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Neoritm Nigeria, buy, review, effect – after this vascular cleansing, hypertension disappears along with 9 other “incurable” diseases




Everyone knows that pressure, stroke, and heart attack are a consequence of blood vessels “contaminated” with cholesterol. Cardiovascular diseases. However, few know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. “Dirty” blood vessels are to blame for 9 out of 10 chronic diseases that are considered incurable.

Head hurts, pressure jumps. Pains and cracking in the joints, the neck and back are rigid. At night, the legs swell and in the morning the face swells. Ringing in the ears. Numb fingers and cold extremities. Eyesight gets worse. Memory deteriorates. There are no forces for anything. Many will say that it is old age. But it is not.

  • Why do clean blood vessels comprise 90% of your well-being?
  • What else contaminates our vessels besides cholesterol?
  • 4 crystal clear and 7 hidden signs of deteriorated blood vessels
  • How to clean blood vessels safely at home?

Our reporter has managed to interview Dr. Amos Habila, who has explained to us his method of cleaning blood vessels to prolong life.

Amos Habila has more than 11,000 open brain surgeries. His youngest patient was only 2 days old.

Dr. Habila is able to explain complex medical processes with simple words. He has written 47 non-fiction books and textbooks for people with no medical education. He is absolutely convinced that our blood vessels are responsible for 90% of our body’s health and that our well-being depends on their cleanness.

Why do clean blood vessels comprise 90% of your well-being?

Dr. Habila, you say that clean vessels represent 90% of all the health of the body. Why?

Which is the largest organ in the human body? Few people know. Even medical students are often wrong. They usually say the brain and liver. The most educated say it is the skin. But actually the largest organ is our vascular system.

2.5 times it is possible to embrace the planet with the blood vessels of a single person.

Imagine, if we extend all the vessels of the human body and unite them in a long thread, the length of this thread will be approximately of 100,000 kilometers.

To be clearer – the length of the earth’s equator is 40,000 kilometers. It turns out that the “thread” of just one person’s blood vessels can hug the entire planet 2.5 times.

What do you think about this?

Vessels are not just tubes through which blood flows. This is a complex and unique organ, any problem on them immediately shows a disease.

Non-healthy blood vessels on the legs – varicose veins, persistent edema and eternal heaviness in the legs, frostbite or unbearable burning in the feet. Cracks in the heels. Poor circulation – there is no protection against bacteria, which create the fungus. The nails become stiffer and grow inside the fingers.

The vessels that feed the liver are clogged – hepatosis. Bitterness in the mouth. If you eat a little fat, you produce bitter burps.

The vessels in the joints are weakened and contaminated – cartilage dries out. Joints creak and hurt, osteochondrosis appears, hernias come out.

Rectal vessels have lost their tone – hemorrhoids appear.

The eye vessels – eyesight worsens, flies appear in the eyes. Cataract develops. The redness of the eyes, which we often attribute to fatigue, is actually micro-hemorrhages, that is, injuries in the smallest capillaries.

Brain circulation worsens – dizziness, tinnitus and forgetfulness. For example, you go to the kitchen, and once there, you have already forgotten why you went. Or a well-known word is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t remember it. These are all signs of deterioration of the blood vessels in the brain.

And of course the queen of vessels disorders is her majesty Hypertension. Hypertension is the mother of stroke and the sister of heart attack.

Blood vessels are our food system, life itself moves through the vessels. If an important part of the track is blocked, life will stop.

Clogged vessels are equal to malnutritrion for all organs.

The overweight, for example, is directly related to vessels. The vessels clogged with cholesterol make the organs lack food, because they are not able to deliver enough nutrients. Therefore, the brain sends signals to eat. And the person eats. But the organs do not receive nutrition due to the dirty vessels. The brain again demands – you have to eat. And so on.

Hence the constant desire to chew something, the cravings for sweets and fats – the body needs calories.

When my colleagues tell their patients, “You have hypertension because you are overweight,” they confuse cause and effect. It is not hypertension that causes being overweight. It is being overweight that causes hypertension.

The famous saying “When there is health, there is everything” can continue: “But health is impossible without clean blood vessels”

So I will not tire of repeating: if you want to live a full life, then clean and restore your blood vessels. Clean vessels are the key to get rid of 90% of chronic diseases, some of which are considered incurable

Neoritm is designed to eliminate the reasons for hypertension – what is, how to use, where to buy

What else are the vessels damaged with besides cholesterol?

