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I lost 60 kg within 3 months without hunger and sports

Hi everyone!

Do you know what it feels like when you hate yourself because of your excess weight? I know. I lived a life like that for many years. I dreamed of a slim body, and, fortunately, i managed to get rid of hated excess kilos! I was lucky to find an effective method allowing to improve eating behavior so that you eat and lose weight.

Now, my weight is 60 kg smaller than it used to be, and I’m ready to share the story of my transformation.

This is me before and after losing weight

I was thin before marriage, I loved the way I looked. I ate healthy foods, worked out and was an active student. In my second year, I got married and pregnant.

I was very afraid of gaining weight, but, this time I was lucky. My parents helped me to take care of my baby, so I continued to study. I could fit into the clothes I wore before pregnancy within 2 months after giving birth. Later, after graduation, I didn’t get a job because I had one more baby.

I became a housewife. My husband makes good money, and I keep our place comfortable and do all domestic chores. Of course, S size is too small for me, but I can’t say I gained a lot of weight. I had a normal body shape until giving birth the third time. But after I had one more baby, I got really fat…

Looking at the picture on the left, I can hardly believe that I looked like that just half a year ago…

Now my daughter is 5 y.o. I tried weight loss methods all this time. But the main enemy of my body is my family. Or, to be more precise, it’s me. I cooked a variety of dishes and spoiled my family. I wanted to surprise my husband and kids – I wanted us to eat tasty foods. Tasty foods are: pasta with a lot of sauce, a full plate of Mexican chicken, newly-baked French croissants, fatty lasagna, Bavarian sausages with fried cabbage and potato salads with mayonnaise.

I cooked every day, even on weekends. I stocked the fridge and it could become empty by the end of a day. One day, I realized that I didn’t only spoil my family, I made myself, my husband and our kids ill – we all had eating disorder.

The picture on the left shows me celebrating my younger daughter’s fifth birthday, the picture on the right shows what I look like now.

It’s clear that it’s hard to make my husband eat salad without mayonnaise and that my teenage son does sports and is ready to have a meal 8 times a day. But my eldest daughter… She graduated from school last year and almost stopped taking care of her look. It turned out she’s body positive and accepts herself as she is. I’m OK with that… But she gained as much as 30 kg in a year. It’s too much, her weight can have a bad effect on her health.

On the picture on the left my daughter is in her senior year, in the picture on the right we are on holiday after the end of her first year in a university…

I didn’t know what to do, I was angry with myself and my family. I gained 50 kg within 5 years because of their appetite. Of course, I tried to cook healthy foods for them, but they didn’t like it. No one wanted to eat steamed cutlets without salt and sauce. When I refused to bake cakes, my husband called me a traitor and ordered 4 large pizzas… I had neither time no energy to cook healthy foods for myself. I was angry, I detested my body so much that I cried. Will I always be like this? I had to do something…

Magicoa ingredients, side effects – each time I looked in the mirror, I wanted to cry…

I followed many Instagram accounts dedicated to healthy foods, trying to reduce the amount of calories we got. I began to participate in marathons, tried to work out with online trainers, but I didn’t lose even a single gram.

I scrolled the feed looking for motivation, but I happened to see the pictures of the people I knew: my former classmates, distant relatives and numerous Instagram beauties. Can’t say I felt envy. They simply drove me crazy. They looked too perfect: slim, happy, always on vacation with handsome men who look at them in the way my husband looks at a large rare steak.

Also, after I gave birth to the third baby, we almost stopped making love. My husband preferred to have a solid meal and go to sleep instead of having sex with me.

I can’t say my husband is fat, but his belly is pretty big. I read that men develop potency problems exactly because of big bellies.

Here’s what my husband looked like…

I didn’t know how to break out of a vicious circle – how to stop eating fatty foods and prevent my family from doing so. I even visited a dietician, but got no results, I simply wasted money. Finally the solution was found in social media. I came across a blog of a girl whose situation was similar: a family with great appetite, no time for sports and no chances to keep a diet. But she lost 78 kg.

