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Cardioton Kenya, comments, price, how to use – capsules to treat hypertension




Hypertensives are people who constantly suffer from high blood pressure. If the disease is overlooked, it will have an adverse effect on the quality of life and the functioning of internal organs. To reduce high blood pressure, the person must constantly take the corresponding drugs. The Cardioton product helps to effectively cure hypertension.

What is Cardioton, review

Cardioton is a remedy that is produced on the basis of natural components. It is one of the most effective means for normalizing blood pressure. It is used for the treatment and prophylaxis of hypertension without taking the respective medications.

The product is supplied and sold in capsules. The pack contains 20 capsules. Each capsule should be taken with a glass of water. It is recommended to take two capsule after meal.

How Cardioton works

Regardless of the degree of the patient’s disease, Cardioton, one way or another, has a beneficial effect on the organism. The healing properties of the remedy are indisputable. Cardiologists recommend capsules as a way to prevent hypertension and cure the disease. The usefulness of the remedy is highlighted by the following positive facts:

  • It is able to reduce the tonicity of the organs of the cardiovascular system and improve their condition;
  • Reduces the risk of cholesterol plaque formation;
  • Eliminates spasms in the vessels;
  • Decreases the risk of atherosclerotic vascular lesions;
  • It helps to remove excess fluid from the body, which leads to the normalization of pressure.

Before launching for sale, the product was carefully tested. The focus group included 300 people with high blood pressure. For four weeks, these test subjects took Cardioton capsules daily. The tests showed the following results:

  • More than half of these people stopped having acute attacks;
  • In a third of them a tendency to normalization of blood pressure was noted;
  • In 30 people the pressure stabilized.

The positive effect is manifested literally a week after the start of therapy. The condition and well-being of the patient improves significantly. The use of the remedy is possible in the presence of diabetes, since there is no sugar in the composition.

Natural composition of the miraculous remedy

Cardioton it is a unique remedy against hypertension consisting of natural components-highly active substances and vitamins. This means that the capsules are absolutely safe for the human body. The multicomponent content of Cardioton includes ingredients of natural and vegetable origin. The researchers highlight four elements:

  • Red rice yeast it contains a large number of statins of natural origin, substances that inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the body, reduce the level of cardiovascular diseases, stabilize fat metabolism.
  • Monakolin К, it prevents the formation of cholesterol, reduces the tone of the heart, acts as a tranquilizer, leads to a decrease in the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle.
  • Coenzyme Q10 it is a component to prevent oxidative stress, helps to improve the response of insulin to increased blood glucose levels and supplies energy for the normal functioning of cells.
  • Maitake (mushroom) it is included in the composition of capsules due to the fact that it normalizes blood pressure and has a cardiotonic effect, as well as complementing and enhancing the therapeutic effect of other ingredients.

Fighting hypertension with the miraculous remedy Cardioton is an effective and cost-effective way. After completing treatment, you can forget about high blood pressure.

Take the capsules at home. How to use Cardioton for best effect

Instructions for taking Cardioton they are simple and understandable to everyone. You won’t have to schedule a reminder to know that you should take a few capsules a day. You only need to take one capsule a day with a glass of water.

Daily norm: 1 capsule on an empty stomach.

Treatment: the first positive result will arise after a week of taking the remedy; the long-term effect will be observed a month after the start of treatment; after the end of it it is recommended not to take the remedy for 10 days, and then, if necessary, start again.

The effectiveness and safety of the remedy is confirmed by the quality certificate. Cardioton, as a natural product for the normalization of pressure, has no side effects and contraindications.

How much does it cost and where is the remedy purchased? Where to buy Cardioton at the best price

To avoid the risk of fakes, we recommend ordering and purchasing Cardioton to an official supplier. The specialized online store offers original products at affordable prices.

You can also buy Cardioton in a pharmacy, but in this case its price will be slightly higher. It turns out that the price of Cardioton in the pharmacy includes all kinds of trade profit margins.

Making the purchase of Cardioton via the internet with delivery is simple:

  • On the website put the product in the basket;
  • Then fill out the form and pay for the product;
  • The remedy will be delivered within 24 hours to the address indicated.

Frequently asked questions about capsules

Is Cardioton just another hoax?

