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Simpla 360 USA, what is, comments, where to buy – a 47-year-old mom is mistaken to be her son’s girlfriend




This astonishing news has been quickly spread online when a 22 year-old boy – Andrew – wrote a letter to the girl that he had crush on. The girl noticed that there were on only Andrew in his photo, she was angry and asked him whether his girl friend on his photo objected to him getting to her. His answer was shocking: “That is not my girl friend, that’s my mother”.

Profile picture of Andrew – his mother is on the left – Mrs. Lisa.

The girl took the excuse insensible. However, when she took a look at his profile, she understood that he did not lie to her: under some pictures were the captions “I and my mom” – all with the same girl – his mom is Mrs. Lisa, 47 years old. It turns out this is not the first time people mistake her as his girl friend. They wonder a lot about the reasons why she was twice as younger as she should be at her age. Many people doubt that she took plastic surgeries, but her secrets were totally different.

Left – Mrs. Lisa when she was 28. Right – on her 47th birthday.

Hi Mrs. Lisa, from the picture, it can be seen that you have changed nothing for the last 29 years. Could you answer my question, which maybe you hear it a lot of times now, how can you do that?

Firstly, thank you but don’t make me flattered please: of course I have changed. I have better taste of fashion. Second, maybe thanks to my luck – my husband is dermatologist.

Does it mean that you look so young thanks to your husband?

Of course, he is an expert, a doctor. I just follow her advice.

Could you tell us what he told you?

They are things that everyone hears a lot of times: enough sleep, healthy diet. But it would be a lie if I say that two above factors are enough. My husband is a certified expert, associate of laboratories – about 10 years ago, for the first time, he developed a formula for a rejuvenation product (notes of editor– Simpla 360 serum I was the first one to try it. I was 37 years old at that time, of course I had wrinkle, blackhead, etc.

What is Simpla 360, how to use, effect

At the age of 47, Mrs Lisa looks 20 years younger thanks to her husband, who is a dermatologist.

Did he develop this product for you?

He did, at the beginning. Everyday, I got fed up with looking at myself in the mirror. I often complained with my husband that he could not do anything for the aging skin of his wife while he was dermatologist. I could not get injection – as the dermatologist’s wife, I clearly understood the consequences of injecting chemicals under the skin. Plus, I was very scared of injecting. So for him, developing this product brought him some advantages: first, he will have a young and beautiful wife; second, I wouldn’t make any complaints; third, it was like a challenge – he wanted to develop his own product long ago because everything in the cosmetic products did not make him feel satisfactory.

Did the product bring good results immediately?

The formula was modified and adjusted some times. But first results could be seen right after the second, third try. I applied the serum in a month and in a morning, I realized that the wrinkles had disappeared when I look in the mirror, the skin in my face was smooth. It have been 10 years since that day, my skin look as you see now.

Mrs. Lisa’s husband – Dr Collins – dermatologist. Experience – 23 years.

Hi Dr Collins, could you share with us how could you be successful with developing a formula of so amazing results? Why no ones have know about it until now?

As an expert, this formula has nothing complicated: It just need to understand the structure of human’s body and how skin works. For the second question: People do know about this serum, I recommend it to my patients, then they recommend it to their friends. You have to know that there tons of cosmetics on the market now. Big brands pay a lot of money for advertising and marketing, it is impossible to get out of the shadow that they have made.

You said that we need to understand how skin works. Can you share it in a more understandable way?

Since the age of 25, the amount of collagen reduce 1% per year, this is one of the ‘foundation factors’ of the skin. This leads to the disorder of the skin structures. Additionally, the replication process is slowing down the same as the whole body. It means that the new ‘building materials’ are less generated, the old ones are degraded and un-recoverable, which leads to the loss of skin elasticity, capacity and the appearance of wrinkles.

How does your formula work?

Your body needs help when it can’t generate collagen. Thus, this formula boosts natural production of collagen. But, as you can see, collagen only solves the top of the problems while we need to treat the problems at their root to completely sort them out – the activation of collagen synthesis and aggregation of collagen fibers.

