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Men’s Defence UK reviews, how to use, price: a reputable British urologist explained how the doctors trick men who want to treat prostatitis and prostate adenoma




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Phillip Dunham – The only holder of the official award „The best urologist 2020 MD”

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„People evaluate our work”, Phillip Dunham often likes to say. He has been a urologist for 35 years.

Phillip Dunham is one of the few doctors who don’t agree with the lies in the medicine field and he tries to help those in need, without ripping them off.

Discover why his statements about modern medicine and urology dysfunctions treatment are alarming. He has been travelling in many European countries. And he was shocked by what he saw in the clinics. Phillip Dunham says that PROSTATITIS TREATMENT METHODS IN THE UK ARE OUTDATED AND IT IS NO WONDER THAT 95% OF MEN OVER 50 YEARS OLD SUFFER FROM THIS HEALTH ISSUE.

In comparison, in Hungary, for instance, the percentage of men over 50 suffering from prostatitis is much smaller – only 31%.

Despite his busy schedule, Phillip Dunham accepted to answer our reporter’s questions and to explain why he considers that the methods for prostatitis and prostate adenoma treatment used everywhere in our country are unacceptable.

Dr. Dunham, in a recent speech, you stated that all urologists in the UK are charlatans, and prostatitis treatment methods in the UK have no future. Can you explain?

Of course. For a start, I want to apologize to those who were offended by these statements. However, this issue must come to light. Everyone must discover the truth. Otherwise, nothing will change.

In the field of urology, in the UK, awful things happen. Especially when we think about prostatitis and prostate adenoma treatments. In the UK, remedies outdated for 20-30 years are still used.

This will probably shock you, but nowhere in the world IS PROSTATITIS CONSIDERED A CHRONIC DISEASE, AND IT CAN BE TREATEAD EASILY! Everywhere except here.

Our doctors twinge the patients with humiliating sessions of rectal prostate massage, physiotherapy procedures – galvanization, electrophoresis, ultrasounds, magnetotherapy – and dangerous antibiotics.

These painful, expensive and dangerous methods don’t treat prostatitis – it continues to develop. Antibiotics kill the pathogenic bacteria for a short period. They multiply again in 1-2 months. And prostatitis reappears after a while. In fact, it never disappeared. Prostatitis gradually develops from stage 1 to stages 2, 3, 4…

Potency issues can cause problems in your relationship. Pain, urination dysfunctions, reproduction function impairments and THE RISK OF DEVELOPPING PROSTATE CANCER appear. Prostate cancer is one of the most serious male diseases, with high mortality.

Thus, instead of healing their patients, the doctors cause ordeals and even the death of their patients.

The situation is pretty alarming. I simply can’t continue to shut up, as many doctors in our country do, even those whom I respect profoundly.

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Four stages of prostatitis development. The bigger the inflammation, the higher the oncologic risk. Without timely treatment, cancer appears in 89% of the cases. Warning! PROSTATITIS MUST BE TREATED!

Why is the medicine in our country so outdated?

Because no one cares about it! In public clinics, there are old doctors who don’t care or young doctors who don’t know how to do their job properly. The other doctors went to private clinics. They don’t have an interest in healing their patients or allowing them to treat themselves independently. They will lose their profit. It is more profitable to prescribe rectal massage sessions, procedures with different devices, in order to get more money, to prescribe antibiotics with temporary effect, so that the patients are forced to come back over and over again.

All doctors who prescribe correct treatments are fired. But it’s not easy to find a new workplace. This is why everyone shuts up. They have families, kids. Some of them are not even curious about modern treatment methods, they prescribe medicines imposed by their supervisors, receiving instead, besides the salary, quite big bonuses. They don’t care about people.

Unfortunately, medicine has become very corrupt. I’ve travelled in many countries, but I haven’t seen such a chaos as in our country… It is simply awful, I feel sorry for the people and for the situation they have to live with.

How is prostatitis treated in other countries?

ou must first know the cause. In 2003, scientists in Denmark proved that the main cause of prostatitis is the impairment of blood flow in the pelvic organs. There are many thin capillaries in this area. They supply the prostate with blood. With age, or because of harmful factors, these capillaries get clogged and the blood can’t flow anymore.

The prostate (which produces 18 vital hormones) lacks the necessary quantity of nutrients and oxygen. Stasis occurs. The secretions accumulate in the gland tissues. Bacteria develop in it. The gland swells. The inflammation of the gland is called acute prostatitis. The accumulation of the secretions – chronic prostatitis.

Thus, we understand what we have to do to defeat prostatitis. We don’t have to kill the bacteria with dangerous antibiotics, as doctors in the UK do, but to stop the stagnation process. In other words, the blood supply of the prostatitis must be normalized.

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The complex circulatory system of the prostate. Blocking at least 5% of the capillaries increases the risk of prostatitis up to 60%.

In 2007, scientists discovered that a special vitamin A derivative of called alpha-hydroxy retinol is capable of cleaning the small capillaries from the pelvic area. In nature, it is abundant in the structure of the Gotu Kala plant. This substance penetrates the cholesterol molecules (which clogs the blood vessels, having the consistency of melted butter) and destroys them from within. As a result, the vessels are cleaned. Especially the small capillaries from the pelvic area.

In practice, it was proven, including in our clinic, that the treatment with alpha-hydroxy retinol completely cures the prostatitis (stops the stasis, normalizes the flow in the prostate). But what does complete cure mean? It means that, in the following years, the prostatitis will not appear anymore. The persistent pain is relieved, the inflammation is reduced, the erection and urination are normalized. The patient is completely healed.

