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Biolactonix Nigeria, where to buy, review, how to use – great for foodies




  • Reduces the dangers of spicy and fried food
  • Relieves heartburn, belching, stomachache and stomach heaviness
  • Improves digestion

Check your stomach. Express test

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

  • heartburn
  • belching
  • stomachache and stomach discomfort
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • stomach discomfort after eating

Do you like spicy, fried, salty and fatty foods?

Do you feel slightly nauseous when you are hungry?

Do you experience hunger pangs when you are stressed?

Do you have skin problems (pimples, acne)?

Did you answer “YES” to at least one question?

It’s highly likely that you have gastroenteritis – bacteritic lnflammation of stomach and small intestine.

Gastroenteritis agent is Helicobacter Pylori. This microorganism enters your stomach via unprocessed food and water, and actively multiplies if the following risk factors are present

  • Eating too much spicy food
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Stresses
  • Taking some types of medications (antibiotics, hormones and etc.).

Advanced gastroenteritis leads to stomach ulcer in 97% of cases.

Stomach ulcer leads to cancer in 83% of cases.

Love spicy foods?

You’re at a very high risk of stomach ulcer and gastroenteritis

According to the research study performed in 2019, the citizens of the USA get infected with Helicobacter Pylori 14x more often than Europeans and they are 8x more vulnerable to stomach diseases.

The reason is spicy foods that they love. Hot pepper, salt and hot spices irritate the delicate stomach lining and create a breeding ground for Helicobacter Pylori.

The more spices there are in your diet, the higher risks of gastroenteritis, stomach ulcer and cancer you have.

Solution does exist – it’s Biolactonix: what is, effect, official website

For those who are at risk.

3 stages for protection of your stomach:

  • Antibacterial effect

Herbal antacids boost regeneration of the stomach lining’s epithelium and restore damaged walls of the stomach.

  • Chronic inflammation relief

Herbal antacids boost regeneration of the stomach lining’s epithelium and restore damaged walls of the stomach.

  • Natural protection for digestion

Probiotics containing in the formula of Biolactonix create a protective barrier that covers the inside of the stomach and reduces the dangers of aggressive factors: spicy foods, alcohol, low-quality water and etc.

* Is not an antibiotic

** Safe for liver and kidneys

A course of Biolactonix results – buy, price, side effects

  • Feeling great after meals
  • No heartburn or belching
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Healthy skin
  • Fresh breath

The formula of Biolactonix

Only natural components.

  • Chebula terminalia (Haritaki tree)

Makes Helicobacter Pylori leave the body. Restores damaged stomach lining, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  • Phyllanthus emblica (Amla)

Speeds up ulcer healing, helps with minor damage to stomach lining. Relieves the symptoms of gastroenteritis. Flushes the toxins and pathogenic bacterial flora out of the body.

  • Probiotics (lactic – and bifid bacteria)

Restore the microbiota of the stomach and intestines. Suppress Helicobacter Pylori activity. Improve digestion

Expert opinion on Biolactonix – comments, original, where to buy

Each nation suffers from a specific disease. Europeans are prone to heart attacks and hypertension. We, the Americans, are vulnerable to stomach flu and ulcer. People used to treat these diseases with antibiotics which irritated inflamed stomach lining even more and damaged liver and kidneys. A new food supplement for a healthy digestive tract – Biolactonix – eliminates 2 causes of stomach ulcer and gastroenteritis at the same time – it kills Helicobacter Pylori and heals damaged stomach lining.

At the same time, probiotics containing in the formula of Biolactonix create a “living” protective barrier on the walls of the stomach, thanks to which you won’t be afraid of digestive tract lesion anymore.

Antony Walsh, nutritionist, herbal practitioner

They have already tried Biolactonix – opinion, forum, effect

Axel 42 y.o.

The doctors told me I was about to develop an ulcer. So, I was prescribed a strict diet, but I managed to keep it for… just a week. Then, I learned about Biolactonix, began to take these capsules and added my favorite dishes back to my diet: spicy pork, deep-fried squid and etc. At the same time, I felt better and better! With Biolactonix, I didn’t have stomachache even if I overate at night. Recently, I visited my doctor and underwent an ultrasound examination – yes, I’m healthy now! The doctors believe that the diet is something that helped…

Mary 22 y.o.

