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Cyto Forte UK comments, price, how to use: devastating blow to cystitis and its symptoms




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Cystitis is a topical and very common issue in women. Approximately 26-36 millions of cystitis cases are reported in Great Britain annually. Woman have cystitis 30 times more often than man because of their anatomy (short and wide urethra makes it easier for bacteria to enter). According to statistics, one in four women has this disease at least 6 times during her life and 32% of women suffer from chronic cystitis.

The main symptoms of acute cystitis

Cyto Forte Great Britain
  • frequent urge to urinate
  • feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
  • a burning sensations when urinating
  • passing small amounts of urine
  • painful urination
  • cloudy urine, urine of different color
  • body temperature increase

Cystitis is an inflammatory process in the mucous coat of a bladder.

Cystitis is most often caused by bacterial infection. The main reason (up to 80% of cases) of cystitis is Escherichia coli bacteria – Е.сoli.Pathogenic bacteria enters the bladder via urethra, coming from lower located reservoir of infection — vagina (vulvitis and vaginitis of different etiology) and intestinal canal (as a result of unhygienic personal behaviour – incorrect intimate washing).

  • Female genitourinary system anatomy contributes to high prevalence rate of cystitis.Women’s urethra is shorter and wider, that’s why it’s easier for bacteria to go up through it.
  • Clinical symptoms and signs of cystitis in women have vivid clinical features when it comes to acute disease.
  • The symptoms of chronic cystitis are usually vague: they are not that intensive, they may appear and fade away from time to time.

Nothing extra in Cytoforte. No antibiotics. No synthetic ingredients. Cyto Forte original ingredients

Cyto Forte ingredients
  • Cranberry essence: has cidal effect, destroys cells of E.coli germ
  • Camomile essence: helps to relax nephrogonoduct muscles, relieving the pain rapidly
  • Zink: regenerates the mucous tissue and the cell damaged by infection
  • Vitamin E: prevents inflamation and recovers genitourinary system.
  • B-group vitamins produce preventive substances which suppress pathogenic germs

Cyto Forte well-balanced combination of selected ingredients

  • 1 product = 2 actions
  • Repelling pathogenic bacteria
  • Urinary tract protection

The components affect and eliminate ultimate cause of urinary tract infections, rapid relief of symptoms and prevention of the future disease recurrence

Bioactive formula of CytoForte cures cystitis in 8 stages

  • prevents bacteria from attaching to urotherial cells 1
  • deforms bacteria cell 1
  • damages bacteria fimbriaeand blocks their synthesis 1
  • prevents formation of bacterial biofilm 2
  • helps to get bacteria out of urinary tract 1
  • affects urine acid level
  • normal acidic level: ph=7
  • helps to suppress the infection in urinary tract
  • makes the body more tolerant to infections

Cyto Forte opinion, review

Cyto Forte opinion

Oliver Bennet

Urinologist, holder of Doctorate degree in Medicine

My recommendations for patients who have cystitis: avoid tight synthetic underwear which is uncomfortable for your body. Secondly, stay in bed if possible. The third and probably the most important point: take food supplement – CytoForte.

At the moment, this is the only fast acting medication which has no side effects, unlike antibiotics. It takes just 17 minutes of waiting after taking CytoForte before the treatment starts working. High level of effectiveness of CytoForte is ensured by a complex of active ingredients which the bacteria – cystitis-causing germs – don’t develop immunity to. The remedy effectively destroys pathogenic organisms in the genitourinary system and helps to get rid of nasty symptoms of the disease. in elimination if E.Coli bacteria in 98% of cases and prevents future disease recurrence..

A pack of CytoForte contains 20 capsules. How to use Cyto Forte

  • 20 capsules in one pack
  • in the morning, 1 – before bedtime
  • Recommended course 30 days

You can take the supplement for a long time (up to 1 month) and repeat the course of treatment during the year if needed because plant-based ingredients containing in CytoForte formula do not contribute to resistance formation and do not male bacteria resistant.

How to take CytoForte:

  • 2 capsules/day during no less than a month after UTI treatment with antibiotics
  • 2 capsules/day during no less than a month in case of frequent UTI recurrence (> 3 relapse cases during a year)
  • 1 capsules/day during no less than a month in case of higher risk of UTI development

Ingridients of the treatments help to enhance antimicrobial protection and prevent further relapse of UTI

Situations when taking CytoForte is possible are the following: after UTI antimicrobial period, frequent cases of recurrence of UTI infections and in case of higher risk of UTI infection development affected by unfavorable factors (seasonal variations, hot climate, hypothermia, stresses, travelling, unfavorable hygienic conditions).

Cyto Forte official website, price, buy online

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Cyto Forte price

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How to get rid of cystitis in a week without antibiotics. Cyto Forte reviews, forum, website

February 2020: WHO experts state that cystitis remains the most frequent urological disease.