Everyone knows that cholesterol is bad. It is the responsible for clogging our blood vessels, narrows them and interrupts blood circulation. But it’s not the only culprit, is it?

6.1 kg is the total mass of blockage accumulated in the vessels at 50 years old.

  • Cholesterol

Yes, you are right. Cholesterol plaques or “atherosclerotic plaques” account for approximately 65-70% of vascular blockage.

At the age of 50, they accumulate up to 5 kg of cholesterol plaques in the vessels of a person. Cholesterol deposits narrow the lumen of the vessels by 4-5 times.

Imagine. If the normal lumen of the container is your finger, then 5 kg of cholesterol plaques reduces the lumen to the size of 4 matches.

Cholesterol plaques themselves are not life threatening. Yes, the quality of life decreases, the blood pressure increases, there are headaches and joint pain, weakness and apathy. Much more dangerous is the thrombotic mass, which also accumulates in our vessels.

  • Thrombotic mass

Blood clots accumulate much less, about 800 grams up to 1 kg. What is dangerous about them is that they are unstable. At any time, a thrombus (a blood clot) can break loose and travel through your blood vessels in search of a victim.

If the thrombus is large enough, then tightly seals the victim’s container. Ischemia occurs, that is, the complete interruption of the blood supply to the organ that feeds through this vessel.

Ischemic stroke is the blockage of a brain vessel. Infarction is the blockage of the heart artery. Hepatic ischemia, lung collapse, kidney failure. Hemorrhoids are nothing more than rectal vascular ischemia. The blockage of even the small vessels of the legs, over time leads to necrosis – gangrene.

  • Calcium lime

The calcium lime in the vessels is a residue from chemical drugs and dietary supplements. By the age of 50, about 300-400 grams of it accumulates in the body. The largest amount of lime accumulates in the cerebral vessels.

The danger of calcium lime is that it has a sharp, crystalline structure. With a sharp narrowing – a spasm of the vessel caused by stress or physical exertion or even the weather, a sharp lime crystal can pierce the vessel and cause it to break. And the rupture of a cerebral vessel is a hemorrhagic stroke.

4 clear and 7 hidden signs of damaged vessels

What are the symptomsfor damaged vessels? How to understand that the body requires us to clean the vessels as soon as possible?

Frankly, if you are over 45 and have never used nutraceuticals to clean blood vessels, I guarantee you have a vascaular problem.

“45 years old” is the line after which it is necessary to clean blood vessels.

Clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol, blood clots, calcification is essentially a natural age-related process. Of course, modern food, drugs, smoking, and alcohol accelerate the deterioration process by 5-8 times. But we are all human and we cannot escape this.

The main sign of blocked vessels

If you have a diagnosis of Hypertension, that is enough. Hypertension is the queen of blocked vessels.

Do you suffer from ups and downs of blood pressure? Is it always high and do you have to take medicine? So 30% of the lumen remains of the vessels. The rest is thickly covered with cholesterol plaques, blood clots, and calcium lime.

Therefore, the slightest stress, a change in the weather, a magnetic storm are instantly reflected in well-being. Changes in blood pressure, headaches, pain in the joints.

Four diseases caused by damaed blood vessels:

  • Hypertension

Unstable or always high pressure, which has to be lowered with medication. The main indicator. Have you been diagnosed with hypertension? Your vascular system needs to be cleaned! “

  • Varicose veins

Bulging veins in the legs, heaviness and pain, swelling. Cholesterol and blood clots clog the venous valves. Gradually vascular asterisks appear, which then turn into a vascular network. And that is already developing in varicose veins.

  • Hemorrhoids

When the rectal vessels that drain blood clog, the hemorrhoidal nodes become inflamated. If the blood vessels that carry blood clog first, anal fissures appear.

  • Osteochondrosis

It is a lack of circulation in the cartilage. Cartilage hardens and begins to disappear, with no time to recover. They do not renew and shrink. They lose the ability to cushion gently. Salts begin to grow uncontrollably, forming a hump.

Neoritm ensures heart health and supports health blood pressure levels by relaxing blood vessels – official website, price

7 suggestive symptoms:

  • Edema

Dirty vessels don’t have time to pump liquid. The metabolism of water and salt is disturbed. At night, the feet swell until the socks sink into the ankles leaving dents. Puffy face and bags under the eyes. Fingers do not allow to remove the rings. A bloated stomach speaks of swelling of the internal organs.