Remedy Cardioton it is a highly effective remedy for combating hypertension. Unlike other products, the remedy eliminates the disease, does not relieve symptoms. At the initial stage of the disease, after the conclusion of treatment, you can completely cure yourself.

Where is Cardioton manufactured?

Our product is made in Kenya under 100% strict quality control.

Where do I find the official website of the Cardioton provider?

Official website of Cardioton, provider of the unique remedy for hypertension. Do not be tempted by offers from other sites, beware of fakes.

How many capsules does the container contain?

Cardioton pack contains 60 capsules. The package is calculated for 2 treatments.

With what analogues is the product replaced?

Why look for synthetic analogues in the form of tablets and other artificial drugs? The absence of genetically modified components and a natural composition by 95% are the two indisputable advantages of Cardioton capsules.

What types of permissions and records does the product have?

The product is duly registered at European and national level.

Does the product have a national code?

Cardioton has a national Code of the General Council of pharmaceutical colleges.

Reviews of doctors and opinions of specialists

Saima, Nairobi cardiologist:

As the Chief Cardiologist of our Medical Center, I must keep track of the market for drugs and prophylactic means for cardiovascular diseases. Cardioton capsules are no exception and have not been overlooked by me. We actively recommend the product to our patients, especially elderly people, whose organisms no longer react gently to pharmaceutical chemistry. This is an excellent product for various types of acute hypertension.

Feedback from buyers of the product. Cardioton comments

Olira, 33 years old:

My doctor spoke so positively about this product that I decided to heed his advice and acquire these miracle capsules. After the first capsule I felt a slight drowsiness, but quickly calmed down. The remedy works very smoothly, without side effects. A few days after the start of treatment, my pressure no longer rises as much as before.

Olivia Omar, 63 years old:

My doctor spoke so positively about this product that I decided to heed his advice and acquire these miracle capsules. After the first capsule I felt a slight drowsiness, but quickly calmed down. The remedy works very smoothly, without side effects. A few days after the start of treatment, my pressure no longer rises as much as before.

Samir, 41 years old:

I have tried in my life almost all drugs for high blood pressure. When I heard about. Cardioton, the first thing I thought was that it’s a hoax and a scam. I started looking for more information and didn’t see any negative reviews. Finally, I was able to feel like a normal person without constant attacks, headaches and in poor health.

Mariyam, 55 years old:

I retired because of health problems. The high blood pressure attacks were so strong that the ambulance was almost on duty at my house. High blood pressure medications relieved me, but time passed and it was repeated again. My cardiologist prescribed me a treatment with Cardioton. All this time I stopped calling the doctor to the House.

Cardioton original

I’m surprised how the Kenyans treat hypertension.” Swiss cardiologist in interview with Kenyantelevision.

Laura : ” Hypertension in Kenya is still treated with old and useless drugs»

Llaura traveled last year to Kenya to study the experience of his Kenyan colleagues. In our country, according to Laurin, the development of the medical sector is very weak.

Laurin Loprieno traveled to Kenya last year to learn from her Kenyan counterparts. In our country, according to Laurin, the development of a doctor is very weak.

After some ambitious performances, Dr. Laura agreed to give an interview to Kenyan television. What did not like the famous doctor in Kenya medicine? And why does he claim that Kenyan patients with hypertension will never recover?

In your interview with journalists, you said things about Kenyan medecine. Could you comment on this?

I do not want to offend Kenya, I respect Kenyan culture and people, but I would like to repeat what I said. The level of the Kenyan medical sector really surprises European colleagues. Kenya. medicine cures the way patients were treated 20 or 30 years ago. At least I’m talking about the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension.

See what doctors recommend for the treatment of hypertension in Kenya: lisinopril, Amlodipine, Chlorotalaxide, enalapril, Valsartan and similar drugs.

How ever, these drugs do not treat hypertension, they reduce blood pressure. Now imagine what happens on a body level. The patient takes the drug, his blood pressure decreases. However, after a while, the pressure rises again. Such changes harm the body even more than constantly elevated blood pressure. Blood vessels are destroyed very quickly, leading to a heart attack or stroke.

In the rest of Europe, this method of controlling hypertension has not been used for more than 20 years. And pills to reduce blood pressure are used only in rare cases, of course, not every day. In Switzerland, these drugs are only sold by prescription and not in such quantities.

