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Unique product to improve brain function – Cognitivix Nigeria, buy, review, effect




Always feel perfect!

Supports physical and emotional tasks

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  • Improves brain function
  • Helps with headaches
  • Recovers memory
  • Improves coordination
  • Speeds up reasoning
  • Reduces fear and anxiety

Boosts mental activity with just 1 course – what is Cognitivix, how to use!

Cognitivix – is a natural remedy based on natural brain stimulants: Ginkgo biloba, pine bark extract and Centella asiatica. Regular intake of capsules increases productivity and improves memory. Active components improve blood flow, which accelerates the transmission of nerve impulses and the activity of all sections of the brain. This helps to develop cognitive abilities at maximum level.

Cognitivix is easily absorbed by the body and its action begins immediately; moreover, it affects the function of the endocrine, immune and nervous systems. Efficient at any age.

Clinical trials results – Cognitivix where to buy, price

In 2016, Cognitivix clinical trials were carried out at Neurological Clinic No. 18. The trials included patients with various diseases: mental fatigue, poor concentration and memory, etc. The group was divided into two sub-groups: the first one used Cognitivix, the second – other medicines. One month later, the patients were re-examined and the following outcomes were noted:

5 benefits of Cognitivix – official website, opinion

  • Improves movement and coordination
  • Accelerates the decision-making process
  • Helps in cases of depression, fear and anxiety
  • Normalises sleep and sight
  • Memory recovery

Old price 25980 NGN

New price 12990 NGN

Expert’s opinion – Cognitivix original, side effects

Decreased mental activity may affect anyone, irrespective of their age and lifestyle. Stress, poor metabolism, air pressure – all these factors influence our well-being and performance. I recommend Cognitivix to my patients, because the medicine has good results. Cognitivix receivers show increased activity, mental clarity and good memory. Every spring and autumn, I personally take one course, to nurture my brain. Therefore, the efficiency is proven both by me, and by my patients.

Bomani Obasi

Neuropathologist, Associate Professor

Buyers’ reviews – Cognitivix comments, forum

Unfortunately, I can say about myself that I am a proven “psycho”. No, I don’t attack people and I don’t eat books. I suffer from cervical osteochondrosis, which implies a chronic war with headaches, fatigue and dizziness,during the periods of exacerbation – resulting in apathy, anxiety and the beginning of depression. I have recently discovered Cognitivix. From the very first day, it truly became easier to live. Anxiety, tension and apathy vanished immediately. For these wonderful results, I am willing to pay any amount of money.


One year ago, certain changes occurred with my body. I became very distracted, I started to forget important stuff and facts, I needed a lot of time to master the information. To improve my condition, I changed my diet and increased my daily intake of fruit and vegetables. But there was no change at all. Then I decided to use special products and ordered Cognitivix. I regained my self-confidence and my brain capacities.


How do you order Cognitivix – where to buy, price?

  • Leave a request on the website
  • We’ll contact you
  • We deliver your order
  • Pay when you receive the products

Always feel perfect!

Supports physical and emotional tasks

Old price 25980 NGN

New price 12990 NGN