  • Tinnitus

From a thin, barely audible screech to a loud howl and hum that interferes with focus. It is a consequence of the increased tension of the cerebral vessels that exert pressure on the eardrums.

  • Vertigo

A dizzy head, sudden attacks of vertigo indicate that your vestibular apparatus is starving. Often, the hearing also suffers.

  • Insomnia

Do you feel sleepy and lethargic as you go to bed without being able to fall asleep? This is due to a lack of blood supply to the pituitary gland which stops producing melatonin, the sleep hormone.

  • Complete reluctance

Absence of force and willingness. You do not want to do anything. You just want to lie down and eat. This feeling arises because the body goes into energy saving mode. The organs do not receive adequate nutrition in the dirty vessels and, in order not to die, your body seeks to reduce activity as much as possible.

  • Visual abnormalities

Flies, waves, haze in the eyesight. These are symptoms of ocular vascular insufficiency

  • Joint pain

Depending on the weather, the joints twist. When you wake up in the morning, you do not feel awake and rested, but a semi-paralyzed disabled person. You have to walk around for a while and knead the hardened joints after sleep. This is due to the fact that the synovial fluid loses its properties, and sticks the joints like a tight mass.

Do you have at least one of these signs? The vessels require cleaning and nourishing them.

Most of the time, people have several signs at once in various combinations. Sometimes all of them.

Most of the people try to treat each illness individually. They take pills for blood pressure, use ointments for varicose veins, use suppositories for hemorrhoids, and apply gels for osteochondrosis. And of course they use a lot of painkillers…

In the end, they throw all their money to the pharmacy oven. And the cause of all diseases is a vascular obstruction. You have to start with this, with the general cleaning of the blood vessels.

How to clean the blood vessels of cholesterol, blood clots and lime – Neoritm original, effect, how to use

As an example, we are going to see the case of Olivia Brown. She is 57 years old, she is married, she is overweight, has hypertension and varicose veins. Her body reacts to the weather with the precision of the barometer: joints ache, weakness and drowsiness appear, she has headaches.

How can Olivia be helped? How can she clean her blood vessels without going to the doctor and without hearing time after time the speech about losing weight, exercising and eating right?

Most pharmacy drugs do not treat or even help these conditions, but cause dependency

Yes, medicine isn’t that good in our country, so I understand why people don’t want to see doctors. Olivia Brown can do without them, too.

For a safe cleaning of blood vessels, I can advise a product with an impeccable reputation – the nutraceutical Neoritm. Neoritm prolongs life from 11 to 17 years, filling it with energy and ease, rather than loss of vitality.

It is safer than an infusion. And in terms of efficiency, ranks second after surgical cleaning of the vessels. But unlike surgery, it has no complications or side effects. In one cycle of treatment, it cleans all the vessels of the body. From large thick arteries to small delicate capillaries.

Neoritm is capsules based on magnesium and calcium. On contact with water, they improve heart and blood vessel health. Neoritm flushes out excess cholesterol and toxins from blood vessels – in other words, it flushes out everything that disrupts the blood flow.

The obstractions accumulated over the years while poisoning your life is washed away by Neoritm in 1.5 – 2 months of regular intake.

Within 1-3 months, Neoritm dissolved and flushes out up for 4 kg of cholesterol, blood-clot-like mass, chemical and drug toxins.

Along with them, the headaches are eliminated and the tinnitus dissipates. The brain, which receives complete nutrition through clean vessels now, operates at the speed of a supercomputer. Even thoughts become clear.

Feelings sharpen pleasant sounds are heard. And the hearing improves, you can hear even a quiet conversation in the next room.

The smells become pleasant. Nasal congestion, chronic runny nose and allergies disappear. The bronchi open. The breath is smooth and free. The cool air, filling the lungs, spreads through the body in pleasant waves, causing a feeling of mild euphoria.

The flavors become bright and saturated. Regular food is an unusual pleasure. You eat less. The constant desire for sweet and fat disappears.

The joints sing in chorus “Thank you very much!”, and cease to hurt. The creaking disappears completely, in its place comes the smoothness of the movements, thanks to new joint lubrication. It is as if the engine changes the oil, replacing the dirty black grease with metal shavings with a fresh and transparent oil that provides a perfect glide.