I began to watch all her videos and read her posts to find out how she managed to lose weight. I was lucky to find out that the secret of her weight loss is Magicoa.

In one of her videos, the girl told how to make your stomach smaller and feel full after eating small portions of foods. No, it’s not about gastric resection, diets or fasting. The method is simpler and tastier – all you have to do is to drink Magicoa every day. This is an instant drink with reishi mushrooms. I hesitated because of the mushrooms, so I googled and found out what these mushrooms are like. It turned out that they are used to reduce appetite, improve digestion and boost metabolism in oriental medicine. Orientals add these mushrooms to a variety of dishes – from soups and side dishes up to invigorating drinks and even desserts, hiding them with fragrant spices. Reishi mushrooms containing in Magicoa are prepared in a special way allowing to preserve their useful properties and hide their distinctive flavor. That’s why Magicoa is so tasty and smells so good! You don’t have to keep a diet and you can do sports if you wish. Is it true? If so, it would be a perfect option for me!

Of course, I tried a variety of pills and weight loss teas, but the only results I got were stomachache and diarrhea. However, I was somehow sure that Magicoa would help me. Looking at the before/after pictures of that girl, I understood that no one can lose so much weight on their own – you need a boost. And she found it!

It was hard to find the product, but I succeeded. I placed an order immediately. My goal was to lose at least 5-10 kg, I didn’t expect myself to fit into the clothes I wore before my first pregnancy!

Even now, I can’t believe that it’s my face in both pictures. How did I breathe with this double chin?

The first results: -9 kg in a week

Magicoa contains a long list of useful substances needed to prepare your body for weight loss. Secondly, it’s clinically trialed and approved by the best European experts. They recommend it as a supplement for reduction of fat in foods.

I didn’t understand how it works until I saw the first results. I lost NINE kg in a week. I was ready to believe my scale broke down rather than to think that I lost weight.

The picture on the left is taken during the second week of losing weight, the picture on the right shows what I look like now

The drink contains natural ingredients: Reishi mushroom extract boosts metabolism and enables subcutaneous fat burning. Inulin stabilizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and helps to keep appetite under control. Black pepper and chili pepper extracts speed up fat breakdown, especially in problem areas, and help to cleanse the body of toxins. Maltodextrin and chromium picolinate help you to feel full for a longer time, improve gut flora, and provide you with energy. Cocoa powder gives the drink its nice aroma and taste.

I felt full of energy right after drinking the first cup, and hunger was almost gone. Now, some time later, I understand that I began to eat less – small portions are enough for me to feel full. My intestine worked like clockwork – I suffered from digestion disorders from to time in the past, but now I have no problems. As for my weight… I literally watched excess kilos going away. My weight decreased, I didn’t want to eat as much as I used to, and, moreover, I stopped eating sweets! I simply didn’t want to eat sweets, even though I used to it chocolate every day.

The picture on the left – the 5th week of losing weight, the picture on the right – the 8th week of losing weight.

I lost excess kilos every day effortlessly. I was happy to get more control over my appetite. I was excited: how much weight can I lose? I had a goal: I wanted to look attractive. Of course, my family noticed the changes by the time the 5th week of my weight loss came. My husband began to pay more attention for me, we had romantic nights and he looked at me as fondly as he used to when we met each other. This is a wonderful feeling which I forgot about long ago. He wanted to get rid of belly fat, too, but it was hard for him to give up on tasty foods. He began to take Magicoa upon my recommendation.

Both of us changed beyond recognition. We got rid of excess kilos and looked a couple of years younger.

Me and my love after losing weight together

My eldest daughter confessed that she gained weight because of unanswered love. She couldn’t brace up to her misfortune and began to comfort eat. That’s how she decided to be body-positive. Why didn’t she tell me about it earlier? We always told each other everything. Well, maybe, it’s food to blame… The main thing is that she wanted to try the product, too. You know what? I’m proud of my family! I’m especially proud of my daughter who got back in shape.

Just have a look at how me and my daughter changed after taking Magicoa for several months.