This is the essence of the modern prostatitis treatment, currently used in most countries of the world.

Aren’t there any medicines containing alpha-hydroxy retinol in our country? What advice do you have for men?

I will surprise you again. THERE IS SUCH A MEDICINE in our country! Moreover, it was created right here, in the UK, just that people don’t know about it. We buy it from the producer. It is much cheaper than its American analogue and a few times more efficient.

The medicine is called Men’s Defence. And it was created at the Medicine and Pharmacy University. Besides red root (alpha-hydroxy retinol), it contains 30 other ingredients beneficial for male health, in the right quantities. In other words, it is a whole complex for male health. I will not name all the ingredients, just a few.

Men's Defence reviews

Men’s Defence website, online order, buy online, price, where to buy in Great Britain

So, this medicine can be bought in the UK? Is it sold in pharmacies?

Although it is a British medicine, you cannot buy it from the pharmacies. Incredible! The bureaucracy cannot be eradicated. As far as I know, the producer tried to get the product on the pharmacies shelves, but they wouldn’t allow it. No one wants people to become healthy again and treat themselves at home. Neither the doctors, nor the pharmacies.

But we have good news for British people. You can get Men’s Defence online with 50% DISCOUNT ! The aim of this campaign is to help men. It is delivered everywhere in the UK.

Men's Defence price

98 £

49 £

Here’s what you need to do to get the medicine.

  • Leave a request.
  • A manager will call you to confirm the order. You will indicate the delivery address.
  • In 3-4 days, necessary for processing, the courier will deliver your order.

Currently, on the website, you can find a survey dedicated to men who bought Men’s Defence with a discount and already completed the treatment. The aim of the survey is to find out how effective the medicine is. More than 2.000 people already responded. Here are the results:

  • The pain in the perineum and during urination disappeared – 99% of the respondents.
  • The urination was normalized (the frequency and the quantity) – 99% of the respondents.
  • The prostate swelling was reduced – 96% of the respondents.
  • Potency was restored – 93% of the respondents.
  • The general health condition improved– 98% of the respondents.

As you can see, Men’s Defence helps most men. I already mentioned that the treatment can be done at home.

How much will the promotion for this remedy last?

I found out that the Medicine and Pharmacy University has allocated a considerable stock of Men’s Defence for this. However, it is almost gone. Lately, Men’s Defence has become more and more popular. I think that people found out about its beneficial properties and recommend it to others as well.

This is why I recommend ordering this product to all people who want to cure prostatitis (including the chronic one) with the help of a modern product and to save money.

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Nathanael Collins

Thank you for this interesting article. I’ve been trying to cure prostatitis for 3 years, I couldn’t get rid of this disease. I ordered Men’s Defenсe. It is still on stock, but they said it will be out of stock quickly.

Alex Beans

I also left a request. I got it with discount, 49 £ It was great. The prostatitis treatment in the UK costs a lot. If this medicine acts as they say it will, it’s great.


Men’s Defenсe is effective. I confirm! A friend of mine recommended it. They aren’t allowed to prescribe it at the clinics. Men’s Defence helped me tremendously, no trace of prostatitis. I have an iron erection, although I’m already 59!

Carrie Adams

It is true, the medicine in the UK is outdated. Thanks to this doctor, who dared to talk, we discovered the truth

Melanie Owen

My husband suffers from prostatitis. He would like to treat it, but refuses to go to the doctor. He went to a doctor some time ago, and he was prescribed rectal massage sessions. He refused. Now we ordered Men’s Defence.

Cole Davidson

I took a course of this medicine. I got healed quickly. I no longer use the toilet so often, I don’t feel pain during urination. I recommend it to everyone. I ordered it on this website with a discount. You can’t find it in pharmacies, I looked for it in many pharmacies.

Tom White

I am 63 years old and I have prostate adenoma. Can Men’s Defence help me?

Hollie F.

Tom, of course. It helped my grandfather. He also hat prostate adenoma at 71. He followed the treatment for a month. He was healed, the ultrasound confirmed.

Mike Peterson

We are lucky to have such doctors who care about the patients! The medicine is great! I’ve been taking it for 3 days, but it normalized urination. I am not in pain anymore. I’ll continue the course. Thanks for the recommendations! I couldn’t believe it, but I’ve been taking it only for 3 days and I already feel better.

Stephen Black

Prostatitis must not be ignored. My friend did not pay attention to it, he was afraid of doctors and massage. As a result, he got cancer. He died…

Brian Jones

Thank you! I ordered it. They promised the delivery will take 2 days. Pleasantly surprised.

Debbie Morrison

My father had prostatitis. Two months ago, we ordered Men’s Defence. He took it for 10 days. And he got cured 100%. The doctor who recommended him to take antibiotics was shocked, he never heard about this medicine. My father didn’t believe him. All doctors are liars.

Andrew Green

Listen to my advice, as I received prostatitis treatment 7 times! Throw away all your pills and order Men’s Defence. The only product that really helps!!! The others are just useless. Doctors are in fact businessmen. People put their health and lives in the doctors’ hands, but they only profit from us!!!

Danny Edwards

I’ve been taking Men’s Defence for 7 days. It is effective. In 2-3 days, the pain was relieved, but I will follow the whole course to recover my prostate!

Max Rutherford

Thank you! I left a request. The manager told me that the stock is running out quickly. Hurry up and order!