This is impressive. To be honest, this is the first time I heard of Neoritm. I have heard of nutraceuticals in general. In Japan and Israel they have legally established the status of nutraceuticals as the preferred treatment method. But in most countries, these components continue to be treated with mistrust.

Our own Olivia Brown probably tried hundreds of different supplements and pills, but she made up her mind not to waste any more money for dubious miraculous means.

Let me tell you an instructive story about mistrust.

In 1928, penicillin, the first antibiotic, was invented. It easily cured dysentery and typhus, from which, at that time, people were dying.

But most people didn’t think it could help them because they had already tried 1000 different attempts to be healed. Those who tried 1000 times and weren’t afraid to try the 1001 time were cured. And those who surrendered, died: even though salvation was right under their noses.

In the very same way that once penicillin beat the dominant diseases at that time: dysentery, typhus, pulmonary plague, so, in time, Neoritm will eradicate vascular diseases. The first steps are already being taken (Japan, Canada, Korea, Switzerland and Israel) to legislate the cleaning of blood vessels with nutraceuticals preferable to drug therapy.

In our country, Neoritm is officially prescribed in one place: The Central Clinic. In the same where our nobility go: ministers, deputies, celebrities and other elites. There they deal with Israeli protocols and do not follow the instructions of our Ministry of Health. Therefore, patients get a result, and not a never-ending process.

To the rest of our citizens, the Ministry of Health offers treatment with the chemical substances produced by plants belonging to this same elite.

I also believe that doubts are our worst enemy, so I am not afraid to try new things.

Let’s imagine that I buy Neoritm, open a plastic bottle that is pleasant to the touch, take out the capsule, take it with a glass of water… What happens next? How does Neoritm work?

Neoritm is a wellspring of valuable microelements that cleanse blood vessels and strengthen them.

  • Cleans «debris»

Calcium cleanses blood vessels of cholesterol. Its molecules smash cholesterol particles just like a hammer. Thus, blood flow improves. Tissues recover, they get filled with moisture and oxygen, self-restoration mechanism turns on. Tissue elasticity improves as well. Joints and neck stop clicking and cracking. Knee and finger pain caused by changes in weather goes away.

The swelling dissapears. Even after spending all day on feet, they do not swell.

The blood supply to the skin is restored: vasculature and stars disappear. Varicose veins gradually decrease, hemorrhoidal nodes dry out.

  • More energy to your life

L-carnitine molecules do their job. They find cholesterol particles and, when merging with them, turn into useful dense lipoproteins and split excess fat.

Neoritm kills two birds with one stone – removes cholesterol dirt from vessels and stimulates proper fat burning. Because of this, you feel a powerful surge of strength, you want to move, your eyes light up, there is a pleasant sensation and a lot of strength.

  • It relieves spasms

Magnesium relieves blood vessels spams, calms them down and restores them. Blood pressure improves gently and safely. Headache and ringing in the ears go away, lungs and bronchus work better. Labored breathing goes away.

  • It aids the proper heart functioning

Magnesium travels blood vessels and hunts the clots. It also thins the blood, fights aneurism and flushes out calcareous drug deposits from blood vessels.

The heart exhales relaxed. Heart rate becomes slow and measured. Arrhythmia and tachycardia are no longer a botheration. The sharp tingling in the chest caused by the overwork of the heart is not repeated and is forgotten forever.

The risk of heart attack drops to zero.

  • Patch the blood vessels

Auxiliary components heal the walls of blood vessels, eliminating microdamage. Your brain is reliably protected from a stroke. Blood cells get nutrition and oxygen. Clarity of thought comes back.

Butterfly effect

Neoritm is like the flapping of a butterfly’s wing, causing a chain reaction of impressive changes. It starts with cleaning the vessels of blockage accumulated over decades, step by step, Neoritm triggers a recovery reaction of the body.

2 months of the Neoritm is like a rebirth

  • A slight awakening

In the morning, you easily get out of bed, no need to force yourself, kneading and rubbing your legs, crunching your back and neck.

From the morning, the body is filled with energy and strength, because the vessels are completely clean, and during the night all the organs received good nutrition and rest. Not a single part of the body starved from lack of blood supply, they all gain strength for a new day.

