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I suffered from halitosis a long time ago, and had no confidence in communication, so I had to find various types of treatments. Luckily, after 5 years of trying, I found Detoxic and took it persistently. I was so surprised at the effects this precious medicine brought to me.


I’m Yasmin, 23 years old. I am a tour guide. I chose this job because I am a big fan of travelling and discovering new things in strange lands. It is so amazing when coming to another land, taking a deep breath in a whole new atmosphere, talking to strangers and then making friends with them. I chose to become a tour guide not just because I want to travel to many places, but also want to share my knowledge of the places that I used to visit with the tourists, cause I believe that those places would give me much more lively and interesting experiences rather than things I read about them from books, no matter how long I stayed there.

My mother has always objected to my job because she wants me to live a normal life, be a docile girl in life, choose an easy job, find a man to get married and have babies, and enjoy the simple pace of life. I do not feel happy in such a life; therefore, I never think that my mother was right about my job when she said I made a mistake being a tour guide.

I don’t often take any particular routines, but change it quite often because new places often give me much more inspirations. Once, I took tourists to Westminster. Floating on a boat in the river, some tourists complained that there was an uncomfortable smell on the boat.

I had no idea what smell it was until finishing the tour, a tourist came and said to me: “I hope you won’t be mad at me but there is a problem with your breath. When you were talking everyone had to hold their breath and did not want to listen.”

I was petrified. No one had told me about that problem and I had never thought that my breath smelled so bad.

After knowing this, I felt lacking of confidence to communicate because I was afraid that people would be uncomfortable with my breath. I took tour guides less often and even during the tour, I became less friendly to the tourists and often isolated myself from talking about the places.

Before that, I often talked to all of the tourists and made friends with them. After graduation, I quitted the job despite I was still fond of travelling a lot, but the obsession still made me hesitant standing in front of people talking to them.

I applied for an office work which was booking tickets for tourists. It was a boring job, but I would not have to talk much so people would not know about my bad-smelling breath.

One thing always in my bag was chewing gum. When talking to others, I chewed gum and took it as my treasure. However, many people thought that I did not show respect to them, especially the elders.

I did not dare to share this burden with anyone because I felt ashamed. Although I paid a lot of attention to dental care and used natri clorid everyday, I could not treat halitosis.

I saw in the newspaper that experts advised people with halitosis not to eat fish-smelled food. I followed and even did not eat meat for months; but my breath did not get any improvement.

I still feel so hesitant about myself that I quitted the job at the tourism office and told my mom that I was finding another job to stay at home, avoiding communication with anyone.

The savior of the valuable medicine – Detoxic what is, how to use, price

After I quitted the job for 2 months, my dad came home. My dad’s life was a journey so hardly did he stay at home for a month. My dad knew how much I loved travelling and discovering new things, so he believed that there must have been a reason for me to stay at home.

I burst into tears crying about my embarrassment. He laughed and told me I was a fool. He told me that if I had told him this problem, it would have been solved long time ago.

I had no idea about how my dad would help me until the next morning when he gave me a small package of a medicine, and told me to take the medicine to treat halitosis.

I did not know whether my halitosis relieved, but when I talked to others, I did not see any uncomfortable reactions from them. It seemed like my dad’s strange medicine worked.

He said that medicine could cure my halitosis. He knew that halitosis was caused by parasites. Brushing teeth, using cleaning liquid or chewing gums were just temporary treatments which never cured that problem. When I use this medicine, all of the parasites in my body would be killed and I would be able to get away from halitosis.

He said that he learned about this method of treating halitosis from a Japanese friend who he used to work with. The cleaning liquid that I used everyday could only dry my mouth but never cure bad smell in my breath.

He added that If I persistently used this precious medicine, not only my halitosis vanished, but my body would also become healthy with a strong immune system.

New lands always bring interesting and useful information to me. My dad helped me come back with my passion thanks to this valuable medicine. I know a lot of people having the same problem as me and I believe that they may get disadvantages in communication and in lives as well. Therefore, I want to share this precious medicine with everyone and hope that they can get over this problem, as I did. The valuable medicine is Detoxic.

If you want to get rid of halitosis and have a healthy body like me, you should search for more information and order Detoxic for yourself:

I see there are a lot of fakes on the Internet, be careful! There is only exclusive representative of Detoxic.

Visit following the link:

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Hi Yasmin, I had halitosis quite long time ago. I can feel bad smell coming out of my throat. A lot of methods have been used, but none of them worked. Could you please tell me if parasites are one of the reasons causing bad breath?