Specialists researched 170 revitalizing ingredients that enhance each other’s actions. The final composition of Simpla 360 contains THE MOST POWERFULL ANTI-AGING AGENTS. Simpla 360 serum contains a unique unispheres® with niacinamide, which has a long-lasting lifting effect. When unispheres penetrate skin cells, it activates the chemical paths responsible for collagen generation and reduces the risks of premature aging.

Following trials showed that niasinamida did not only stimulate collagen generation, which means to recover the elasticity of the skin and remove wrinkles, but also prevented melanin generation, which caused melasma and blackhead. In some cases, it also helped to remove skin defects and acnes thanks to antiseptic properties. Then, we understood that this product was what we needed.

Besides your wife, are there any other examples who can show the success of the product?

Of course. My wife was the first one, but after a lot of clinical research and trials, we put it into production and recommended it to my patients. Then, they recommended it to their friends, relatives. Practical experiences show that even woman of 65 can reduce wrinkles, dryness of the skin and skin sagging.

Image of Mr Collins’ patient before and after using Simpla 360 serum.

Where to buy Simpla 360 original, price, buy online

You mentioned that it is hard for you to enter the market due to big brands. How do you distribute your product? Where can we buy it?

Unfortunately, this serum can only bought from your official website. We hope that it can be presented in shelves of pharmacies and drug stores soon, we are trying to negotiate. This will also benefit our customers: as this product has not appeared on the domestic and international market and is not advertised to consumers. As a part of our marketing campaign, we also hold promotion during limited time.

Simpla 360 forum: comments and opinions


Maybe people will not mistake her as her son’s girlfriend if she doesn’t post her posture as his girl friend like that?


@Andreana Agree. It looks so weird.


Why don’t dermatologists develop magic serums like this? There are nothing preventing them? Aren’t they experts?


Michael, not everyone has this ambitious, resources and relationship.


This serum works! I know about it not from the dermatologists or from their patients, I know it from Facebook’s comments.


I don’t like this lady. She seems to be overconfident…


The most important thing are changes happening in yourself. First, your face will look younger, then, your life will be full of emotions and excitement again. This can’t be described by words!


I agree with you! This serum works effectively to cope with defects on your face – everything disappears – from wrinkles to sagging skin. I can notice first results from the first time of use.


I bought this for my mom. The serum tube is not so beautiful as ones from big brand. Of course, it is easy to understand as it was self-produced. My mom has been using it for 2 months, satisfied about it.


I have got 50% discount! Anyone else gets it?


I got 30%, I pressed F5 sometimes, but got 30% all the times. I ordered it anyway.


Effective!!! I ordered 3 months ago and have used it until now. I hope it will not be dropped in production.


How long does the promotion last?


This product will help you. Eventually, it is far better than anything I have tried.


This seems like a miraculous product!!! I want it too.


So, what’s the problem? Let’s order! Simpla 360 and become young again!


I’ve already bought it. This is the result!


The results are really amazing!


The most important thing is the transformation that is happening within you. First, your face returns to its youth, and then your life begins to be filled with a variety of emotions and excitement again, and this cannot be expressed in words!


I fully agree with that! After using this sérum, my husband started to get interested again in me, it’s like we went through our teenage years again and now we’re having sex more often than it was 20 years ago!


These are my pics! Now, I’m even embarrassed to see how I used to look!


I also agree! This sérum works effectively to deal with the imperfections on the face – all gone – the wrinkles and saggy skin. Since the first use, the results can already be seen.


I’m 53 years old, what do you think, can this sérum help me? I have a lot of deep wrinkles.


It should help you. After all, this product is still far better than anything I have ever tried.


It’s a miracle sérum!


I am so happy to learn about this sérum! Many things have changed in my life. Now I have the happiness of a real woman once again… Thank you!


Now people are telling me that I look under 30, incredible! Previously, I was embarrassed by my appearance, and now I am embarrassed to say that I am actually 43 🙂