  • Delicious breakfast

For breakfast, you eat a sandwich with a thick layer of butter and crispiness, and the liver and stomach take them easily. No more bitter burps, throbbing stomach pain. Neoritm cleaned the vessels that feed the stomach, now it even digests a bolt.

  • Power and strength

After leaving the house, you no longer have to worry about your legs: walking is not a burden, you can walk at least all day, and your legs do not get tired and do not swell. Sandals, shoes, socks do not sink into swollen feet like string on a sausage stick.

  • Absolute calmness

You are absolutely calm and relaxed. No more that constant pain forcing you to stop all other activities and focus solely on it. When nothing hurts, the usual things, the sounds, the smells display new forgotten colors.

  • Enviable joy

Even after a hard day at work, you come home with a clear and light head. The brain works like a Swiss watch, it doesn’t feel tired at all.

  • A pleasant sleep

And so when you lie down, you fall into a quick and pleasant sleep. Gone are the days when you were tossing and turning in bed at midnight. Now everything is easy – you decide when to fall asleep, and your body obediently carries out the command.

Discount program – Neoritm where to buy, price, side effects

Neoritm has disappeared from most pharmacies. Why?

Unfortunally, that is true. Since the beginning of this year, Neoritm is no longer sold in pharmacies.

The cause of the conflict was the greed of the pharmacy chains, which demanded the manufacturer of Neoritm to pay them $355 for each unit of product sold. With that large profit margin (the cost of 1 package of Neoritm in some pharmacies was sold at $709), pharmacists wanted to introduce an additional manufacturer fee.

Pharmacy representatives said that such a profit margin would allow them to survive. After all, Neoritm is a product that is bought 1 once every 7-10 years. Also, after cleansing the blood vessels with Neoritm, people stop needing the huge pile of medications that they were used to take. They no longer need medicine to lower blood pressure, they stop buying remedies for joint pain. They significantly reduce the consumption of asthma and diabetes medications. And this leads to pharmacy losses. Therefore, they demand to set the highest possible price in Neoritm.

As a result, the Neoritm manufacturer broke contracts with all pharmacies and is now engaged in online sales only. Yeah, that’s right. Think about it: you don’t have to pay for the rent of commercial venues, you don’t have to pay bribes to pharmacies to enter the business. Therefore, Neoritm is now much more affordable than when it was sold in pharmacies.

Discount program (OFFERS) «Clean your blood vessels» – Neoritm official website, original, buy

The research center, the Post Office and the manufacturer of Neoritm, as part of the telemedicine project (Internet of Medicine), have launched the discount program.

Residents of the regions participating in this program can apply for Neoritm with discount.

What do you need to enter the program?

More details on how to get Neoritm with up to a 50% discount and get shipping to the whole country:

Neoritm is not sold in pharmacies! Therefore, all those who wish to obtain Neoritm with a discount of up to 50% can participate in our prize draw. Afterwards, they will be contacted by our qualified specialists to develop a personalized treatment plan with “Neoritm”. No matter where you live, we can ship the product anywhere in our country. The shipment is by express courier directly to your address.

We have launched a large-scale advertising campaign in all the media to draw people’s attention to this product and we promised to raffle 200 packages of Neoritm on 13.07.2021

Everyone can participate in this raffle and win the main prize: a 50% discount! This promotion that we created aims to draw people’s attention to this product.

How long will the discount program last?

Until the 13.07.2021 or until the last unit of Neoritm is delivered. And all this despite the absence of advertising on radio and television. People pass on information, word of mouth, they recommend it to family and friends. It was a surprise to us that the information about the discount program began to spread so quickly.

Therefore, we advise ordering Neoritm as soon as possible.

Neoritm review, forum, comments


Can you tell me when there will be this discount program in my country? I need Neoritm a lot, but I don’t have a lot of money for one cycle of treatment at full cost…

Amos Habila (editor)

Mercy, from what I know, in your region the program was in May and it has already ended. Maybe next year they’ll release a new one, but that’s not certain.