There are various causes of halitosis, but the major one is a parasite. The parasite can come into the human body through water and food. Eating unwell food and dirty hands are all causes of parasite in the body, resulting in bad breath. Nowadays, unclean food is everywhere, and this is the only way to help the body get away of parasite and bad breath.


Yasmin, can this medicine be taken by children? Because children are most frequent to catch this problem.


Detoxic is safe for children. This is the combination of herbs, so it is a 100 % natural product. My friend gave it to her children and it worked, without any side effects 🙂


This product really saved me. I had halitosis for 7 years now, but after only 3 weeks of using Detoxic, I overcame embarrassment and distrust in communication!


I would like to add that this product not only cures halitosis, but also protects the body against diseases and improves immune systems.


I took Detoxic to treat halitosis. But the most important thing is that my chronic allergy has been cured.


I am the one who takes care of nutrition and health. I take on diet and always care for my health. I always brush my teeth, use cleaning liquid and chew gum, but I still get halitosis. I know that I catch parasite. They cause halitosis and of course affect my health and my skin as well. This is the only product that can help me get rid of this problem and feel better. (I have got rid of halitosis for 7 years)


Thanks Yasmin for sharing this useful information. I was desperate with this problem. Although I had tried so many ways before, the problem was still there, and made me feel ashamed when communicating with others. I did not dare to love any one. Only after reading this blog did I know about the major cause and found a way to treat it successfully. Now I can communicate confidently with anyone, from anywhere. Thank you so much. By the way, I have a boyfriend now.


I really understand the misery of people with halitosis so I decide to share this method with everyone. I always hope that you will have a beautiful smile and a healthy body.


My sister got bad halitosis. After taking the examination of stomach, throat and teeth, we found no problems in those parts. She used cleaning liquids and various types of sprayers but no hope. We took another examination and the result showed that there were parasite in her tongue. Took Detoxic and she got rid of halitosis, Wonderful results.


Yes, it’s true. It’s like a torture when talking to people with halitosis. They should take Detoxic to kill parasite and cure halitosis completely.


Oh, God! It’s a pity that I found this article so late. Sometimes, I have a bad smell in my mouth and feel nervous talking to my lover. If Detoxic is at that good, I will try it.


Both my husband and I got halitosis. But after taking Detoxic the problem has gone. Thanks Yasmin for sharing.


I did not have bad breath before, but after my pregnancy, my breath was so uncomfortable. So I decided to buy Detoxic to cure halitosis. Amazing results!

Mouth odour caused by parasites – Detoxic where to buy, comments, how much

Specialist of Private laboratory of Infectious Diseases shares the secrets of treatment.

Parasites disappear from human body because of this! 100% effective!

“There are thousands of parasites living in human liver, brain, blood, lungs and stomach. Almost all of us are dangerous. All begins from the bad breath.”

Editor: Doctors have found the cause of bad breath: infectious parasites. Recent studies show that: The waste of parasites are harmful and create the favorable environment for the development of worms in human stomach. Therefore, those who get worms in their body often have bad breath.

The Interview with the researcher:

– Hello Mr. Abdul-Hakim Abadi. I’d like to begin with the question: Is it true that Oman has the highest number of cases with parasites?

«Yes, it is. Oman has the first position in the list of number of cases with parasites. The causes of this problem are environmental pollution, indifference of the government and awareness of people.»

– So, what is the relationship between parasites and bad breath, according to studies result?

– Just few years ago, doctors still assumed that bad breath was caused within the mouth. However, recent studies have found that the main reason comes from stomach (often caused by worms). Many scientists also claim that we should not ignore those “usual” symptoms. Parasites can lead to most of the fatal diseases in human.

Personally, I believe the results are true and they are also proven in my laboratory. Usual bad breath can lead to some kind of dangerous diseases. 92% of cases were dead because of parasites. These are not only cases died of diseases, but almost all of the “sudden death” were caused by complications of infectious diseases with parasites.

– Normally, when talking about parasites, people often think of worms in stomach, noone would think that they will cause bad breath, or even death.

– Actually, it may be a mistake if you think parasites are just worms. In a living human body, there are a lot of different types of parasites. They may cause unexpectedly dangerous diseases in human body. But worms in general are also dangerous. They can damage intestinal tract, leading to decay and worse, death. And worms are also hard to be identified to kill.