Your doctors and pharmacists are killing people! Clearly, constantly selling drugs to lower pressure at high prices is much more profitable than curing hypertension. It’s horrible!

– What about the treatment of hypertension in Switzerland?

– Swiss scientists have long understood that it is necessary to eliminate the causes of hypertension, not the consequences. This is the key to a complete and safe treatment. What is the main cause of hypertension? Narrowing of the lumen of the vessels! Age-related hypertension occurs in people over time and accounts for 96% of cases. Modern Swiss medicine treats such hypertension.

Imagine that the containers are pipes. The walls of the pipes are contaminated, and water is more difficult to move through them. However, water should flow and pass through the pipes in sufficient quantities. What is needed for the passage of water? Right! Increase pressure. That’s what the heart does. This leads to an increase in blood pressure, and therefore to rapid wear of the heart muscle. Another way was invented-to clean the containers from pollution. This is how hypertension is treated in Switzerland.

Cholesterol contamination of blood vessels is the main cause of age-related hypertension

In 800 AD, Chinese doctors began to use a special substance that is derived from fermented rice, called red rice yeast. This substance lowers cholesterol-as a result, blood vessels are cleaned, blood circulation relaxes and blood pressure normalizes. To the end! More precisely, until your glasses get dirty again, but it will take several decades. No more medications are needed to lower blood pressure. You will cease to be afraid that hypertension will destroy internal organs (damaging all body systems). People can become healthy.

When I saw the statistics of Kenyan medicine, I was very impressed. Kenya has a high rate of lethality statistics (loss of life of millions of people due to illness per year). It’s not cancer, it’s not aids, it’s hypertension! And they die from this disease early: 80% of hypertensive patients do not live to 60 years!

Today, in Switzerland, hypertension is not considered a dangerous disease if we talk about age-related hypertension. Increased blood pressure only indicates that the vessels are contaminated and require cleaning. After that, blood pressure stops rising.

– How do you clean the glasses in Switzerland?

Today, there are special drugs designed to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol. They contain red rice yeast. Cardioton it’s a good remedy. It contains red rice yeast in a particularly easy-to-digest form, which accelerates the action of the drug.

Cardioton includes more than 40 components. I’m not going to list them, I’m just going to name a few.

African mango extractNaturally reduces blood pressure. Prevents the accumulation of sodium salts in cells and blood vessels
Coenzyme Q10Removes toxins from the vessels
Vitamin DIncreases vascular resistance. Prevents the development of an aneurysm
Vitamin V2Increases the amount of oxygen in the blood
Vitamin V3Dilates blood vessels, reduces blood pressure immediately after ingestion
Vitamin B12Improves blood clotting
PotassiumRemoves excess fluid from the body
SodiumReduces swelling often found in hypertensive patients
PhosphorusIncreases the tone of blood vessels, balances the nervous system
CalciumReduces the possibility of hypertensive crisis and stroke

– Is this drug sold in pharmacies in Kenya?

– No, and that’s the main problem. Kenyan doctors prefer to feed people with pills to reduce blood pressure rather than treat hypertension. In addition, there is no doubt that Kenyan cardiologists, at least interested in current treatments, know about red rice yeast and the beneficial effects on blood vessels.

To my knowledge, the manufacturer of Cardioton in Kenya wanted to enter the pharmaceutical market. However, hundreds of obstacles have not allowed it, the bureaucracy in Kenya has not yet been freed. This is understandable: if this drug begins to be sold in pharmacies, the Kenya pharmaceutical mafia will suffer huge losses. Pharmacology today is a business! Even in Europe. But there are also honest businesses in Europe, which I will not say about Kenya.

What would you recommend to Kenyan patients with hypertension?

The delay in Kenyan medicine affects more people over the age of 50. Fortunately, there is a way out. We have agreed with the largest Kenyan Institute of Cardiology the possibility of selling the drug to all residents in Kenya suffering from hypertension. Employees of Kenya CARDIOLOGY they create and supply the necessary amount of the drug at low prices. Therefore, Kenyan citizens can now ask Cardioton with delivery.