What a shame! I don’t know what to do… Now I don’t have that much money…


Mercy, don’t you know anybody here? You could ask them to order it with the discount. They can send you Neoritm (but, according to the terms of the program, you can only book one package per person)

Sani Abdullahi

I bought a 2 month treatmet for almost $1450, because last year Neoritm was sold in pharmacies. And I don’t regret it! Although it was expensive, I saved about the same amount on other medications. And now I am much better, this cannot be bought with money! At 52, I felt like a sick old man. I always used tonometer and took pills, I didn’t even dream of living before retirement, lots of headaches, sometimes I wanted to die as soon as possible… But in 2 months I forgot about high blood pressure, I feel like a healthy MAN (if you understand what I mean!) So even if there is no discount program in your region, ask for no discounts, for any amount, you will not regret it! It seems to me that they will soon ban Neoritm, it deprives many companies of profit.

Janet Adebayo

Neoritm is THE BEST PRODUCT OF ALL. I used Adelfan first, then Erynit. I know these are outdated drugs. But I don’t like going to the doctors, and it wasn’t that the disease bothered me much. I took them occasionally, when my blood pressure rose or my heart went crazy. But then, all of a sudden these pills stopped working. So I went to the doctor and he advised me to try the new Neoritm (the doctor is young and still believed that the medicine should be to treat people, not to get money from him!). Neoritm helped me from the first use: the pressure dropped immediately. I took one package, as the doctor advised. In 3 weeks, I forgot what hypertension is. The varicose veins that I’ve been suffering for 10 years were all gone! I also had some female problems, they disappeared, too. I feel great, like when I was young!


Thanks! I got a 30% discount. I’m going to try it.


In Kali is there a program?

Amos Habila (editor)

In your country, the discount program is planned for this month. If nothing changes, 30,000 Neoritm packages will be shipped.


30,000 for a region? It is a drop in the ocean…


People who want everything for free drive me crazy!!! They always owe to everybody! I bought it for $1184! What a shame! How dare you say it!


Do not judge and you will not be judged! You don’t know what situation someone might be in! They can be disabled…


My mother began to have problems with her fingers, a family doctor advised her to make a treatment for blood vessels cleansing. She prescribed “statins”, but they can cause rectal cancer and we decided not to take risks. Then we learned about Neoritm. We bought Neoritm for $1090. But the result was immediate, after a couple of days, there was a noticeable improvement in the complexion, hair, nails and general condition of the body, and in the second week, the fingers practically stopped numbing. For a month and a half now the numbness is gone completely and also the pressure has normalized. My mother became very energetic, her memory improved and her joints stopped hurting as the weather changes. I recommend this product to everyone!


I bought Neoritm because I had headaches almost every night, not even painkillers helped. I found out later that my headache came from high blood pressure. But that is not the point. A classmate recommended Neoritm to me. In two months I became another person! I realized that I had not lived fully until cleaning my blood vessels! My head no longer worries me, the varicose veins disappeared and the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that I LOST 20 KG! From 94 to 74 kilos! That is normalizing the circulation! I recommend Neoritm to everyone!


Thank you for the comment! I don’t like going to doctors at all, they prescribe expensive drugs (I remember that I could not find special prescription eye drops in any pharmacy in our city). And alternative therapists don’t always “see” the internal problems of the body. For a year now, my hands periodically go numb in the morning. Thanks to your comments, I will give this Neoritm a try. Even if it is not the reason, it is always good to clean the vessels! And taking a natural product is always good. Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the article! It came to me on the right time. I just had my cholesterol tested and the doctor has prescribed me a treatment with statins. But I don’t like that, I’d better try Neoritm, its natural composition gives me more confidence.


I’ve heard of this method to clean glasses, but haven’t tried it yet… I think it’s time to try =)


I took the plunge and still don’t regret it. If you have any problem with your blood circulation, I recommend it. No side effects, and the result is impressive


I have high cholesterol levels, I was prescribed LIVAZO. I couldn’t even take it for a week, my lymph nodes started to swell, especially in the neck, I couldn’t turn my head o the sides. Also, the eyesight got worse. In 4 days of use, “flies” appeared in my eyes. The doctor said that this happens with statins because of their side effects. Then he prescribed CRESTOR but I was scared and wouldn’t take it. Now I think I will try Neoritm, this natural composition should not cause any side effects, right?


Neoritm is the best! It has no side effects, everything is natural. Worst scenario, you may develop an allergy.


The best remedy against cholesterol is DIET!


Diet will help for sure against the formation of new deposits, but the old ones will not be affected in any way. Trust me, I’ve been through this story with dieting more than once.