Besides worms, thousands of parasites are living in liver, brain, lungs, stomach, blood and intestinal tract. All of them are dangerous. One kind of parasites can spread and then, immediately damage viscera. Others can gradually spread, accumulate huge amount of parasites that human body can not stand, and then cause death.

Meanwhile, I am sure that everyone has parasites in their body. All of the parasites are hard to detect. After that, complications appeared. The doctors have been trying to treat all those symptoms. Even the analysis by experts are required to identify all the parasites.

– Can you name some specific examples of infectious parasite diseases?

– I can list hundreds of cases. I would like to show only the cases which reflect clearly the level of danger of parasites.

Firstly, some kinds of tapeworms may cause cancer. It is tape worm that catches the diseases. And then, malignant cells spread to the whole body. This case happens when larvae of helminth spread from intestinal tract to lymph nodes. By this way, they can develop into tumor at incredible speed. People with parasites can die just after a few months. Right in this week, one person has died of the same tumor.

At the center of picture: melanoma caused by parasites.

Another common case is the infestation of the human brain. This leads to function disorder, nervousness, fatigue, excessive irritability and sudden mood swings. And at a later stage, as the brain gets filled with parasites, some more severe diseases develop and ultimately lead to death.

«We have a photo archive: photos taken during an autopsy when we discover different parasites in the body organs. Here are some examples. But I warn you, they are horrifying.»

The third example – is the infestation of human heart. It is believed to be a rare disease. However, Dirofilaria Immitis live in 23% of people. That is in every fourth. At early stage, they are totally invisible, their bad influence on the organism is reduced to zero. But the longer you have them, the more their activities in heart get notable. They become a root cause of many heart diseases; and if we talk about sudden death due to stroke, these parasites account for almost 100% of those cases.

— How dangerous the parasites are?

«In a male body, these parasites can cause prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand and stones in the kidneys and gallbladder. In female: pain and inflammation of the ovaries. Developing fibroids, fibrocytic mastopathy, inflammation of the adrenal gland, gallbladder, and kidneys. Of course, there is a premature skin aging.»

– How to protect yourself from parasites? Are there any medications and tests?

– Unfortunately, it can be stated that nowadays there are no really accurate tools to diagnose the presence of parasites in a human body. It is partly due to the vast number of parasite species (more than thousands of kinds), and partly due to a very high level of difficulty of their detection. The procedure of a full analysis is available literally in just several places in Oman and costs a ton of money.

First symptoms of presence of parasites in the body:

  • Bad breath
  • Allergic reaction (rash, watering eyes, runny nose);
  • Frequent colds, sore throat, nasal congestion;
  • Chronic fatigue (you get tired quickly doing anything);
  • Frequent headaches, constipation or diarrhea;
  • Joint pain, muscle pain
  • Sleeping and eating disorders;
  • Dark under eye circles and eye bags.

If you have two of the listed symptoms, surely there are parasites in your body.

The current situation with medications for treating parasite infestation is quite problematic. To date, there is only one remedy on the market that allows you to get rid of parasites completely. The product is made in USA.

– Can you talk a little bit more about details of the product?

– This is a product for parasites treatment Detoxic, which is successfully developed and created by Private Centers of Parasites and group of young scientists in the United States. Those specialists researched and tested hundreds of products. And they decided to choose Detoxic, the most effective method.

Detoxic is a combination of more than 7 supplements ingredients. In the process of creating and testing, this product proved to be extremely effective. Today, it’s really the only productive development out there. And it’s not about money, or, in this case, the whole production output would be directed for the export needs only. Many European countries are ready to buy Detoxic at any price.

Moreover, the price of exporting this to Europe will rocket more than ten times, so keeping the product can help its be consumed at reasonable price.

— How good Detoxic is? How is it different from other methods of cleaning the body from parasites?

— As I said earlier, today Detoxic is the only helpful remedy for cleaning body from parasites, generally existing in the world. That’s why all the international pharmacy networks and pharmaceutical companies hunger for Detoxic. Compared to other anti-parasitic medications Detoxic, works instantly against the entire spectrum of parasites. Taking into consideration the huge problems with diagnosis, it allows to effectively clean the whole body. I mentioned above that it is almost impossible to understand what exact type of parasites people are infested with. Detoxic destroys and sweeps away any types of parasites from the body, even those are living anywhere from the brain and heart to liver and intestines. No other existing product out there has the same properties.