She lost 30 kg, guys chased her. Very soon, she started a relationship. He’s head over heels in love with her. He carries her in his arms and always tells her how beautiful, slim and attractive she is.

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One more benefit of this weight loss method is that you don’t need a diet. We continued to eat everything we want, but we eat less. The most surprising thing is that none of us regained weight.

I was afraid of weight regain in case I stop taking Magicoa, but I didn’t regain weight! In the past, I looked at my body and realized that I looked like I was filled up with water, just like a chicken on a shelve. I felt uneasy because my former classmates look great. I envied my slim friends who have enough will power to keep a diet and work out hard. Now, everyone envies me: I can eat anything and look as good as they do.

I even feel sorry for some of them who have to starve for weeks while there’re so many lucrative foods. Why do they do it? Simply to prevent their partners leaving them for some slim girl. It’s not love, it’s a torture. I’m glad to live a different life.

I managed to feel small and slim when I lost 60 kg.

Now, when I know a simple method to get a perfect body, I’d like to say that you shouldn’t give up. Look at yourself in a mirror and be honest with yourself: do you like your reflection? Do you want to get rid of fat and change yourself for the better?

You have a chance right now. Just tell yourself that everything will be different. Excess fat will go away from your beautiful body forever and will never worsen your life again. You step on the way to perfection, love and happiness without condition. Magicoa will be your helper.

I shared my happy-ending story with you. Now, I want to share my personal discount on Magicoa. Follow the link and you’ll be able to buy the product at a profitable price and learn more about its effect.

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It seems to me that if you stop using this solution, the food-contact parts of your body will gradually stretch and you’ll regain weight. Am I right?

Joanne Atkinson

No, you aren’t. I used this solution to lose weight a year ago and I still didn’t regain weight. In the past, I loved to overeat. I wasn’t hungry, just wanted to eat something. This problem is gone thanks to Magicoa. I completed 3 courses last year (with breaks) and lost 37 kg!

Helen Miller

Wow, even your husband lost weight! Even when he was fat, he was quite handsome 🙂 Now, you look great together. You look like actors 🙂


Amazing results, cool story! I hope someone will lose weight, too, thanks to your entry

Irene Stevenson

Great results! I considered stomach reduction surgery, but it’s too expensive and dangerous. It’s great that I got to know about Magicoa. I wouldn’t get rid of excess weight on my own. No one believes I lost weight on my own, but I don’t care. I know the truth, and I’ve told you about it.

Jean Davies

where is the skin???

Olivia Byrne

What do you mean? Saggy skin? If you lose weight properly, you won’t have any skin problems. I know about it from my personal experience. I got rid of 18 kg thanks to Magicoa and I have no saggy skin. On the opposite, fat is gone and cellulite is gone, too.


I lost a lot of weight and regained it 3 times in my life. I tried to keep diets and failed them all my life long, it affected my mental and physical health, and I got no results. But I’m also afraid of surgery. Will consider Magicoa. Maybe, it’ll be a good way out.

Elisabeth Wilson

Hmm I’ve got about 50 kg of excess weight and I don’t care.

Samantha Taylor

When you’re 20, you don’t have to care about your weight, but when you’re over 35, excess weight is a problem. You’d better lose it now to avoid health issues. I know that from my own experience.

George Smith

Fat belly is ugly, it’s not a perfect round body shape. Men don’t like fat women. If someone does, I think he’s mental.

Eve Tremblay

Don’t be so rude! Especially here, in the blog where people look for support, not for tough motivation from a man of low intellect!

Mary Sutton

Don’t pay attention to anyone, do what you want. I got rid of excess weight and my life got easier. I did it thanks to Magicoa. Even my eating habits changed! To cut a long story short, my preferences changed very much, now they’re healthier. For example, I don’t want to eat pastry, even though I ate buns every day. Bread, junk food, even sweets – I don’t want to eat these foods. Fruits, plants, fish, cheese, dairy products are what I love now, they became very tasty for me. Of course, I can eat a dessert, but I don’t overeat now.


Great results! Thank you for your answers and motivation, I’ll order the solution while the discount is valid.