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Hi everyone! My post today is dedicated to weight loss, but this is not just another success story or magic pills promotion. I designed a fast and healthy slimming system and want to share it with you. I don’t pursue a goal of making it universally recognized or something, I just want to share it because I’m sure lots of people will benefit from it.

I’ll tell you my story briefly. I’m 24, 163 cm tall, 50 kilos. I used to weigh 12 kilos more only a while back, and I tried to drop excess weight for almost 8 years. I spared no efforts in the gym, went jogging every morning and tried different diets. Compared to the efforts made, the effect was extremely insignificant.

For a long time I just couldn’t understand why this kept happening, I read tons of literature. I found out something. When we keep to diets, our body experiences enormous stress, and the deficiency of nutrients triggers the process of fat accumulation. Instead of dropping excess weight, we gain them. At the same time the body spends too much energy, we observe fatigue, apathy and bad well-being. It was exactly my case!

Naturally, this also takes it toll on physical form too, sport does not come easy. It’s easy to check. Try not eating anything for the whole day and then go to the gym in the evening. I assure you, you won’t be able to do even half of your routine exercises.

I stopped torturing my body with diets and started to focus on fitness more. But there was no result whatsoever! Kilograms, which I lost at the gym, returned back to me soon after a heavy dinner. It looked like a vicious circle. But it wasn’t really so.

The thing is that our body is incapable of burning fat on its own. The exception is lucky people with fast metabolism, there are only a few of them and almost all of them are in modelling business. Physical exercises usually give minimal effect, which is not enough to maintain the result.

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KinakailaRamyan kong matagpuan ang lunas kung saan matutuluRamyan ako na magbawas ng timbang, pero maaaring lubos na ligtas at hindi makakasanhi ng pinsala sa kalusugan sa anumang paraan. Sumangguni ako sa aking tagapagsanay at sinabi niya sa akin ang tungkol sa Vita Energy. Walang kimika, walang steroids – likas lamang na produkto na kumikilos bilang kumpletong kapalit ng mabuting pagkain. Malasa din ito, lasang tsokolate ang pinakamahusay sa akin.

I needed to find the remedy which would help me lose weight, but would be absolutely safe and wouldn’t cause harm to health in any way. I consulted my coach and he told me about Vita Energy. No chemistry, no steroids – just a natural product which acts as a complete substitute of a good meal. It’s also tasty, chocolate flavoring is my best.

I drank a glass of Vita Energy for breakfast or supper, there were no more changes in other meals, I ate whatever I wanted to. Because of overstretched ligaments I stop hitting the gym temporarily, but this didn’t prevent me from shedding another 3 kilos in a week!

I was very happy with this kind of progress and I decided to quit gym for good and do some exercises at home. I made minimum efforts but still I kept losing weight at breakneck speed! In a month I easily dropped 12 kilos and I felt as good as ever.

Here’s my weekly slimming plan:


  • Breakfast:cocktail Vita Energy, 20 squats
  • Dinner:no limitations
  • Supper:no limitations
  • Exercises for abs 3*10


  • Breakfast:no limitations
  • Exercises with a hoop 5 minutes
  • Dinner:no limitations
  • Supper:smoothie with banana, strawberry and Vita Energy, stretches 20 minutes


  • Breakfast:ground oatmeal with Vita Energy
  • Dinner:no limitations
  • Supper:no limitations


  • Breakfast:no limitations,
  • Exercises for abs 3*10
  • Dinner:no limitations
  • Supper:cocktail Vita Energy, a 30-minute walk


  • Breakfast:smoothie with berries and Vita Energy, 20 squats
  • Dinner:no limitations
  • Supper:no limitations


  • Breakfast:no limitations
  • Dinner:vegetable salad + cocktail Vita Energy, 30-minute cycling
  • Supper:no limitations


  • Breakfast:kaktel Vita Energy
  • Dinner:no limitations
  • Supper:no limitations

By following this scheme (you may choose the exercises which suit you better), you will slim down by minimum 10 kg in a month, tested on myself!

I dropped 12 kg of revolting flab and moreover fitness gave me a great definition. I’ve been in a great shape for half a year now, have a perfect figure and didn’t gain even 300 excess grams during this time.

So, girls, give up your diets and gyms, it won’t do you any good! You can live like you want to live, enjoy your life and be slim! I am a vivid example of this.

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P.S. I’ll be glad if my slimming system will help you, so I’m leaving for you a link to the site where Vita Energy can be ordered. Vita Energy

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But that’s so easy! I exercise 5 times more at the gym and still no results! I’ll keep in mind your advice, will order Vita Energy and see what comes of it.


I heard a lot of this stuff too, that diets are dangerous and useless. I tried tons of them, then had to treat my ruined stomach. Thank you so much for your detailed story, now I know how I can really slim down.


Yes, yes, that’s right! Vita Energy really is something! Within 2 months I slimmed down by 20 kilos! Now I keep exercising from time to time, and the progress is very visible. It’s not like sweating at the gym for hours, it’s much easier.


You are such a beautiful girl, I envy you


That’s just a fraud. Why don’t dieticians talk about this product and why isn’t it advertised on TV?


I lost weight with Vita Energy 2 years ago, but back than it was extremely hard to find it. Now it’s available everywhere. My result is minus 17 kg.


Can one follow this system only without the cocktail?


Of course not! The cocktail is the gist of this all, it is a fat-burner per se! All the other things serve to boost the effect. If you do nothing except drinking this cocktail, you won’t need the slimming programme because you’ll reach your slimming goal anyway. You won’t get defined muscles though.


Lady, think for yourself, if dieticians start recommending Vita Energy to their clients, they will lose all of them, it’s simply not lucrative! As for advertising, really worthwhile remedies that actually work as a rule don’t require being advertised, they become popular all the same. I’ll order for my sis, she kees putting on more and more weight. Perhaps this cocktail will be the right solution which will help her.


I couldn’t drop weight after childbirth for several years, I’d tried everything, even not eating anything. Weight decreases, but then it comes back at breakneck speed. I hope that I will benefit from your slimming plan. I’m ordering Vita Energy today.


Girls, by no means take pills which boost metabolism. I took them for a month, ruined my liver, then had to treat it for 6 months.


My dietician prescribed fat-burning tablets for me, she said they’re not very harmful.


Surprisingly, a remedy which burns fat without any efforts required has finally been designed. Fat cows we see in the streets every day will finally become extinct. There’s no other way, because they will never take their lazy fat asses to the gym.


Does this cocktail help men? I want to order for my husband, he can’t find a way to lose weight.


I’m sure that such products exist, including safe ones. However, no one will make profit if we slim down fast and safe, gyms and sport nutrition companies will lose money. Demand will lower, dieticians won’t have enough work. That’s why Vita Energy Vita Energy doesn’t have a vast advertising campaign, I guess.


This is a system for lazy people, that’s correct) I can put it this way – gym can give you a good result too, but you’ll have to put way more efforts.


I replaced all sweet things with Vita Energy It’s so delicious, just like a chocolate bar. Now when I feel sugar craving – I drink this cocktail. Tasty and healthy.


I slimmed down by working out in the gym, but it took me two years. I have to eat less too, always have to refuse sweet things, which is hard for me. Maybe I should try Vita Energy


It’s a good thing I didn’t go through all this hell with diets and workout, I was advised to try Vita Energy just in time. After childbirth I slimmed down within 2 months and I became even slimmer than before. When I meet my classmates, who have become parents too, everyone acts surprised because of my slender figure, while theirs is far from slim, mildly put.