As a student, I didn’t care about my diet and ruined my stomach – I was diagnosed with chronic gastroenteritis. They prescribed me with a diet: I should have eaten only rice, unsalted soups and porridges all my life long. Just imagine what I felt when people around me ate burgers, pizza, meat and seafood while I was eating rice from lunchbox. Only rice! Nothing else! It’s so good that I learned about Biolactonix timely. It stopped my agony. Now, I eat the foods I’m used to again and I feel great!

George 31 y.o.

My mom and wife are amazing cooks! You can never have enough of the dishes they cook… But my father passed away young because of stomach ulcer and I don’t want to repeat his fate. That’s why when I saw an ad featuring Biolactonix I immediately decided that I should have bought it! I got the effect within a week: heartburn went away and I don’t experience stomach heaviness after meals.

How to take Biolactonix – how to use, side effects, buy

3 simple steps

  • Take 1 capsule
  • 2 times a day:  in the morning and in the evening
  • A course of Biolactonix should last for 20-30 days.

How to place an order – official website, price, original

  • Fill out the order form provide your contact data
  • Wait for an operator to call you back to clarify the order details
  • Get your parcel and pay for it in any convenient way

Attention, please! Discounts available!

Within the framework of “Health of the Nation” program, Biolactonix capsules are sold at 50% OFF.

Enjoy tasty foods without harming your stomach and wallet!

25980 ₦

12990 ₦

Honest review: How to get rid of Helicobacter pylori and cure a stomach ulcer in a month

It helped me and will definitely help you!

Greetings to all readers!

I’ve never left reviews, so I’m leaving my own, following the example of those that I usually read on the Internet.


If I say that I don’t understand how I ended up in a gastroenterologist’s office with a gastroscope in my esophagus — I will lie. Usually my day started with a triple espresso and some fast food on the go. During the day, my diet didn’t change. I didn’t get a wife to feed me, and I only knew how to spoil the food, not to cook. The absolute absence of normal, plus 2 litres of cola every day and a pack of cigarettes — equals gastritis.

I was diagnosed 4 years ago. I’ve been on pills ever since. Everyone who has faced gastrointestinal sores knows their pest — Helicobacter pylori. It’s quite hard to get rid of it. This sore has learned to adapt in the body and survive even shock doses of antibiotics. Which is exactly what happened in my case. That’s why I’ve had fiery heartburn all these years, belching, bloating and colic have been my faithful companions. Not the nicest guys to be honest. I’m not going to talk much about the unpleasant smell from my mouth, which knocked down my colleagues.

Cures or doesn’t cure, that’s the question

Pills (I probably need to list them: for heartburn, for flatulence, painkillers, antibiotics, probiotics, vitamins and herbal infusions — all on a doctor’s prescription) helped from time to time. Sometimes my stomach swelled like a blimp. The colic was unbearable, as if I was being cut from the inside with a knife. Sometimes the attacks lasted for 2-3 days and I, like a bear in a trap, literally howled in pain. But I still didn’t go to the hospital. Laziness or stupidity.

New diagnosis

So I woke up in the gastroenterology department. As soon as I woke up, the doctor immediately put an endoscope in my mouth and began to examine my insides. As a result — 2 stomach ulcers (0.1 and 0.2 inches) and 1 duodenal ulcer (0.2 inches). Not fun at all.

As it turned out, my body couldn’t stand it during the next attack, and I lost consciousness in the office. My colleagues called an ambulance. I’m glad. If it had happened at home, I would probably have died.

When the doctor asked why I hadn’t gone to the hospital, I showed a photo of the prescription on my phone that I used to buy my pills. The doctor was outraged. He said the previous treatment protocols were outdated. Therefore, waiting for healing from treatment according to the old recipes was like waiting for a miracle. I listened to a lecture about neglecting my health and got a new prescription.

To my surprise, instead of an endless list, there was only one item — Biolactonix. As the doctor said this is a modern and promising product for the gastritis and ulcers treatment to date.

