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Keto India comments, how to use, price: a simple and easy way to get rid of obesity




Natural slimming complex with Garcinia Cambogia extract. What is Keto, how to use, review, forum, where to buy, price

  • reduces weight
  • fights cellulite
  • eliminates pimples and acne
  • proven effect

Natural substances for securing your beauty and health. Keto effect, comments

  • GARCINIA CAMBOGIA. Reduces excessive hunger and sugar cravings, prevents the occurrence of subcutaneous fat, triggers fat burning process.
  • GREEN TEA. Removes excess liquid from the body, accelerates metabolism, has antioxidant and invigorating effects.
  • GREEN COFEE. Decreases appetite, has antioxidant properties, breaks down fats coming from food.
  • APPLE VINEGAR, BLACK PEPPER. Speeds up metabolism, normalizes intestinal function, maintains muscle tone, eliminates cellulite, removes stretch marks.
  • L-CARNITINE. Removes subcutaneous fat and melt it, prevents new fat accumulation.
  • CINNAMON BARK, GINGER. Boosts metabolic processes, normalizes intestinal microflora, purges toxins and decay products from the body.

You can lose up to 24 kilos in 4 weeks with the help of Keto.

Keto review

During the course, your mood will improve and you will have plenty of energy! Lose weight with joy! KETO is a great product you won’t be able to say no to.

Its natural substances help will you to fight numerous types of virus and bacteria in body, they strengthen immunity and improve functioning of brain, heart and blood vessels.

It is a revolutionary product for getting your body shape, health and rejuvenation back!

It has never been so easy!

What is the opinion of nutrition experts? Keto opinion, review

KETO is a supplement made from natural components. If used regularly, it puts the body in a mode of KETOsis, speeds up metabolism, triggers the process of fat-burning and controls lipolysis. This innovative development made by American dieticians is now available in our country. KETO capsules is a true godsend for those seeking to keep fit and have a well-sculpted beautiful body.

First results are visible within three days of use!

Shraddha Tiwari, Nutrition expert

Everyone can lose weight with Keto. How to use Keto

  • Course duration: 30 days
  • 1 capsules per morning and 1 per evening
  • Take 30 minutes before meal


Fat turns into energy, you feel invigorated during the whole day.


Intestinal microflora is normalized, skin is tighter, cellulite disappears.


Weight decrease happens in an automatic mode and continues after the course completion.

Ask those who have lost weight using Keto – comments, forum

Keto comments




This supplement is great. I got rid of 5 kilos in 2 weeks! Turns out, losing weight is so easy. I just took 1 KETO capsule in the morning and in the evening, 30 minutes after meal. I kept shedding kilos even when my supper consisted of cakes and candies, can you imagine this! Give it a try and see for yourself.

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Now all members of our family use KETO, thanks to my wife. I dreamt of losing excess weight for a long time, I tried everything I could – teas, pills, diets, medications, supplements. Nothing helped. With the help of these capsules, I lost 15 kg in just 2 months, with no diets or sport. I just took these capsules in the morning and evening, that’s it. This is a perfect remedy for a healthy lifestyle.

Keto comments




Luckily, KETO is now available in our country too. I saw tons of good reviews, but it took me several months to finally decide to order. I never thought that a couple of capsules a day could actually help me shed fat. Most importantly, everything goes smoothly and safe for your health.

Where can I buy this? Keto official website, buy online

Beware of fake products! You can order genuine KETO capsules from us only. We are the only official partner of the manufacturer in our country.

Beware of fakes! Buy only original KETO!

Do not wait, start slimming now! Keto original price

3980 INR

1990 INR

Keto price

We guarantee that you will get the product AT 50% DISCOUN

Lose weight using natural ingredients. Without chemicals, dieting or exercise. Lose 15 kg within a week. Keto review, how to use, effect, buy, price

Keto India

MD Board certified, Dr Shyam Mohan

Presently dieting, exercise and liposuction are the main methods to fight excess weight. Although, given the fact that number of people suffering from obesity is constantly increasing, none of the above methods can be called popular or effective.

KETO has become a radical transformer. A remedy which activates natural weight loss.

Dr Shyam Mohan

Director, National Scientific Medicine Centre, Doctor of Medicine, High level physician, diet specialist.

