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The problem of the appearance of bumps on the big toe is familiar to many people. According to statistics, most often it is faced by girls who prefer to wear high-heeled shoes. The foot under load begins to deform, as a result, an insidious bone appears on the big toe. If you do not immediately respond, then gradually the bone will grow and stick out more, which will lead not only to an aesthetic defect, but also to severe pain when walking.

The Magnet Fix valgus splint has been proven to inhibit bone growth. It is easily fixed on the leg and does not cause discomfort during use.

The retainer consists entirely of dense soft material, which makes wearing comfortable: it does not press, does not rub or cut into the skin. A flat metal rod is sewn into the fabric, which helps to abduct the thumb, reducing its curvature.

Let’s analyze what Magnet Fix is, how it works, what its advantages are, how to use it according to the instructions for use, where to buy online Magnet Fix and what is its price in Kuwait, and also analyze reviews, comments and opinions about Magnet Fix on forum or official website.

What is Magnet Fix?

The Magnet Fix corrector is designed to separate the toes and contributes to the prevention and correction of hallux valgus deformity of the bones and the diseased toe. Solves the problems that arise when wearing tight shoes and heels. It is made of high-quality – polymer. Has no smell.

The main functions of the corrector fingers:

  • Relieves pain in the thumb bone – softens, protects and soothes painful joints
  • Prevents friction of the 1st and 2nd toes
  • Absorbs pressure and friction
  • Protects against impacts
  • Helps return toes to their natural position
  • Prevents the appearance of calluses and corns
  • Aligns the toe joint

The silicone corrector can be worn in shoes or sneakers to instantly relieve daily toe discomfort and pain. Wearing silicone protectors daily will gently return your toes to their natural position. The pressure will eventually align the joints of the toes

How does it work

Original Magnet Fix is a silicone corrector for the big toe that will help prevent the development of a bump on the big toe in the future and reduce the load on the affected joint when walking. With the help of a brace, your crooked joint will be kept in the correct position during the entire time you are wearing it. It is also more comfortable to wear shoes with it, pain in the joints of the lower extremities decreases.

Silicone bunion pads with 2-toe spacer protect the big toe joint from pressure. The corrector is effective for predisposition to foot deformities and is the prevention of the appearance of “bones”. The ring securely fixes the product.

  • The spacer finger corrector relieves pain caused by crooked fingers, fractures, hammer toe
  • Thumb retainer straightens deformed toes, reduces stress on the metatarsal heads, reducing the risk of chafing
  • The corrector is effective in case of predisposition to foot deformities and is a prevention of bone formation

The bandage of the first and second fingers with a partition between the first fingers allows to solve the problem of hallux valgus, contributes to the anatomically correct arrangement of the nail plates.

 Sets the finger in the correct position and actually fixes it for 24 hours a day, which provides a pronounced therapeutic effect. The fixator of the big toe and foot Magnet Fix stops the development of deformity of the joints of the big toe, normalizes the tone of the ligaments and muscles of the feet to create the physiological correct position of the big toes. The Magnet Fix big toe and foot brace can be used night and day, and can also be worn in shoes.

What is Magnet Fix for?

Wrong thumb position? Does the bone on the thumb protrude? Rubbing, inflammation and calluses? You need Magnet Fix. The bandage fixes the thumb in the correct position, and the silicone pad protects the “bone” from rubbing with shoes.

 When worn regularly, the interdigital spacer will help reduce stress on the affected area by keeping the joint in the correct position. With the wrong position of the fingers, there are often unpleasant sensations from the friction of neighboring fingers against each other, and this retainer for the big toe gently spreads the fingers, solving the problem of interdigital corns, will help reduce leg fatigue, relieve burning and pain in the legs, and ensure comfort when walking in a closed shoes.

A convenient Magnet Fix toe separator to mitigate the symptoms of hallux valgus is put on all the toes at once and puts them in an anatomically correct position.

The gel pad reduces the friction of the bones on the shoes, prevents the appearance of corns, corns and painful “bumps” on the legs.

The interdigital retainer is made of hypoallergenic orthogel, has a universal size due to the exceptional elasticity and softness of the material, securely fixes the fingers without squeezing the skin and without disturbing blood circulation.