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HomoErectus Philippines, comments, how to use, price – how to enlarge your pen naturally at home




Do you feel that your willy is too short or too thin? Would you like to have bigger erections and that’s why you want to know how to enlarge your pen?

If so, like many men, you may be wondering if you can lengthen or increase your girth and the answer is yes you can! As long as you do it the right way and dedicate the right amount of time to this. There is no magic in this but there is a commitment on your part to get it done.

There are many methods of pen enlargement: manual techniques, pills, devices etc. to help enlarge the pen and get those extra inches that make a big difference when it comes to giving a woman more pleasure.

But believe me, not all of them are as effective as they claim to be and may cause serious injury to your pen if done improperly. So in this article I am going to share with you how you can enlarge your pen in a natural way that has been proven to work for thousands of men.

The best proven technique that works are the Jelqing exercises, but you must do it the right way so that you do not damage your pen and you can lengthen it by 16, 18 or 20 centimeters. Not only that, Jelqing girth exercises can increase pen girth, which is something women love.

HomoErectus what is – how to naturally enlarge your pen

Below you will learn about the most commonly used procedures to increase the size of your pen at home. Please consider the following information in this article in case you decide to use any of these methods.

1. Stretching exercises to enlarge the pen

As I told you earlier stretching and jelqing involve pen exercises that you can do to enlarge your pen with your own hands and stimulate natural growth. They are a great solution for men who wish to have a bigger and thicker pen.

Jelqing is similar to stretching, through specific actions similar to milking a cow, the objective is to boost the blood to the pen and gradually enlarge it, resulting in the desired growth of the pen

Medical websites such as mayoclinic.org state that stretching and Jelqing are much safer than other methods. The penile augmentation gain is permanent, although it is necessary to do them the right way or you can seriously damage the pen.

Note: Here you have the step-by-step explanation of the jelqing exercise technique and other aspects to take into account to enlarge your pen>> How to naturally increase the size of your pen

2. Vacuum pumps for pen enlargement

Penile vacuum pumps are sometimes used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, especially if medication such as Viagra does not work.

They work by creating a vacuum that draws blood into the pen, and because of this, they are also marketed to help increase pen size.

The problem lies in the fact that they actually only make the pen appear larger for a period of time immediately after use. There is very little scientific research on their effectiveness in permanently increasing the size and they should not be used for prolonged periods.

Some men claim on forums and review sites that they have had some success in increasing their size, but others have said they saw no effect at all.

Importantly, they can cause tissue damage if used too much and improperly, leading to erection problems.

3. Pen enlargement supplements

Pen pills are a similar way to pen pumps. There are many different pills sold online such as HomoErectus that help with erections and pen enlargement.

The main purpose is usually to help men with erectile dysfunction or decreased libido, but a side effect can be an apparent increase in size while taking the pill.

These pills may have long term side effects. The result stays with you even after you stop taking the product. You should choose tablets and capsules with herbal ingredients. No prescription is required and the risk of side effects is minimized. The composition can be found on the label or in the instructions. If the composition is not indicated, you should not use such a tool – it is dangerous because it may turn out to be an illegal product of an unreliable manufacturer.

4. Pen enlargement extenders

Pen extenders work by exerting traction on the pen and gradually enlarge it, although it takes a long time and can be extremely uncomfortable.

There is not much evidence that they work, but one or two studies have shown moderate growth of between 1 centimeter and 2 centimeters after several months of regular use.

The main problem is the amount of time you have to use them to see results – up to 6 months. Add to this the fact that they can be quite expensive, and pen extenders really don’t measure up to a very efficient approach.

Proper nutrition is an important complement to pen enlargement. Learn about the best foods to increase the size of your pen.

HomoErectus side effects – how to make your willy look bigger

Did you know that you can make your pen look bigger? Before jumping into any of the exercises or other enlargement techniques, it is possible to find some ideas that will help you feel better about the size of your pen, and even make it look bigger naturally.

  • Shave your pubic hair. If you have a lot of hair down there, you’re going to make your pen look smaller.
  • Lose some weight. If you are overweight, the extra “padding” can make your pen appear considerably smaller.
  • Don’t look down! When looking down, the angle always makes it look smaller. Look in a mirror instead.
  • Don’t compare your angle by looking down on other men. If you are in a shared locker room, for example, when you look at yourself and then see other guys, it will look smaller for the same reason as above.
  • Move the ruler inward. If you measure yourself with a ruler, do not just have it rest against the skin, push it down to the bone at the top of the pen and you’ll find extra length that counts.
  • Remember your age. It is common to worry about the size of the pen as it grows. Remember, however, adolescents develop at different times, so there is little point in comparing yourself to others. Your pen can continue to grow into your early twenties.
  • Don’t compare yourself with porn actors. Men in porn movies are chosen for their larger size. They do not represent what is considered normal, so don’t try to compare yourself to them.
  • Seek advice. Research has shown that, in many cases, counseling is effective in helping men who do not feel good about their size. So before trying pen enlargement techniques it may help to talk to your doctor about how you feel.


It is important for you to know that nothing happens overnight with regard to pen enlargement or thickening, lest you are told otherwise. Yes you can have a longer pen, there are many men who have achieved it, including me, but you have to put in the time and effort.

Once you get those inches and girth, your sex life takes a 180-degree turn. I invite you to see how my process went and how I managed to have a pen that makes every woman in my path hallucinate.

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