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Will insomnia pass by itself or is it worth attention? Can you teach your body the full rest – Insomnix India, price, review, effect




Sleep still remains the mystery for human kind. Someone needs 8-10 hours of sleep a night, whereas others can do without sleep a few days in a row, spending only the residual time in “the kingdom of Morpheus”. However, we all tend to blame our failures on sleep problems: having a bad day – I must have got up on the wrong side of the bed, had a road accident – it’s all because of the lack of sleep, feeling nervous and stressed – this must be the nightmares that haunted last night. Rakesh Kapoor has more about sleep and insomnia!

The questions answered by: Rakesh Kapoor. Medical Doctor, Professor, the India leading somnologist. 35 years of medical practice.

Reporter: “Dr. Rakesh Kapoor, good afternoon. Let’s start with the most important question: what are the main causes of insomnia and why, according to the world statistics, more and more people suffer from this disorder?”

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor: There could be several reasons for insomnia. The first of them is stress. It can be either a one off situation or the whole string of stressful events: issues at work, love problems, illness or social instability. Even political events may cause a long-lasting and deep depression.

The consequences of sleep disorder – what is Insomnix, how to use, where to buy

  1. Irritability, memory blackouts, hallucinations
  2. Weakening immune system
  3. The risk of type 2 diabetes
  4. Risk of heart disease, tachycardia
  5. Tremor, cramps, pain
  6. Other: low body temperature, retardment, obesity

Constant stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system causes an increase in blood pressure and the heart rate. Accordingly, it promotes excitability and irritability. This, in turn, adversely affects the normal interaction of all parts of the nervous system and results in disorders. Such failures become the reason for a long and lingering insomnia.

Reporter: “Does it mean that all problems with sleep are related to the nervous system?”

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor: Indeed, failures in the work of the nervous system is a large-scale reason for the emergence and progress of insomnia, which includes a lot of factors.

The normal natural sleep has two stages: REM and NREM. Each of them is very important for the full recovery of the body, which occurs precisely during sleep.

Normally, the NREM stage prevails over the REM stage of sleep and lasts for 75% of the total sleep time. The disruption if this balance results in health problems, violation of mental balance, lack of energy, etc.

Reporter: “How to improve sleep? Are there any special tests, medications?”

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor: Precisely this problem was solved by the British scientists. They developed an ideal formulation, rich in natural components and minerals, which aims at restoring the proper functioning of the human nervous system at the cellular level. Simply put, it helps our body remember its ability to recover, reestablishing links between all elements of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Due to the unique formula of the native extracts from medicinal plants and wildlife components, the preparation Insomnix normalises the work of not only the nervous system, but of the body as a whole.

This effect is due to the presence in the formulation of powerful natural healers such as Gaba Alishan, castoreum and 33 other components in the form of cells of medicinal plants, which have been carefully selected for the elimination of the causes and consequences of insomnia.

Get rid of sleep anxiety and insomnia – Insomnix original, buy, price

Reporter: “What makes you so confident in the effectiveness of Insomnix?”

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor: Insomnix showed almost 100% success in providing relief from insomnia. This is virtually a breakthrough in the area. If until just recently, any sleep disorders were treated with sedatives and, in severe clinical cases, with tranquillisers. Now nature itself has come to protect humans.

For clarity let us compare the principle of action of the most common sedative drugs, the so-called hypnotics and the action of Insomnix.

  1. Sedatives are aimed at elimination of symptoms, rather than at the causes of sleep disorders. They dull the nervous system, due to which a person can fall asleep and get at least some rest.
  2. Natural complex Insomnix eliminates abnormalities in the body, successfully fights the cause and restores absolutely all the functions of healthy nervous system.

Here, take a look at the results of clinical trials that were conducted with the involvement of many volunteers:

97% of people with moderate to severe insomnia have reported about a full recovery. People who suffered from sleep disorders for years, appreciate the power of a real healthy sleep. The patients have reported the disappearance of migraines, anxiety, depression. They were able to fall asleep on their own, without additional medications. The electroencephalogram of 97% of patients within the same group showed the percentage ratio of NREM and REM stages of sleep as 75/25, which is nominal.

Research – Insomnix comments, forum, opinion

Results of clinical trials of Insomnix performed in research laboratory:

100 volunteers of different age with severe to mild and moderate forms of insomnia were selected. The 30-day study revealed the following results:

  1. Normalization of the nervous system, surge of energy.
  2. Improved sleep, riddance of insomnia.
  3. Metabolic processes in the body improved by 2 times.

Reporter: “I believe our readers will be interested to know where to buy Insomnix?”