Professional experience. 42 years

What is KETO? Keto effect, how to use

KETOSIS is a state of body in which it actively burns fat. In order to enter ketosis and increase the number of ketone bodies, you need to follow a low-carb diet. Many can’t keep up for long so they fall off the wagon and gain new kilos instead of the lost ones. Keto diet is often accompanied by an unpleasant disease called keto flu. It is characterized by symptoms similar to cold, including high fever, muscle and joint pain, dizziness and blackouts.

The KETO supplement is a safe and effective way to enter ketosis. It contains natural components that increase the amount of ketone bodies, give energy, improve well-being, boost metabolism and trigger the process of burning of subcutaneous fat. With KETO keto flu symptoms are no longer a threat for you! Extra weight will melt away easily, the skin will become more elastic due to a high concentration of essential nutrients in the capsules’ composition, there will be no sagging even after a dramatic weight loss.

It has been medically proven that KETO accelerates your metabolic process, restores the functioning of hormonal system, stimulates regeneration of tissue and suppresses appetite. This product is completely natural and actively stimulates natural processes inside human body. This leads to activation of metabolic processes and you do not need any type of diet to lose excess weight. Only a balanced diet is sufficient to balance the metabolism. A lot of exercise is also not needed. A few medium level stretching exercises are enough.

Main qualities of KETO:

  • burns excess weight;
  • suppresses appetite;
  • normalizes hormonal profile;
  • transformation of body and cleansing of toxins;
  • improves body shape by burning fat.

Due to active metabolism, people taking KETO lose up to half kilos in a day in problematic areas! KETO is also effective in cases when excess weight is caused by hormonal disorders. If you are suffering from excess weight, then this product is for you!

This supplement is available in India quite recently, but has already been a favorite of bodybuilders and their trainers because it helps lose excess weight quickly and it maintains slim level of body.

Keto forum

Results after taking KETO for 30 days

Keto how to use

Results after taking KETO for 15 days

Keto effect

Results after taking KETO for 22 days

what is Keto

Results after taking KETO for 18days

Researchers’ comments: Keto opinion

Keto opinion

Dr Shivam Dubey. Diet expert. Professional experience. 27 years

“The most important thing in losing weight is that there should not be any harm to your body. Unfortunately, most of the weight loss remedies today do not fulfill this requirement. It is not possible to be on dieting always. Besides, it is very challenging for many people. After seeing some random results people start taking pills, most of which cause hormonal disorders leading to bad effects on immune system and functioning of liver. Weight loss remedies should be natural and they should not harm internal processes of the body. Currently: KETO is the only remedy that fulfills the requirements. Active micro elements of KETO accelerate the metabolic process that leads to increased burning of excess weight. I am very sure that modern nutrition cannot come up with a better modern product than this. This is a certified product which can be trusted..

Keto comments

Dr Alka Chopra. Diet specialist. Professional experience. 18 years.

Keto review

I see women with tears in their eyes frequently. They have tried everything possible but didn’t manage to get any substantial result for whatever weight loss has come back. I try to counsel them properly and encourage them to try again. But now I can suggest them a better option. KETO can be used as a food supplement and with its help you can naturally lose 15 kilos in a month. It is a completely natural product which is effective for all genders, age or health status. This extraordinary remedy gets result by burning the fat in an extraordinary manner and not by dehydration. Problematic areas start to show improvement within a week. KETO has been used in American nutrition for a long time and is now fast becoming popular in India also. I have been recommending it to all my patients and none of them has ever complained about it…

Health Department had conducted a survey, results of which were much higher than our expectations:

SURVEY CONDUCTED BY HEALTH DEPARTMENT: how did you lose your weight?

  • Medicine: 23%
  • KETO: 47%
  • Alternate medicine: 8%
  • Still searching for solution: 17%
  • I do not think it is possible: 5%

Important! It was concluded that winter is the best time to lose weight. Due to lower average temperature, the metabolism and blood flow in vessels increases, which leads to better supply of blood and oxygen in the body. Because of this, the medicine starts its effect very quickly. You lose 47% faster weight in winter as compared to summer. During treatment, processes of the body recover 100%.


done in laboratory on KETO had following results. Research Institute operated by the Health Department:

A group of people with excess weight (100 people) consumed KETO on a daily basis as a food supplement without changing their normal diet. Following results were observed during testing:

1. Weight loss from 12 to 15 kilos;

  • lost up to 15 kilos. 95%;
  • lost up to 12 kilos. 100%.

* losing weight in test means that there was a reduction in weight and there were no indications of regaining of the lost weight within a month.