Cholesterol was 6.8, which is a lot for me. Constant dizziness, ups and owns of pressure and almost constant disconfort. After 2 months, my level went to 3.4, but the main thing is my well-being! Now I’m completely healthy. I realized the difference, what is to have clean, “non- fat” blood, the head is light))) People meet me and say that I even speak better! There are huge changes in everything.


Thanks for the info! I want to try, my pressure won’t let me live…

Comfort John

Neoritm is one of the best, cheapest and most effective products! Compared to Crestor, it is 10 times cheaper, the result is 10 times better, and there are no side effects.

“I want to live till 150” The old woman shared the way she prolonged her life.

The old lady Sefi Oyeyemi was born in 1893, she overcame the revolution, 2 World Wars, the reforms and new changes. In our national record, she was honoured as the oldest person in Nigeria, on 4 May she will be 123 years old.

Ms Sefi Oyeyemi has not only surpassed the people of her time but also their children.

She often attempts medical checkups. Every year, the doctors say the only thing: totally healthy, she can even travel to the moon tomorrow without any problems.

Despite her long life, Ms Oyeyemi rarely leaves her village and she always refuses to move to the town with her children. They think that she is rather old. But age does not matter a lot.

Ms Oyeyemi lives in a small house with the family of her youngest child. She takes care of the household by herself. She has her own garden and raises livestock and poultry as cows, pigs and hens. She has enough strength to take care of all this stuff.

We’ve come to her house to ask for an interview and find our her biggest secret – how to live long without any diseases. After she welcomed us and treated with homemade pies, we saw that she had a lot of things to do. We did not want to bother her more so we went straight to the reason why we came here.

Ms Oyeyemi, you have lived a very long life. The longest one ever. Do you have any secrets?

I’ve said many times to those, who asked (the reporters visits her frequently). It’s all thanks to the clean blood vessels. That was what Mr. Deen taught me. Mr. Deen was a physician living in our village. People from our village as well as from other villages came to him for treatment. He was called to the army to cure the soldiers and he did not return. We were neighbours at that time.

Every evening we gathered together to talk. He always did some researches on different techniques and ways of treating various diseases. My sister was alive at that time. She had some issues with her health. Our parents cured her vessels and she became healthy. From that time, we started to pay more attention to blood vessels. Our parents passed away at the age of 87. My sister also lived a long life, but not as long as mine. She passed away at the age of 95. I also tell my children to take care of their blood vessels.

And the secret of long life is the blood vessels, detoxing them frequently is necessary. But nobody does that, so nobody lives long. Especially pensioners in the town. They like to have medicines thinking that medicines would help them. When I visited my nephew I was rather surprised. At the age of 60, he has plenty of diseases. That’s how medicines work. They are all chemical. If everyone has taken care of their vessels, all of them would have been healthy.

Ms. Oyeyemi, if someone with weak health cleanses their vessels, would they live longer?

Of course! See. The blood runs inside the vessels and provides nutrition to all the organs. The more nutrition is absorbed, the healthier the organs are. The people conditions depend on the vessel conditions. But the vessels gradually get dirty with time as the vessels also have dirt and the things that were not absorbed which damage the vessels. As a result, the vessels get dirty as the water tubes. Blood won’t come to the organs and the consequence is that the organs would have problems. Kidneys, stomach, liver or the bladder – all of them would be affected if the blood circulation is poor. Even the head. Just imagine, if I don’t feed the cows, they would get sick right away!

If you improve the blood circulation, the organs will revive. People might not live as long as me, but longer for sure. 3,5 years more or maybe 10 years. When there was no medicine, everyone would cure this way and be healthy.

Oh, I remember one thing. There was a woman from Kenema that told me about that. Her husband suffered so much from high blood pressure. He even had some initial symptoms of cardiac diseases. The doctor said that he wouldn’t live long, they could seek for the cemetery. She also asked me the way to treat, maybe I’d have had some tricks. And I advised them to cleanse the blood vessels. I don’t know any other secrets. That happened 10 years ago and her husband still lives well and does not have high blood pressure anymore. All the family has cleansed the vessels. And I got the congratulations on the birthday. There are a lot of such stories.

The reporters often ask me about this and I always say things as they are. But it’s clearly that nobody listened to me. If you cleanse the vessels, you would live longer and healthier! There is no point in living longer but with diseases.

The contamination of blood vessels is the reason of 93% other diseases: from intestinal diseases to poor eyesight.