Principle of action of Biolactonix – what is , effect, price

  • Paralyses the causative agent of the disease — Helicobacter pylori
  • Reduces the ability of bacteria to stick to the walls of the gastric and duodenal mucosa
  • Removes bacteria from the body through the rectum
  • Heals the mucous tissue of the stomach and duodenum damaged by high acidity
  • Speeds up digestion
  • Restores intestinal microflora
  • Reduces acidity
  • Stops flatus
  • Relieves pain symptoms
  • Heals ulcers
  • Improves immune system and protects against relapse of the disease.

Treatment: attempt #2.

I was taking 2 capsules of Biolactonix every day. Also, the doctor highly recommended to CHEW FOOD FOR AT LEAST 20 times. There were no other restrictions, except to exclude too solid, salty and spicy food.

The first thing I noticed was that I was getting full with only half of my usual portion. I used to eat food on the go to quickly tame hunger, I was like in a furnace. I was overeating terribly, I couldn’t even breathe. Along with this, the discomfort in my stomach, gas and heartburn disappeared. Not immediately, but during the first week for sure.

Pain in the morning (hunger pains) tormented me for a long time and began to subside only by the end of the third week of taking Biolactonix. But as the doctor said, this was normal, I had a very advanced disease. By the end of the course, I felt like I was born again, and if it wasn’t for the weekly check-in, I wouldn’t even remember about the disease.

I felt great. I even looked better: I got noticeably slimmer — my stomach deflated, dark circles under my eyes disappeared, and I got a smile on my face.

The final gastroscopy confirmed — no ulcers were found.

Advantages: Effectiveness 5 out of 5.

  • Result from the first days of treatment
  • I didn’t have to quit smoking
  • Price

Disadvantages: You can only order it online. Preventing the spread of fakes, the manufacturer sells the Biolactonix capsules only on the official website.

Comments – Biolactonix review, opinion, forum


Thank you for your recommendations. I ordered the product, I really hope that it will help. I’m already exhausted, I get colic no matter what I eat.

Emmanuel Osayande

Hi girls! I have the same symptoms, and my mother also had ulcers. Probably this sore has caught me too. I’m going to order these capsules, it won’t hurt.

Mary Lakemfa

I’m in your club! The doctors couldn’t find out the reason for my terrible health for a long time, but yesterday the tests results came. Helicobacter pylori was detected. Well, that sucks. I will take treatment.

Margaret Anaeto

What prescription did the doctor give you? I have a prescription on 2 sheets, the remedies cost half my salary. So far, I decided to postpone treatment, or I’m going to order these capsules. I don’t know what to do, and I can’t stand it any more. Sometimes everything inside is so twisted, I even have tears.

Isaac Anele

Hello. And what did the doctor prescribe for you on 2 sheets? And in general, whatever it is, it is definitely a treatment protocol of the 90s. Now modern experts recommend only Biolactonix. Studies show that this product is effective even in the most advanced stages. My father had a duodenal ulcer. He was cured in 2 months. We just got a good doctor and Biolactonix of course. So, it’s up to you. I wish you good luck and be healthy!

Abubakar Malami

Hello. I also recommend Biolactonix against Helicobacter pylori. I suffered a lot, every six months my duodenal ulcer was exacerbating. I noticed improvements since the first days, I had no heartburn and pain after eating. Previously, I couldn’t leave the house without pills for heartburn.


It seems impossible to cure it, only to provide conditions for it to heal and maintain it in this state.

Victor Aribisala

That’s false! That’s what doctors said in the last century. And now it’s a sin to say so, besides Biolactonix proves it. I was suffering from an ulcer for 2 years (like a fool), then I went to the doctors, got gastrofibroscopy, I was taking antibiotics for 2 weeks. It seemed even worse. The pain didn’t stop day or night. Then I decided to go to another doctor. Thank God he helped. I haven’t even thought about this problem for several years since then.


My stomach hurts in the upper part, and I feel the sharp pain literally under my solar plexus, where the ribs meet. What could it be?????


I can’t say for sure. Ulcer or gastritis. But definitely something bad. Once my long-time friend cured an ulcer with fresh cabbage, said that he ate it every day for a month and a half, if I’m not mistaken. It is also said to take a spoonful of alcohol with a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach. But I haven’t tried it myself.