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iFocus Philippines review, how to use, price: who can save people from complete blindness?




A remarkable Filipino student receives top medical awards for discovering a new form of vision restoration that can be used for patients of any age. What is iFocus, effect, how to use, side effects, review, opinion, comments, where to buy, price, official website

iFocus review

In the summer of 2019, something amazing happened at the annual Congress of Ophthalmologists in the Philippines. The entire assembly gave a 10-minute heartfelt applause to the person delivering his speech. This person is Junjun Agoncillo, a Filipino medical student. He proposed the use of a unique formulation for the restoration of vision that allows the prevention of complete blindness.

Junjun proposed the brilliant idea implemented by some of the best medical researchers in the country. Includes experts from the College of Ophthalmology and other medical research facilities in the development of medicine. So far, the new drug product is showing great results.

In today’s report, we will try to find out how it can save millions of lives and how Filipinos can get it at a BIG discount.

interviewer: “Junjun, you are one of the top ten smartest medical students in the world. What is the reason you are focusing on the problem of vision restoration?”

I really don’t want to talk about it. My motivation here is personal. A few years ago, my mother began to experience continued deteriorating vision. Glasses and contact lenses do not help him. Her eyesight continued to fail. She was scheduled to have eye surgery, but a week before her surgery, it appeared that his deteriorating vision was caused by a poor blood supply to the lens and fundus, so the operation was discontinued.

Because of this condition, my grandmother completely lost eyesight. Then, I started studying issues related to vision disorders. I was surprised to realize that most drugs sold in pharmacies are unhelpful and harmful. In fact, these drugs only aggravate the condition. My mom uses them every day.

For the past three years, I have been fully immersed in this topic. In fact, it was when I was writing my thesis that I discovered the new method of vision treatment that everyone was talking about. I know this is new. But I did not think it would cause so much interest in the medical and business community.

interviewer: “What exactly do you mean?”

Once the article about my method was published, I immediately started getting offers from investors who wanted to buy my idea. First, I was approached by a French company that offered me 120,000 euros. The last who approached me was an American company managing pharmacies. They want to buy my idea for $35 million. I changed my phone number and avoided social media, as I received so many offers in every way just to talk to me every day.

iFocus effect, how to use

interviewer: “As far as I know, you did not sell the formula”

Thats true. It sounds a bit rough, but I didn’t do this to make some rich people living abroad even richer. After all, what happens if I sell the formula abroad? They will patent the formula and ban others from making this drug. Then they raise the price. I may be young but I am not stupid. In this situation, ordinary people just can’t afford it. One of the foreign doctors told me that this formula should cost at least ₱ 300,000. This is unreasonable. Who can buy this for three hundred thousand pesos?”

So when I received a proposal from a research expert to develop a treatment for the local market, I readily agreed. I worked with the College of Ophthalmology. It was a wonderful experience. Now, the clinical trials are over and everyone can buy the treatment.

The project was carried out with the help of Professor Benjie Godoy, an ophthalmologist at a private medical center in the Philippines. We asked him to tell us about the new treatment.

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interviewer: “What is the significance of Junjun Agoncillo’s idea? Does it really help to completely restore your vision regardless of age?”

Junjun’s idea is a new approach to the treatment of eye diseases, including hereditary. It is no secret to experts that all medicines at the pharmacy only help in the initial stages of an illness. Moreover, unscrupulous doctors are accustomed to the practice of prescribing the patient certain medications that only delay the uncontrollable. And when the patient almost leads to the point of complete blindness, he is immediately operated on.

That was just business for them. They do not really want to cure their patients.

During early 2000, Filipino scientists discovered that 90% of vision problems occur due to insufficient blood supply to the eyes. As a result, the lens, sclera and cornea fail to receive the required amount of useful nutrients. And if the cause is removed, you can avoid surgery in most cases.

Junjun’s idea helps to improve the blood supply to the human vision device. This helps you avoid the risk of vision loss in the initial stages of the disease. But it is certainly not enough to cure the more severe stages, when the patient is almost blind. The efforts of a large number of doctors and medical specialists are focused on creating effective vision-restoration treatment regardless of age, based on the proposed formula.

interviewer: “But, isn’t it believed that it is impossible to restore vision without surgery, especially if you are over the age of 40?”

It all makes no sense. It shows the willingness of pharmaceutical companies to make money. It has long been proven that any body system can restore itself. All you have to do is help a little bit by relieving inflammation, improving blood supply, and speeding up the removal of dead cells and toxins.

interviewer: “But how were eye diseases treated before? You can find many eye medicines in pharmacies.”

Exactly, there are many drugs like that. But they are all based on the principle I described at the very beginning of this conversation. Those drugs can only alleviate symptoms – that’s all they can handle. Patients only experience temporary relief. However, such drugs are more likely to negatively affect the condition of your eyesight than to restore them. Junjun is really right here. If you look at the formulas of medicines sold in pharmacies, any specialist will tell you that they should only be used as a last option.

interviewer: “What is the difference between them and your treatment? Does it help completely restore healthy vision?”