Now let me tell you what you need to do to order Cardioton:

  • Visit the official website of Kenya CARDIOLOGY and leave your request;
  • After a while, a medical adviser will contact you and answer all questions. Tell him the delivery address;
  • After 5-7 days, you will need to pick up the shipment by mail and pay for the order.

We distribute Cardioton for 3 months. 19 thousand citizens seized the opportunity. Ask everyone who receives Cardioton have them undergo an examination to see how the drug works. This year, 3,000 people participated in the survey.

Survey results of patients who received the course:

  • Blood pressure stabilized completely-hypertension cured): 98% of respondents;
  • Heart rate normalized: 97% of respondents;
  • Headaches have disappeared: 99% of respondents;
  • Vision improved: 74% of respondents;
  • The state of health improved — 99% of respondents.

As you can see, Cardioton has helped many Kenyan citizens get rid of the deadly disease of a deadly disease in just 1 course.

– How long will the drug be sold at the minimum price?

– Until the drugs run out. I would like to warn that there are very few packages left. People are likely to understand the effectiveness of this remedy in comparison with pills that reduce blood pressure.

I recommend hypertensive patients to order the drug while it is available.

Cardioton forum


Thank you! Very interesting. Ask Cardioton. By phone they said that the medicine was still there, but that it would soon end. I’m glad I found this article.


now I’m one of those who tried Cardioton. He’s really the best. I am hypertensive with experience, this disease tormented me for nine years. I thought I would take the pill all my life, but in the end, after a course of Cardioton, my pressure just stopped rising. I recommend it to everyone, it will help!


I’m 65. My pressure has increased since I was 51. Recently, changes have been strong and frequent. A well-known doctor, my childhood friend, talked about this program and offered to participate. I haven’t taken pills in three months. Now my pressure is fine. This medicine is a miracle.


I left a request. they promised me they would deliver in 5 days. I hope so.


I think the real goal of doctors is to get as much money as possible from us. Paid exams every six months and a mountain of prescription drugs. Nothing else interests them. This year, in the fall, I was prescribed a drug that I was afraid to start taking. Doctors never look at other diseases that I have and how the drugs will affect the body in general. They don’t care, they seek to sell as many drugs as possible to the companies they partner with. Maybe elsewhere everything works honestly, but I’m not sure. I’ll try your remedy. If it helps, it’s good news!


yes, in our country you can only die. I am 61 years old, already 2 thirds of my peers have died, more than half of them from cardiovascular disease. It’s worth thinking about.


the remedy is really good. I was treated by him last summer, he was brought to me by my son from Switzerland. My hypertension is gone! There are also no symptoms of pressure drop. I was surprised. I feel so good now! I would recommend this drug to everyone!


I also have a positive experience of Cardioton. I have hereditary hypertension, now Grade 3. I took pills all the time. My pressure rarely dropped below 190/120. After using Cardioton, everything became completely normal.


I love this remedy. First I took Amlodipine, then metoprolol. I know it’s old medicine. but I do not like to go to doctors and the pressure did not bother me much. I took the pill from time to time when my pressure increased or I was bothered by heart pain. But once they did not work. I went to the doctor and he advised me to try the New Drug Cardioton. A young doctor who still believed that money could not be taken from people. With Cardioton, I felt good after the first time I took it: my pressure dropped immediately and I continued to take it Cardioton, that the doctor had prescribed for me. After three weeks, I forgot what hypertension was. I feel very good as when I was young!


the neighbor often complained pressure. But last month I saw her active and fun. She said she ordered Cardioton. 73 years


I have read the detailed information about the drug listed on the site. Awesome!


he did not believe that it was possible to cleanse the vessels of cholesterol forever. But I decided to try. I had my cholesterol tested before and after I started. My cholesterol has dropped in less than a week! 6,3-5,2. It really works!


law on Cardioton on one of the forums of hypertensive. There, many people share their comments. That’s why I decided to order. I only take it 3 days, but I already feel improvements in everything. My pressure dropped from 170/90 to 120/70. I’m getting back to normal. I no longer have nausea or headache. Overall, I feel better. I hope to get rid of this problem.


Thank you. order for me and my husband. I asked the consultant when it would be sold at the pharmacy, and I told him that I did not know. Perhaps the only way to try this drug is to order online..


Thank you!