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Inno Gialuron Oman, where to buy, review, ingredients – Yahir Nasir, age of 32, ran away from a wedding after seeing his fiancée’s passport.




The reality, however, the very beautiful girl turned out to be 64 years old.

On December 3 2020, a funny story happened in Oman. When the guy saw his bride’s passport for the first time at the height of the wedding, quite a story arose because of this. It appeared that the girl he was going to marry was already 64 years old. All this time, Sajida Ashhad constantly hid her age and told Yahir Nasir that she was only 29 years old. Her face and body looked smooth and youthful, so the groom did not realize that her age was twice his own.

After this incident, thousands and thousands of people wanted to get acquainted with a new effective agent for skin rejuvenation, a product that is produced in Oman.

This is what Yahir Nasir said about what happened:

Believe it or not, I was so shocked when I found out Sajida’s real age. She looked to me like an ordinary 30-year-old woman, nothing more. All the time we went out for a year, I was happy and in love with her. However, when the wedding day came, I saw her passport. I was so scared that I yelled at Sajida. After that, I ran away from the wedding.

For over a month I was puzzled and did not understand what’s next. But then I realized that in fact, Sajida’s age is just a number. If I had not seen these number, she would still look beautiful and cute, and many women would envy her body. And if so, then what am I afraid of. There was nothing wrong with the fact that I went out with her. After thinking it over well, I went to Sajida. I forgave her for lying to me and also asked her to marry me again. We were already married and had a good honeymoon traveling. Now we are expecting a baby and very happy.

Our editors were fascinated by this whole story and we decided to ask Sajida Ashhad for an interview.

Journalist: Hello Sajida! Could you tell us how you manage to look as good as a girl? And why did you hide your real age from Yahir Nasir?

Hello! Well, listen, if I said my age, say, is 64 now, would you believe me? (laughs) The more you look, the more astonished you are. As you have noticed, my face and skin tell that I am no more than 40 years old, and you will hardly accept that I am already 64. No one would really believe it… for this reason, when I met such a young and handsome guy like Yahir, I wouldn’t talk about my age. Because I didn’t want to scare him. Plus, the relationship between us was great at that time.

Journalist: Swear I can’t picture you as 64 years old. There is a woman in front of me who, if asked, is only 35 years old. How is this possible? Could you tell us about this?

12 years ago I broke up with my husband. I was 52 years old then. My husband left me for another woman, who is more beautiful and younger than me. Even 2 years later, after we parted, I felt very bad, and then the doctor prescribed me stress remedy. However, the mental state still did not return to normal.

Until one day I made a firm decision to make it clear to everyone that I am the woman who can be both beautiful and young, regardless of age.

I started to spend money on rejuvenation products that were in TV commercials. But there was no such product that would give a result. Then I started to attend expensive beauty courses in Oman. But, as before, nothing has changed. Then I realized that, perhaps, there is nothing better than trying to find natural ingredients that would suit me. Pick them up and try on myself. I was able to figure out which things are good for me and which are not. I studied to be a pharmacist and then I have 30 years of work experience. Therefore, making extracts from medicinal plants and herbs for testing was not a difficult task for me.

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Journalist: That’s fascinating! Unbelievably, you really succeeded!

Well, as you can see by my face, yes. I started to use what gave the result (laughs). Over the course of 3 years, I have tried many healing formulae on myself. Sometimes there was no effect, and sometimes the result was negligible. But I didn’t give up. When I was 57 years old, I finally managed to do something incredible. After obtaining the recipe, I used the product constantly. 7 days passed and my friends began to notice how my face changed for the better. Then I was not yet sure of the result, but another 30 days of using my product according to the new recipe passed and then both friends and relatives no longer recognized me!

Just think, when you go to your usual hairdresser, they welcome you, but look at you as if they had not seen you before. It was fun. I even showed my passport to be believed. I still remember the events of the day when the hairdresser with a surprised expression said: “This is incredible! A month ago, an old woman came to me with a sad expression, and now I see a beautiful woman with happy eyes. It’s just incredible!”

It’s not that impossible. On that day, I realized that I was able to do something valuable, something that no one expected and that many people need. Then I wrote many letters and sent them to various scientific centers in Oman.

Journalist: And what happened?

All the companies I contacted answered me and offered me tons of money for the remedy formula I had invented. But what struck me was that they said that the price for this product should be 25000 OMR. Then I began to explain that among the components that I selected were plants and herbs that grow in Asia, and therefore the initial investment in production according to my formula should not be too large. In response, I was told that it would no longer be my business. And they will sell my product for whatever price they want.

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Journalist: And what did you do next?