The difference is that my treatment helps to grow new tissue and restore blood supply to the eye. Even one use is enough to enable more than 930,000 cells directly involved in the vision restoration process. And it happens every time you use the treatment. This is the basic principle of this treatment.

Like Junjun, we tried to address the issue of restoring sight from a fresh perspective. This treatment is actually more than just a combination of chemical formulas used in many other drugs. It is a unique combination of high concentration plant extracts. This makes it the most effective and safest method of treatment of all existing methods.

Literally within 1-2 days of treatment, your eyesight will begin to improve. Your eyesight becomes clear, your focus improves, and redness and warm feelings are eliminated. Next, your cells are restored and your vision returns to normal even in the most serious cases. Unlike chemical drugs from pharmacies, there are no negative side effects of iFocus in the vessels of the eye.

interviewer: “But can your treatment be bought in pharmacies as well? How much will it cost also?”

You probably know that once it became clear that we were actually doing something meaningful, the pharmaceutical companies really wanted to contact us. They want Junjun to sell them the formula. But they do not plan to make the product. On the contrary, they want to curb the mass production of the treatment. The treatment of eye diseases is the largest field in the drug market. Billions of dollars worth of drugs are being sold in the United States alone. Our treatment will radically change the market situation. After all, no one wants to spend money on drugs from the previous generation or have a laser to correct their vision, if they can get a course of treatment of iFocus once and for all and forget the vision problems forever, regardless of your age.

Pharmacy groups are partners of pharmaceutical companies. They work closely together. And of course, they depend on the sale of drugs. So they will not allow our treatment to be introduced, even if it is the only treatment that is officially recommended for the treatment of eye diseases and for the prevention of complications such as complete blindness.

Where to buy iFocus original, official website, price

interviewer: “Where can people buy your treatment if it is not available in pharmacies?”

We decided to distribute the medicine ourselves, without the involvement of any pharmacy. We are currently selling iFocus Directly to our customers. We do not use any intermediaries such as commercial pharmacies. We discussed the various options and focused on the most effective. If you want to get iFocus at a good discount, fill out the form on the supplier’s website. Our operators will contact you to answer your questions and confirm the order details. Your order will then be shipped. There is a supplier website where you can place your order at a discount. Almost everyone has Internet access now. Even if a person does not have a computer, they probably still have a smartphone with Internet access. You need to hurry before the offer ends.

If you order in advance, you will get iFocus with 50% DISCOUNT. This promotional campaign is designed to arouse people’s interest in the treatment. We hope to use the “word of mouth” effect because we believe people will start recommending it to their friends and family.

interviewer: “But what is the regular price?”

The production cost is approximately ₱12600 per package. However, we currently offer great discounts, so it will be affordable for anyone. The discount is up to 50%. Fortunately, drug manufacturers understand the importance of making the drug available for the entire population of the country, not just a few individuals. We promise not to sell the formula abroad and not export the drug itself, and only sell it in the Philippines.

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iFocus review, comments, opinion, forum

Antonio Gener

I got this treatment special. By the fifth day of my treatment, I could see better now, and no more blurred vision. For the first time in 15 years, I no longer wear my glasses! It feels good to see clearly!

Paulo Martinez

I ordered it at a discount, for my mom. It came yesterday. I had to pick it up at the post office. It is easier than going to the eye doctor. He has already started using it.

Julieta Lantilla

These children are so smart! Good luck with this project!

Bridgette Bautista

I read about this treatment in a medical newspaper. It was written by a well-known doctor…

Alexandra Mendez

I got this one 10 days ago. I should have to undergo surgery next month. I never thought this would help me. I have glaucoma. When I saw the eye doctor yesterday, he could not believe what he was seeing: my vision was restored to normal. He asked me what medicine I was using, and I told him about this iFocus. He said he had never heard of it, because if yes he would prescribe it to me instead of recommending surgery! I did not believe him however. I ordered the product earlier because it was discounted and I was afraid of going blind after the operation..

Fiona Borromeo

I ordered it for my mom and dad because I didn’t want to miss the discount. They are both undergoing treatment now and are feeling better every day. They stopped wearing mirrors at home, which is a big progress.

Nancy Gatdula

I was able to order this at a discounted price! It will be sent tomorrow, hopefully.

Perlita Reyes

I also ordered this. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Bettina Quinto

It really hurts how you are treated in private clinics. It’s been a long time since I last went there. They will destroy you there. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get the iFocus with such a huge discount.

Mina Gaspar

I read all these reviews and I realize I need to have it too 🙂 I am ordering now.

Julieta Lantilla

What these people are doing is amazing. Thank you for your efforts to make it affordable for most people.

Ofelia Waje

This is really weird! I had a cataract just last week, but it is gone now. My vision is not yet completely healed, but I have not yet completed the course of treatment.

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