2. Important improvement in metabolic process;

3. Better body shape and activity;

Improvement in functioning of liver and hormonal system.

It is proven that KETO is effective in activating your metabolic process and burning fat. KETO is recommended to those suffering from excess weight and those having metabolic disorders and / or diabetes.

Keto price, official website, buy online Keto original

Caution! Beware of fake products! In your city in India KETO can be purchased only on official site of the manufacturer!

Keto where to buy

Keto comments

Shivani Pandey

I am definitely going to use it and will keep writing about its results. I am starting college this year. I want to start life with a new figure. I was especially harassed by boys in my school. Everybody used to think that I am fat. I want to lose 10 kilos and look like a princess in college.

Dr Shyam Mohan

Shivani, it is very important that you do not overdose on this medicine because it is very potent. Otherwise, you may end up losing 20 kilos.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Lalita Shahi

Friends, I have used KETO. If it is used correctly, you will get a good result. I have not consumed it much but look like this now.

Keto comments

Anshika Mishra

Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about its long lasting effects because I have been taking KETO only for last one week. You will not believe but I have lost nearly 3.5 kilos in last one week. I need to lose only 20 kilos more! I am confident that I will be successful this time! 🙂

Rashmi Thakur

Hello. I consumed KETO and lost only 4.5 kilos in one month :((((

Dr Shyam Mohan

Rashmi, I think you have not read the instructions carefully, especially the “how to use” part. Please read it carefully and take the medicine according to instructions only!

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Saloni Rai

Hello. I took KETO and lost 12 kilos within a week. Even after a year, my weight is maintained! Here is my photo:

Keto comments

Divya Shukla

I was also able to lose weight! Good luck to all of you. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Neha Maurya

When I started taking KETO, I did not stop eating my favorite foods but still lost 10 kilos. I think that KETO is the best way to lose weight. Its most remarkable quality is that you do not need to work hard in the gym. I have no interest in exercise, nor do I have time for this. This is an ideal solution for people like me! I recommend everyone to use it! These are my results:

Keto comments

Shishir Kumar

Before starting KETO I used to weigh 95 kilos. I have always been slim since my teenage years but as my age increased, my belly and waist started to increase. When I reached the age of 35 then I realized that I had to do something very quickly to find a solution for this problem. I spent about a year on exercise but could not get back to my normal shape. But when I added KETO to my diet, I became the same person that I used to be within a few weeks. Now I am very careful about my weight and always keep KETO in stock.

Keto review

Anjali Yadav

KETO became a true life-saver for me. After a car crash I stayed in bed for months, I couldn’t walk. Naturally, I started gaining kilos, I put on 35 kg! When doctors allowed me to walk it was very hard for me because of excess weight. Sport is out of the question, diets are not for me either. A friend of mine brought me KETO from China and I decided to try it. I took 2 capsules daily 30 minutes before meal. I noticed the first changes in my figure in a week. I felt lightness, moved more easily and felt more energetic. I’ll be frank, even problems with digestion disappeared! I lost 5 kilos, and another 7 during the next 2 weeks. In 3 months I got back in my previous shape and got rid of 36 kilos in total. I’m very happy and grateful to my friend for such a wonderful gift from China. I’m also glad that this product can be ordered in our country too.

Keto comments

Swati Agrawal

I am not sure about others but KETO worked very well for me. I have reduced my weight by 12.5 kilos in a matter of only one and a half months. And it’s going to continue 😉

Keto review

Deepti Gupta

Have you ever tried very hard to control your diet? When kids eat then it’s alright, but when adult women do the same thing then people say that… can’t you control yourself and so much eating?

Dr Shyam Mohan

Deepti, there are also people who you have inherited obesity. In these cases, no diet or medicine can help. If you are not so helpless against obesity then you are lucky, but I know this for a fact that not all people are lucky like you.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Shobhna Bhadauria

Deepti, I eat close to nothing but it still doesn’t work out for me. My weight has not moved at all. It doesn’t reduce.

Monika Dhillon

I was really surprised to see you write about KETO, because only diet specialists know about this product. For past few years I have been consuming this product regularly. Initially it had helped me to lose 15. 5 kilo weight. Now I take it only to prevent excess weight and as a vitamin. My friends know about it for a long time and therefore it’s not your secret :)) Before and after pictures

Sarika Omar

Why are you using the ‘same remedy’ for everyone? Why should everybody get slim? For example, I weigh 75 kilos and my height is 5.48. I do not feel at all ashamed about it. I like the way I am and feel very good about it!

