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All modern people, in one way or another, due to the dynamic rhythm of life, experience stress and ailments. Sedentary work contributes to discomfort and back pain, and a fast work rhythm contributes to daily stress and neurosis.

The Motion Mat acupuncture mat will help you enjoy a full life in the realities of our time. In this article, we will analyze what a Motion Mat is, how to use a mat, what its advantages over UK counterparts are, how it works, where to buy online a Motion Mat and what is its price in the Great Britain. Also on the forums or official website you can find reviews, comments and opinions about Motion Mat.

What is a Motion Mat?

Acupressure is also called the ancient art of healing. It came to us through thousands of years and today is gaining more and more popularity.

The Motion Mat acupuncture mat is a unique, unparalleled worldwide product that combines ancient yogic principles and modern technologies.

Combining various principles of influence on the nerve endings and muscles of the back, this rug will allow you to improve your well-being and feel the joy of life again.

  • The largest applicator in the area of​​impact
  • Using the Motion Mat allows you to relax and release tension from your back at the end of a long working day, as well as get rid of stress accumulated over the weight of the day
  • The mat can be used both for the back and for massage of the feet (in a sitting position)
  • Soft layer inside the mat makes it more comfortable to use
  • Has no restrictions on age and physical fitness

Especially recommended for people who are exposed to daily stressful situations. The mat has no side effects.

How does the Motion Mat work?

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of walking barefoot on the rocks, and you don’t have to go outside or go to nature, just lay the Motion Mat at home and enjoy an incredible relaxing foot massage.

It’s no secret that there are many acupuncture points on a person’s foot that affect the state of a particular organ. To maintain a comprehensive health, it is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money on various training sessions and trips to a massage therapist, it is enough just to purchase a Motion Mat. Artificial stones are placed on the rug, which are firmly attached to the surface of the rug. The massage mat with stones acts on the feet in much the same way as if you walked barefoot on the sea pebbles, but you do not need to worry about injuring your foot. The embossed surface of the mat massages the feet, strengthens the ankle joint and prevents the development of flat feet. It helps relieve leg pains, calluses and thorns. The massage mat will be an excellent prevention of arthrosis and varicose veins.

  • The massage mat is becoming the most popular invention for maintaining health
  • It is suitable for use by people of all ages
  • The resulting foot massage while walking on the rug with Motion Mat stones has a beneficial effect on the condition of internal organs, has a preventive effect on arthrosis and varicose veins, relieves leg fatigue, and stimulates muscle work

You just have to walk on such a rug for a few minutes, and you will receive a noticeable charge of vivacity and have a beneficial effect on all internal organs.

How to use the Motion Mat?

The Motion Mat applicator is designed to perform a needle massage procedure, which has a therapeutic effect on individual parts of the body and organs, as well as reflexively on all body systems.

The Motion Mat needle massager is placed on a firm horizontal surface, most often on the floor, then they lie down or sit on it. You can use a sofa or bed, but only if they are rigid enough. During the massage, it is necessary to periodically rise and move slightly relative to the applicator in t online order o change the points of application of the needles. This method is applicable to the back, abdomen, buttocks, and neck.

Motion Mat advantages

High-quality massage benefits a person, strengthening health and raising vitality. It makes us stronger, more resilient, significantly strengthens muscles and transforms the skin. The Massage Mat Motion Mat with a pebble effect is made of high-strength modern material. It has passed quality control and meets all safety parameters.

  • Relieves muscle cramps
  • Relieves pain syndrome
  • Provides quick and complete rest after a busy day
  • Relaxes after exercise and fitness
  • Increases efficiency and vitality, normalizes sleep and metabolism, improves mood
  • Provides improved circulation to the head and neck
  • Normalizes sleep and relieves stress
  • Restores mobility in the joints of the cervical spine
  • Relieves pain in the muscles and spine

What is a Motion Mat for?

The Motion Mat orthopedic massage mat is the best way to prevent and treat many diseases known to man. Its principle of action is based on the effect of stimulating the work of biologically active points throughout the body. This effect is called acupressure in modern science.

The original Motion Mat is based on the ancient Chinese needle massage method to target the active points of the body. Acupuncture foot massage is necessary when the first signs of varicose veins appear and as a prophylaxis for preventing flat feet.

This device will help you if you suffer from diseases such as:

  • Constant stress
  • Sleep problems
  • Rapid fatigue
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Frequent headaches
  • Back and neck pain

The orthopedic acupressure massage mat is specially designed for those who do not want to suffer from chronic fatigue anymore, want to be energetic and significantly improve their well-being.

£ 98.00

£ 49.00