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Cardiovax Malaysia, order, opinion, benefits – health heart for all your life long




  • Improves blood pressure
  • Cleanses and strengthens blood vessels
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease development

358 RM

179 RM

Millions of people have no idea about being at risk – what is Cardiovax, effect, how to use

Does at least one of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

  • Migraine and dizziness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Chest pain
  • Weather sensitivity
  • Fast heart beat
  • Sweatiness
  • Fatigue and sleepiness
  • Laboured breathing
  • Bright spots before eyes
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Cold arms and legs

Why is hypertension dangerous?

1 Hypertension stage (mild)

Arterial blood pressure increases to 150 mm Hg Some people don’t experience any symptoms, this leads to more serious problems

2 Hypertension stage (moderate)

Stable high blood pressure (180-200 mm Hg) A person experiences pain in the region of the heart. Left ventricular hypertrophy and blood strokes may occur.

3 Hypertension stage (severe)

Atherosclerosis worsens, blood pressure reaches 200-230 mm Hg, hypertension crisis may occur, the risks of death are high.

Cardiovax – take care of the most precious: ingredients, use, price

  • Improves blood pressure soon
  • Reduces harmful cholesterol level
  • Prevents arterial blood pressure fluctuations
  • Cleanses and strengthens blood vessels
  • Prevents cell oxygen deficiency
  • Maintains blood vessel function
  • Helps to get rid of headaches, insomnia and ringing in the ears

358 RM

179 RM

How Cardiovax works

1 Week

Activation of cleansing processes in the body, reduction of arterial blood pressure. Headaches, dizziness and insomnia go away.

2 Week

Flushing out toxins, cleansing the blood vessels of cholesterol plaque, improvement of vitamin and microelement levels.

3 Week

Provision of blood with oxygen, heart rhythm improvement, brain activity increase.

4 Week

Stabilization of arterial blood pressure, fluctuations go away. Protection of heart and blood vessels of blood clots activates.

Cardiovax is an organic new generation product – about, benefits, buy

  • Coenzyme Q10

Improves metabolism of the heart cells, normalizes heart rate, improves heart function, reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, protects from free radicals, allows to keep metabolism at a high level, protects tissues from atrophy and helps to maintain cognitive capacity.

  • Arjuna extract

Normalizes heart rate, dilates blood vessels and tones them up, reduces cholesterol level in blood plasma. Calms down nervous system and improves sleep. Helps to improve blood composition, helps to thin the blood and reduce blood pressure.

  • Moringa Oleifera extract

Flushes out excess fluid, helps to support major and peripheral vessels function, keeps myocard elastic. Has a hypotensive effect, thus reducing the strain on cardio-vascular system.

  • Lycopene

Natural antioxidant. Helps to improve heart rate, reduces vasospasm, prevents blood clots, reduces cholesterol level.

Clinical trials results

The effectiveness of the product was confirmed with the clinical trials. A group of volunteers took “Cardiovax” for 30 days.

  • Blood pressure normalization, no fluctuations – 98%
  • Complete recovery of heart function – 91%
  • Cholesterol level reduction – 72%
  • Strengthening and cleansing blood vessels – 88%
  • General condition improvement – 99%

Expert opinion – Cardiovax comments, review, result

Heart diseases hit the top of deadly diseases. This statistics is true both for the elderly and the people below 35.

I recommend you to keep a blood pressure diary, consume less salt and sugar, give up on smoking and drinking alcohol and start taking Cardiovax. Its effectiveness is based on the interaction of its ingredients that help to cleanse blood vessels of cholesterol plaque and reduce arterial blood pressure within a short period of time.

An important difference between Cardiovax and other products – is normalization of blood oxygen concentration and thrombosis prevention. Blood pressure increases in case of vasospasm and lack of oxygen in plasma.

Active components in the formula help to keep oxygen level high and stable, thus preventing narrowing of blood vessels and normalization of heart rate.

Alvin Wong, Senior specialist at a heart center

108,768 people have already ordered Cardiovax – reviews, forum, opinion

Siti, 54 y.o.

I was diagnosed with chronic hypertension 10 years ago. To help my body have a rest from taking pills all the time, an expert recommended me to take Cardiovax. Blood pressure improved, headaches and buzzing in the ears went away, sleepiness went away as well. Now, I’m happy that my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal.

Amsyar, 57 y.o.

After taking Cardiovax, blood pressure improves. Before that, I took 3 medications for heart and blood vessels daily, and, recently, I suffered from heart hurry, I didn’t know what to do… Nothing could really help… Now, a doctor reduces dosages now, tachycardia and buzzing in the ears went away by evening. Thanks for Cardiovax! With it, I feel healthy.

Nurul, 42 y.o.

I bought Cardiovax under a special offer. I didn’t expect to it to make a miracle, I thought it would improve the situation just a little bit. A week later, I noticed that insomnia went away, it’s easier to breathe and blood pressure fluctuations went away. I completed a course and feel much better. I have perfect results – 120-80, I haven’t experienced anything like that since being young. This is a result of cleansing cardiovascular system. So, I recommend to everyone who has problems with blood vessels.

The right steps towards a healthy heart:

1 Step

Fill out the order form, wait until an operator calls you back and place and order

2 Step

Take 2 capsules with water after a meal

3 Step

Take Cardiovax in the morning and in the evening for no less than 30 days

Cardiovax the best protection for heart and blood vessels – effect, ingredients, order

  • Improves blood pressure
  • Cleanses and strengthens blood vessels
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease development

358 RM

179 RM


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