, which will be an excellent help in both losing weight and gaining muscle mass. Vean dieting site is a developer worthy of getting into the top weight loss apps.