How can we cleanse the blood vessels? Can you share the secret with our readers please?

I used to do it with the help of herbs. When I was stronger, I went to the wood and field on the certain season, dried picked and dried herbs then prepared for healing. I cleanse the vessels 2 times a year. There is no need to do it more frequent, the vessels do not get dirty so fast. But now I do not pick the herbs by myself anymore. You need to go to the forest at the right time, but I have more things to take care of.

I have stopped doing it for 15 years. My granddaughter lives in Germany. She sends me the receipt by mail. I cleanse the blood vessels that way. Adama, the girl from the post, always brings it to my house. This medicine is better than the herb. You see, I don’t have the strength to pick herbs anymore. I am healthy but I am old. You can prolong the ageing process but you can not stop it.

What is the name of that product?

I don’t remember. I can only recall that the box is white and red. But I’ve thrown it away. You can ask for the name from my granddaughter. I’ll give you the number. She lives in Germany so you may have to pay tons of money…

Ms Oyeyemi had been searching for something in the room for a long time. Then she brought an old piece of paper – she still keeps the phone number list this way.

We called our granddaughter. She is an expert, she lives in Europe and she sent granny a product protecting heart and blood vessels many times. But the point is that it wasn’t a product produced abroad, on the opposite, it was produced here. Its name is Neoritm.

We couldn’t help but ask her granddaughter about the effectiveness of this product and why it has the effects also how the purifying of blood vessels affects to people of the pension age and younger.

Tenneh Oyeyemi answered from Germany

Purifying blood vessels is essential for those who want to live long without diseases. People with cardiac diseases, especially high blood pressure, should purify the blood. Cleansing the vessels from cholesterol is the main key to heal high blood pressure.

Also, purifying blood vessels is prescribed for other diseases which are not related to cardiac system. For example, with liver or kidney diseases, doctors usually recommend to cleanse the blood vessels. This treatment usually helps to improve the effectiveness of the healing process.

Neoritm are produced in our country, they have an international certificate. They protect heart and blood vessels from excess cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and reduce the risks of a heart attack and stroke.

The main ingredient is magnesium. It cleanses blood vessels and reduces the risks of clotting. In addition to magnesium, the product also contains two more valuable ingredients.

  • Calcium

Strengthens blood vessels, maintains proper cholesterol level

  • L-carnitine

Gives you more energy, increases stamina and helps to lose weight

and many other elements

So where can we find Neoritm then?

The only thing I need to inform that as I far as I know, this year, Academy of Medicine did not give the necessary amount to continue the program of last years when the product was distributed. So, at the moment, they are distributing the stock of last year. Everyone who wants to cleanse their vessels with this product, I advise you to join the game the earliest the best.

At the moment, a poll is being done among the ones who use Neoritm The manufacturer requests those who receive the product to undergo a poll to answer whether the product has helped them to improve their health and how. The number of participants is almost 5000.

The result is:

  • Blood pressure is balanced absolutely (no more high blood pressure) – 98%
  • Normalized heartbeat – 97% participants
  • No more headache – 99% participants
  • Improve eyesight – 74% participants
  • Help to treat for chronic diseases – 92% participants.
  • Improve overall health – 99% participants

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Thank you for this interesting article. I’ve tried the giveaway and got a free Neoritm.


This product is amazing! I absolutely agree with you. I used to have many diseases. After cleansing the blood vessels with Neoritm, they do not bother me anymore!


It is effective for me as well. I had high blood pressure for a long time, I’ve been suffering for 7 years. I thought that I would have to have medicine all my life, but in the end, after using Neoritm, my blood pressure is stabilized. I recommend it, very effective!


I like using Heart Tonic. I used it last summer for treatment and get rid of high blood pressure! There are no symptoms of high blood pressure. I was very surprised and happy!


I often cleanse my blood vessels. I am already 81 and I still feel healthy. People of my age passed away a long time ago.


I got Neoritm through the game. I have high blood pressure genetically. I used to have a lot of medicine. My pressure is rarely lower than 180/110. Now, I am totally normal after using Neoritm. It is a savior!


My neighbour used to complain a lot that he has many illnesses. But last month, I saw him very happy and energetic. He said that he used Neoritm. And he was 72.


Thank you. I’ve ordered for me and my wife. I asked the consultant whether there were a lot of free products. He said below 500 but there were still some. Who wants to win should hurry and join the program.