Dr Shyam Mohan

Sarika, in the 21st century trends and fashion are really going in full swing that’s why ladies try to look like models even with extreme measures. This often affects their health. Therefore, we have created a drug that can help them lose weight without having adverse effect on health.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Nidhi Patel

I live in city and have ordered it for myself and now I am waiting for the delivery 🙂

Sanjukta Shah

Girls: I need to lose 10 kilos immediately!!!!! I stayed at home for six months didn’t even notice when excess weight trapped me. What should I do? Please help me!! I cannot do dieting because my willpower is very weak. Instead I will start eating even more. I do not have option for gym because it is very tiring and I am a lazy person.

Dr Shyam Mohan

Sanjukta, being lazy is not the best trait in ones character. But you are lucky because KETO is there and you only need this.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Pooja Das

Is the manufacturer’s official site the only place where you can buy KETO in India or is it sold in any other online store?

Dr Shyam Mohan

Manish, if you do not like the body of your wife then you can use KETO. If you tell her about it then it will not be honest but she will have a pleasant surprised after quickly losing weight. KETO works as an ideal food supplement.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Prerna Singh

I have been taking KETO for a long time. I also had issues with my weight but I have got rid of it. I can eat whatever I want. Anyone when my weight increases, I take KETO to reduce it and get back in shape.

Smita Verma

Wow! If it really works then it would be great, although I am still in two minds about it. I would rather trust the power of a tablet compared to a supplement but I can do anything to get a good figure. Therefore I am going to order it.

Dr Shyam Mohan

Smita, I recommend that you do one course and it will give you stable result. Taking healthy food during the experiment would be important.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Shivangi Singhania

I weigh 117 kilos and don’t know how to reduce it. I don’t want to look myself weighing 110 kilos. What should I do? Help me!!!!!!! Can I buy KETO from a Pharmacy?????

Ragini Bhagat

Shivangi, you can search for it but I got KETO only from official website of the manufacturer. I feel it is most trustworthy option.

Dr Shyam Mohan

Shivangi, the most important thing is to control your anxiety. Unfortunately, you will not get this supplement in any pharmacy. I have told the reason above. You would have to order KETO and start using it according to the instructions. I will again repeat that if you want to get your desire result then take it only according to instructions.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Arohi Paswan

Hello! I am a mother of two and want to lose weight for quite a long time. I cannot go on dieting because I am not able to control myself after a few days. Then I stop dieting and start eating even more. I do not have any time for sports. When I read this article then I got really excited. I do not really know how to take it (can it be added to food or is it to be taken directly without adding anything?). Does its package carry instructions? Is there any prescription for it question and if we stop using it then would it cause any harm? Can you answer my questions for can you tell me where I can read more about it. Many thanks to you.

Rohini Mehta

Hello! I am 50 years old and desperate to lose weight. I have realized that it is very difficult to do anything about this problem at my age but I still kept trying I decided to order KETO. I placed the new order after a few weeks and its effect was really good! I lost 6. 5 kilo!! Yes, I did take healthy diet and try to do some exercise but I was not expecting such results. Many thanks to you for this article. I recommend everyone to take KETO.

Neelima Sarkar

When you are really desperate for something and you think it’s nearly impossible and then when you finally get it, it’s a wonderful feeling. It is a miracle. I have lost 11 kilos and I am still losing weight with the same speed. My friends are really surprised. They feel that I am on a very strict diet and they worry about me. I am not going to tell anything to them. Let us see till how long can they keep guessing ))))

Dr Shyam Mohan

Neelima, don’t thank me for this. Doctors and people from Health Department try their best to keep people healthy.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Kala Parekh

Friends, can you please tell me where did you buy it? This drug is not sold in pharmacies. I do not want to buy a fake drug because I fully understand that taking a fake product is useless.

Dr Shyam Mohan

I would like to say once again that KETO can only be bought from official website of the manufacturer To avoid any mistake, click on the ‘Go to manufacturers’ site’ button below! Manufacturer has arranged special discount for our readers. The discount is going to be over very soon and therefore do not be late in ordering!

Please beware of fakes.

All the best, Shyam Mohan.

Navya Rai

This is a wonderful remedy. It helped me lose excess weight in only 15 days. This is also light on your wallet because right now it is on discount.

Keto India

3980 INR

1990 INR