Besides, it’s not made of a bunch of chemicals either. It’s a completely natural product that eliminates allergic reactions, imbalance of the intestinal microflora and other problems arising after undergoing a treatment with harsh medications.

– I think our readers will be interested to know where to buy Detoxic?

— At the moment, Detoxic can be purchased only on the project’s official website. We tried many times to negotiate with pharmacy networks but they want to put the highest possible margin and sell tens of times more expensive than we do. You know, the laboratory of Infectious Diseases is a non-profit organisation. Our goal is not profit. We just want to make this product affordable and available to the entire population. Therefore, we sell this product at cheap price. The main objective of pharmacy chains – is to make as much money as possible. As a result, we find radically different approaches to pricing.

I hope that over time we will be able to negotiate, so the pharmacies will sell this product at reasonable price. Until then, it can only be ordered online on the website. We tried to make everything convenient and easy – the product is delivered by mail or courier, and payment is made only after receiving the package. It’s easy.

– Would you like to tell something to our readers before we finish our interview?

– The only thing I want to say is “take care of your health”. You may not know this, but the the probability of parasites live in your body is about 86-88%. They can be anywhere – in your blood, intestines, lungs, heart, brain and so on. Parasites literally eat you from the inside out. In the end, there are numerous health problems that reduce your life expectancy by 15-25 years. As well as sudden deaths, which are also usually associated with parasites in human body.

P.S: We’ve ask Mr. Abdul-Hakim Abadi for a discount of this product for our readers. He agreed and now everyone can buy Detoxic at 50% discount.

Attention! Our portal offers the readers a discount affair for Detoxic.

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Missis Fadel

I ordered this product. I also had bad breath. Just 5 days have passed by and my breath is much more fresher. The stomach also functions better. Now, I will take this in the next 3 months just in case.


When starting using Detoxic I couldn’t imagine how effective it was. The pain in my stomach has gone now (I guess there was something living there), shortness of breath also disappeared. And now, at 53, I feel better than any 30-year-old guy would. Thank you for telling people about the problem. They won’t ever hear such a valuable info from their local therapist.


I ordered Detoxic and got the parcel through express mail the next day. I took the capsules and then this just came out of my body… I have never thought that there are such terrible things in my intestinal tract. Just thinking of living with such things makes me feel horrified.


Thanks for the article! I just ordered this stuff for myself!


I just placed my order. The parcel should be delivered within just a week. Cannot wait!


I’ve tried Detoxic. It works. I felt fresh and healthy, significantly improved immune system, Over 8 months have passed since I finished the treatment course, and I never got sick. I strongly recommend to everyone.

Zafirah Darwish

I recently watched a TV program about different kinds of parasites living in the body. They’ve been talking boastfully about this product.

Mansur Farouq

My grandmother taught me how to get rid of parasites using wormwood. My whole family drinks, and, you know, it works! But… it doesn’t help with bad breath. I gave up and ordered this instead. By the way, we all stopped drinking that bitter wormwood decoction and take Detoxic instead. It has the same effect, and the price is very affordable, and it’s easy to take.

Yaminah Zaman

I’ve been suffering from severe headaches for quite a while now… After several weeks of taking Detoxic, it was all gone with no trace. So, I guess, there was something living there in my brain.


Very interesting interview! You tell people such a valuable info! Thank you!


I highly recommend people to use this. Right from the first day of using this, something horrible just came out of my body. I immediately rushed to downtown of the city for health check-up. Doctor said that was worm from my liver. Without Detoxic, I might die in 2-3 years.


Is it a kind of a gimmick? Why is it sold online only?


Hi Lily, have you read the article at all? It’s sold online only because of pharmaceutical companies – they are thieves and want to stole money! It’s not fraud, you actually pay after receiving your order! I got my parcel, checked everything, and only then, I paid. It is the same when receiving at the post office. Everything from footwear, clothes, machines, are sold online today.


I am sorry. I did not notice that it is paid on delivery. If so, then it’s ok. I should try it too.


Awesome product. My husband and I took it, and we both noticed a huge health improvement. Feel like we became younger, got more energy… Parasites definitely do Detoxicate the body. When you get rid of them, you feel like a completely new person!


Thanks for the info. I definitely need to clean all the gunk from my body. At least once in a lifetime. I’ve never done that before but now think that I do not need all that stuff in me. I have some, I know for sure. All for my health.


After reading all the comments, I made up my mind and decided to order one for myself.