Due to the peculiarities of the female body (short and wide urethra which makes the body susceptible to microbes), women fall ill 30 times as often as men. Statistically, about 20-25% of all females, i.e. one in four, have had this disease at least once in their life, and 15% suffer from its chronic form.

E. coli or, scientifically speaking, Escherichia coli, is the cause of the bladder mucosa inflammation in 80-90% of cases. In other cases, cystitis is caused by staphylococcus, streptococcus, sexually transmitted fungi and hypothermia.

Common cystitis is very harmful

It’s highly important to start treatment immediately because cystitis can lead to very serious complications: the infection may travel and reach the kidneys. If left untreated, the infection might lead to the development of pyelonephritis – inflamed kidney tissues, causing symptoms such as high fever and back pain.

Unless you take urgent measures, the disease will develop into the chronic form, e.g. cystalgia (permanent sharp pain during urination). The next stage is a shrunk bladder that leads to disability.

How to get rid of cystitis: expert opinion

Michael Sheild Urologist, State Clinic

Sharp pains and unpleasant sensations caused by cystitis are sometimes treated with heating pads. It is extremely dangerous, however; the disease will most likely transform into the chronic stage fraught with infectious complications. Antibiotics are inevitable in this case, with all the side effects that come with them.

Mary-Jane Low Genitourinary diseases specialist, medical centre ‘Healthy Woman’

Quite often, the acute exacerbation of diseases forces people to seek out homeopathy. However, this kind of treatment is still a controversial issue among doctors because of its low efficiency. According to statistics, this method is effective only in 17% of cases.

John Brown Urologist, PhD

My recommendations for patients with cystitis – do not wear tight underpants made of synthetic materials which will cause you discomfort. Secondly, give yourself some bed rest, if possible. Last but not least – take the CytoForte supplement. As of today, this remedy is the sole quick-acting product with absolutely no side effects. It will take only 17 minutes after using CytoForte to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms. The month-long course prevents relapse.

High efficiency of CytoForte results from a large complex of active natural substances, the ones to which the bacteria causing cystitis cannot develop resistance. Namely:

  • Cranberry extract: has bactericidal properties, relieves inflammation
  • Zinc: regenerates the cells and tissues of the mucosa affected by the infection
  • Vitamin E: prevents inflammatory processes in the body and restores the functioning of urinary system.
  • Vitamin B6: produces antibodies that suppress pathogenic microorganisms in the body

Recommended dosage: One capsule in the morning and one in the evening regardless of your mealtimes. For a long-lasting result, the course can be repeated after 5-10 days.

Cyto Forte official website

Cyto Forte price, online order, buy Cyto Forte original

Good news: you can buy CytoForte without leaving home.

It is well understood that, in pursuit of easy profit, pharmaceutical companies sell their products with a minimum 200% markup. Therefore, the manufacturer sells the product only on the official site. Do not buy the remedy via unknown, untrusted sites.

Users’ comments. Cyto Forte forum


This nasty thing has been torturing me for two weeks already. I took some pills to no effect. Now, I’m reading this article with a heating pad on my stomach. I think I should order this remedy.


My spouse used to suffer from cystitis, although she always kept herself warm. A year ago, maybe more, a doctor advised her to take CytoForte, after the course, she never complained of symptoms again. I recommend this on her behalf.

Little Suzy

I suffer from cystitis 3-4 times a year. Every season. It’s a nightmare. The infection keeps coming back. I don’t believe there’s an actual working treatment that can help get rid of it for good.


Greetings. Suzy, do not despair! I also threw in the towel after trying a whole bunch of various methods. I even tried urinotherapy! Nothing helped as much as CytoForte! I highly recommend it.


Thank you for the tip! I’ll order it now.


I’ve ordered it too. It’s my first online order. Turns out, it’s easy! I just left my number on the site, and the managers called me.


CytoForte works great! I used to have chronic pyelonephritis; it came back to haunt me the moment I started to overwork or caught a cold. I’ve been treating myself for almost 4 years. I’ve taken lots of stuff but didn’t experience any significant improvement. On the doctor’s advice, I went through the course with CytoForte a year ago, and now the disease is gone. I forgot that it ever existed!


I stumbled upon the problem of frequent urination, discomfort and sometimes sharp pain. When I have to keep my bladder full, my urine becomes a dark colour. I can’t sit still, as I have to go pee and feel like I have to do it again shortly afterwards. When I move, the desire to pee is less pronounced. Please tell me, is it cystitis?


Betty, you have acute cystitis! You need to start taking a remedy as soon as possible before it becomes chronic.


A friend of mine advised me to buy CytoForte because the doctor prescribed it to her when she had the same problem. Literally in a week, she started to feel better.


Thank you for such an interesting article! In Britain, everything is corrupted, especially the upper levels. Luckily, we can still buy on the Internet without a markup.


Recently, I watched a show about the pharmaceutical business in Britain. It was an investigation by a journalist, and it was found that the medicine markup reached up to 300%.

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