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor: Currently Insomnix is available only for ordering through the official website of the manufacturer. We tried many times to get into the pharmacies, but they want to sell it for the highest possible price, which is several times more than our goal. You see, we are a non-profit organisation. We don’t want to make money. We just want to supply the remedy to the entire population. Therefore, we sell it at a loss, compensating for the difference while exporting. Whereas the main goal of pharmacy chains is to make profit. Therefore, we have radically different approaches to pricing.

I hope that eventually we will be able to find an agreement, and Insomnix will be sold at the same price in pharmacy chains. But for now, it can only be ordered online. We tried to make everything convenient and easy: the product is delivered by mail or courier. The payment is due only upon delivery and verification. Without any unnecessary hassle.

Reporter: “Maybe you want to say something in addition to our readers before we finish this interview?”

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor: The only thing I want to say is: take care of your life and health! A healthy sleep is your key to good health!

IMPORTANT! Admittedly, spring is the best time to start treatment of insomnia. Due to an increase in average temperature, metabolism and blood circulation in vessels are accelerated and the effect of the drug is enhanced. Insomnia disappears 55% faster than it would have happened during another season. Restoration of the functions of the nervous system and the brain also occurs at an accelerated pace, internal organs come back to normal twice as fast!

We recommend to order ONLY ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE MANUFACTURER, this is the guarantee you will not be sold a fake.

Comments – Insomnix official website, buy online


I ordered, nothing complicated. I received Insomnix a week later by mail. I started taking it. I’ll be back in touch about the results. Thank you, Dr. Vonk!

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor

No worries Pranav. The main thing is to observe the directions for this product.

Best, Rakesh.


I couldn’t find the address of this website, I finally remembered it and here I am, sharing my results! IT’S MAGIC! My results: 4 weeks were enough to make a new person out of me. I feel 20 years younger! Insomnia is gone.


I recently watched a TV show where they were talking about this Insomnix Many doctors recommended it for treatment and for prevention. I ordered and I’m more than happy. Michael – thanks for your article.


Personally, Insomnix not only helped me for insomnia but also relieved from terrible migraines, depression, lack of confidence and apathy. Things came naturally back to normal, I’m very grateful to our scientists for this development. Natural and efficient, thank you. I bought it on the official website. They called me back in no time, processed my order and a couple of days later I received the package.


Hello, sounds very interesting. I will definitely try this Insomnix..


I saw many reviews about Insomnix. But I didn’t pay any attention until a friend of mine complained about a similar problem. Should I suggest him to order?


I have chronic insomnia for five years. But just a week ago I remembered what normal sleep means. Only after a two-week use of Insomnix. It’s hard to believe, I struggled for five years, I was almost ready to give up. Thankfully, I found this salvation. I can’t find any other words to describe it. Thanks a lot for the remedy.


Hi, I had a very light sleep since childhood. I wake up at night, I can hear even a spider on the wall. I took some sedatives and barbiturate, but I was disappointed and stopped. I’m not sure whether I should order Insomnix What do you recommend? I don’t know how long it’s going to take to deliver it to Scotland.


Drishya, what I read here, it’s 100% me. Everything used to be exactly as you say, even spiders). Re your doubts to order or not, see for yourself. If you want to have a quality sleep, it’s worth a try. As far as I am concerned, after Insomnix I’m no longer waking up at night, anxiety and obsessive thoughts are gone… All this is in the past, and I’m super happy.


I feel much better after treatment, even younger. I’m not tired and can fit more into my day. My appearance has also improved. Hair, nails, skin – all became younger and healthier.


Hard to believe… but so many people say it works, it should work. I start tomorrow!


We ordered Insomnix to our grandfather. He is 92 years old, he is naughty at night, like a child). He took it for one month, we feel reassured. Now Pa is sleeping soundly all night through, and it seems that his behaviour has improved, he is not like a kid anymore. He doesn’t have obsessions like go sailing or walking around the world). We bought it here, thank you.


That’s my way of dealing with this problem: 150 cognac and bye-byes. All good)))

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor

Divija, did you now that alcohol only aggravates the condition of the nervous system. It gives you temporary relief, but the sleep remains superficial, not deep enough, virtually without NREM stage. With time, the overall situation with sleep will only deteriorate.


Alcohol doesn’t help, in the morning it feels even worse than after a sleepless night. I know it for a fact.


Sounds great! I must order, I’m exhausted!


I wish I had your problems, guys. I get up to have a snack twice, and three times to have a smoke. I think, maybe I should also sort the sleep problem out and save money on the night visits to the fridge)

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor

Let me repeat it once again that Insomnix can be ordered ONLY on the official website. To avoid errors, just click on “Go to the official website of the manufacturer” below! Our viewers and readers will get a big discount upon the agreement with the manufacturer. But it will not last forever, so hurry up and beware of fakes.

Best, Michael.


Great stuff, it rid my husband of insomnia in 2 weeks. Plus, the discount. Folks, order, while it’s still available.


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