I thought that my product should be available to everyone. Therefore, I refused to sell my formula to all the companies that made me offers. I decided to manufacture and distribute my product by myself. I took out a bank loan, then hired the best pharmacists in the country to launch my production. And so we released the product and started to sell, but not at a price of 25000 OMR, but only at 46 OMR. My remedy is called Inno Gialuron. I thought that since I am the manufacturer and sell at such a reasonable price, most Omani can easily afford my product. They will be able to buy it and experience the effect themselves, and then become happy like me. To be happy with a new life, new love and new sensations that I experienced in my 64, when someone still needs me, trully needs.

Journalist: I completely understand. You risked and took a bank loan. Have you already repaid the loan or not?

Not yet. I have not returned the whole loan yet. According to our calculations, if we sell for 46 OMR, then we will be able to repay the loan from the bank within 4 years. However, I agree to this situation. The main thing is that Inno Gialuron has to be available to everyone. I am an ordinary woman, like everyone else who read these lines and had to go through a lot in life. And whatever they say, still the appearance of a woman is one of the facets of female happiness. Therefore, no matter what part of our life we are at now, we must take care of our beauty and try to look as young as possible. My product helps us to work against wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck. You will see that Inno Gialuron will make you 20-30 years younger after just 30 days of use. From my own experience in my 64, I will tell you that I am very happy. I have a young and handsome husband, and now I am expecting a baby, I am on the third month. I want every woman not to despair and continue to fight for her happiness.

We interviewed professor, dermatologist-cosmetologist, head of the Asian Beauty Center, Saleh Mohammad. Here’s what the doctor said about this product:

From the story of Sajida Ashhad, it is clear that she found a remedy recipe that helps to regain the youth, this is almost unbelievable. In this case, it means the selection of the right natural ingredients, and even in the right proportions, by combining various natural extracts together and all this allowed her to make one of the most effective products among anti-aging products for the skin of the face and neck. Nowadays, this product is available not only in Oman, but is already sold around the world.

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When we conducted Inno Gialuron, research, we did not believe in the power of this product, but after clinical testing, we were surprised at the results. Inno Gialuron is an effective remedy that can restore youthfulness of skin within 3-4 weeks and the key components in this remedy are only natural extracts. It does not contain any harmful components, which differs from the majority of the products available on the Asian market. This Inno Gialuron has been successfully certified and meets manufacturing standards.

The famous story about a young 32-year-old guy who escaped from his wedding has already spread all over the world. Many blame a young man named Yahir Nasir, but let’s see how this story ended. In the end, he returned to his beloved, they got married and live happily ever after. And the recipe for the remedy that Sajida Ashhad came up with received a response from all over the world. The effectiveness of a product that gives youth breaks all records and it is very important to thank the company that produces this product at a price significantly lower than that of other brands on the market.

For what it’s worth, we understand that even the price of 46 OMR is still high for some customers, so we asked Sajida Ashhad to make the biggest discount she could. And, despite the fact that she has debts to the bank, she said yes.

During this promotion, Inno Gialuron can be purchased with a 50% discount or only for 23 OMR.

46 OMR

23 OMR

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You don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I am convinced if someone is full of strength, courage and desire to do something, then they are able to do it. And even to create an innovation in the field of skin rejuvenation, which has become known all over the world.


My grandmother uses Inno Gialuron and the result is completely unexpected. Now my grandmother looks younger than my mother. Don’t believe me? Look at the photo!


I have already ordered. Thank you very much! My husband also left me, he has a new and younger wife. Hope Inno Gialuron can help me too. And if my asks to return, of course I will not let him in. Let him feel what it is – the bitterness of loss.


I already use Inno Gialuron. 9 days have passed. The deep wrinkles I used to have started to disappear. This is fantastic! In addition, I also noticed that earlier my face was saggy, but now it has become more toned, more elastic than before. And after the face became elastic, the bags hanging under the eyes smoothed out. Now I feel like I’m 10 years younger. Thank you very much!


Here! The result of using Inno Gialuron What do you think, huh?


Wow, Ellie, is that you? Hmmm, perhaps I should order too. Now I’m looking it has a 50% discount.


Frankly speaking, at first I didn’t want my wife to buy Inno Gialuron, I still love her for who she is. But now, after 2 months, she looks so good that I think she is a different person. I don’t know how to explain, I have a burst of energy and I seemed to fall in love with her again. I never thought it would happen. Now I am glad that she have not listened to me and started using this product. Inno Gialuron Thank you for the new life and new sensations that we experience.


I think we should hurry up with the purchase. Now there is a promotion, otherwise they will sell at a higher price. And then as always, when something is in demand, then they immediately raise prices.