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Secret Whitening India, price, how to use, comments – whitening body cream




Natural whitening

  • Unique complex omegalight carefully whitens skin tone
  • Makes skin smooth and matte
  • Protects from uv rays
  • Yields better results than expensive salon procedures

Ideal, smooth skin without imperfections

In now possible!

  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Pigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Swarthy skin tone
  • We all dream of a beautiful and healthy skin tone, however we have to suffer from…

Are you tired of a ‘dirty’ complexion?

Specialists recommend:

  • To make skin tone nobler
  • To get rid of pigmenation and freckles
  • To make skin smooth and remove acne scars

Regularly use whitening body cream ‘Secret Whitening’

Unfortunately, many try to solve this problem in a wrong way:

  • By using dangerous remedies, which damage skin
  • Misuse of foundation productsInappropriate care
  • Dangerous salon procedures

Secret Whitening a revolution in cosmetology

Unique whitening cream for skin care designed by leading cosmetologists contains dozens of natural components.

Complex of whitening ingredients allows:

  • safely lighten skin by 3 shades
  • get rid of freckles and pigmentation
  • protect skin from appearance of freckles, pimples and inflammations

Secret Whitening what is, effect

  • Apply a thick layer
  • Keep for 15 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Use at least 3 times per week
  • Minimum duration of treatment – 4 weeks

Do not apply it locally on problem areas! Cover whole body parts with the cream to trigger complex regeneration!

Complex omegalight

The most recent discovery for skin whitening

The patented molecule obtained thanks to a modern “molecule design” method by combining azelaic acid, cucumber extract, avocado oil, D-Panthenol and glutathione.

Cosmetologists recognized this combination of substances a revolution in fight against skin imperfections, which has whitening, caring and protecting effects.

Noticeable changes already in the first month!

Expert review

Not long ago, the problem of uneven skin shadecould be solved only by potentially hazardous substances. However, modern cosmetology has made a breakthrough developing a unique and safe whitening cream Secret Whitening.

Unique combination of its active ingredients not only whitens skin by 4 shades, but also its main benefit is that it prevents skin darkening, normalizing the production of melanin in skin cells. Secret Whitening makes skin healthier, normalizes metabolic processes, makes it smooth and removes imperfections.

Clinical studies have shown that after 50 days of using the cream the structure of subcutaneous layer changes significantly, that is why we recommend to undergo a full course of treatment, to ensure that skin will stay fair even when exposed to sun.

The cream has no contraindications and is recommended for all skin types at any age.

The real result with Secret Whitening – review, opinion, forum

Rashmi Rani, 35 yo, Calcutta

With age skin on my arms and even breast darkened. I tried to whiten skin using folk remedies, but nothing worked. My daughter-in-law used the cream Secret Whitening and gifted it to me. In a couple of weeks my skin got lighter, in 1,5 months spots completely disappeared.

Nmrita Gupta, 26 yo, Kanpur

I’m an original citizen of Columbia, I’ve never had light complexion. It was ok with me. But after pregnancy terrible pigment spots appeared. I tried to get rid of them using chemical peel, but no use. I ordered a whitening cream Secret Whitening. In three weeks the spots vanished and whole face got lighter. It’s so cool! Now I apply the cream on my whole body. I want to be light from head to toe.

Richa Sinha, 32 yo, Darbhanga

Girls, I’ve found a decent analogue to expensive cosmetic procedures, the one you can use at home. It is called Secret Whitening. I’ve always wanted to be light-skinned, but nature arranged in a different way. Anyway, now it turned out my dream can actually come true. I keep the cream for 20 minutes every 3 days. All irregularities are gone. Skin became smooth, healthy and it is 2 shades lighter! Give it a try, you won’t regret it 😉

Secret Whitening official website, where to buy, buy online, original – make a step towards perfect skin!

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Radiant, Fair and Pigment-Free Skin, Always!

Hello everyone, it’s Anne again! I want to share the great news with you… I’ve finally found the methods that helped me to remove pigment spots and freckles from my face, and to achieve brighter, more radiant skin.

Do you remember that a year ago I was complaining in one of my posts about my pigment spots, freckles and dark skin colour and asked your advice? A huge thank you to everyone who responded! A year ago I faced a really serious problem: after a bad sunburn, pigment spots appeared on my face. They became a huge source of my insecurities! I tried hard to disguise them and bought foundations and powders that made my face looked lighter. The worst thing was that every time I applied these products, my face looked unnatural like some kind of a mask and the annoying pigment spots were still seen. But I loved sunbathing and staying in the sun! Did I have to give it up forever? I tried to find other solutions to this problem, and I did! Below are the secrets that help me keep my skin radiant and fresh:

1. Use sunscreens

Every time you are going outside, even in cloudy weather, use sunscreens with SPF. They protect your skin against UV damage, significantly reducing the risk of pigmentation.

2. Rub herb-infused ice cubes over your face every morning and evening

I usually rub parsley-infused ice cubes over my face twice a day, morning and evening, after washing it. This can be done easily. Put 100 g of chopped fresh parsley in a glass and add 200-250 ml of boiling water. Let it brew for 4 hours, then pour into an ice mould and put it in the refrigerator. Apart from the fact that parsley has a great whitening effect, it refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.

3. Apply lemon juice compresses

This method is also very simple: mix an egg white and lemon juice. Soak a small towel in it and leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes.

4. Use whitening creams

A good whitening cream is essential if you want your skin to glow. Having tried a lot of products, I can say that Secret Whitening is my favorite. I’ve been using it since long ago. It was designed for intensive care for facial skin prone to hyperpigmentation. Secret Whitening contains an effective synergistic complex of whitening ingredients that have various action mechanisms. It lightens already formed pigment spots caused by various factors, including the ones caused by the sun and acne, and, of course, prevents new ones form appearing. Of course, you can prefer any other whitening cream. My choice is Secret Whitening, because it lightens the skin, leaving it even-toned and glowing. One more great benefit of the cream is that it improves the skin’s barrier functions that protect it from negative external factors, including UV rays. Secret Whitening moisturizes the skin well, calms it down and stimulates renewal of epidermal cells, preventing ageing. The main thing for me is that the cream shouldn’t contain any aggressive chemical components and should be suitable for all skin types. I also must say I used it every other day at first, and now I use it once a week.

It took me a lot of time and effort to improve my tired-looking skin, but I managed! I’m happy with my skin now and can’t stop admiring it! It makes me so happy when my man compliments my beauty even when I’m not wearing any makeup! And I wish all of you to regain your natural beauty and happiness! Take care of yourself and your skin. Until next time!

Old Price: 4980 ₹

Price: 2490 ₹