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Detoyic India review, how to use, price: take care of your loved ones today




What is Detoyic, how to use, effect, comments, where to buy, price

  • Eliminates and removes parasites from the body
  • Protects from infection
  • Repairs vessels and tissues

The presence of parasites in the body leads to chronic diseases. Don’t ignore the hidden dangers

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In your body     

  • Allergy
  • Problem skin

Spread through the body

  • Constant headaches
  • Weak immune system

Lay eggs             

  • Wind, abdominal distension
  • Constipation

Leave metabolic waste

  • Irritation
  • Depression


  • undue fatiguability
  • Problems with weight

Detoyic effectively and safely removes all kinds of helminths, larvae and eggs from the body

Only natural components. Detoyic effect, review

  • Five-petal Tibetan yarrow. Paralises helminths and kills them
  • Altai centaury. Removes toxins and parasites from the body
  • Japanese narrow-leaved сloves. Heal the damage on mucous membranes inflicted by parasites

The proportions of medicinal herbs have been elaborated specially for Detoyic has maximum effect

How Detoyic works, how to use

  • Astringents of Detoyic create a healthy alkaline environment in intestines making it impossible for helminths to live and multiply
  • Herbal mixture stimulates bile outflow thus helping remove parasites, larvae and eggs from intestines
  • Rids the body of parasites and renews intestinal microflora. Healthy digestion promotes immune restoration and solves weight-related issues.

Parasites provoke the development of oncological diseases. Detoyic opinion

Many ignore symptoms until it’s too late. Parasites are not always easy to detect. In 70% of cases they cause cancers, ulcers, and heart failures.

It’s very easy to become infected. Dirty hands, infected scratch, picked up from pets. Without proper treatment and prevention the consequences can be unpleasant and hard to cure.

That’s why I recommend DETOYIC to get rid of harmful parasites – before it’s too late.

Ayush Sarkar

M.D., parasitologist

How to take Detoyic?

Recommended PERIOD of treatment 20 days

  • For complete removal of parasites from the body take 1 capsule of Detoyic at breakfast and dinner with water
  • After cleansing your body take 2 capsules at breakfast twice per week for prevention

Detoyic reviews, comments, forum

Priyanka, 34

I tried Detoyic just to see… When I saw what was discharged from my body, I almost fainted!

Leela, 26

My husband had very bad breath. I read the reason could be parasites. I ordered Detoyic and his breath was fresh in a couple of weeks.

Pranav, 49

I got infected on holiday – the ulcer became worse, I felt constant sickness and had diarrhea. Detoyic did the trick, the doctors were no good at all.

Detoyic official website, buy online, price

Detoyic price

3980 Rp

1990 Rp

Save your smiles thanks to supplement. Detoyic review, effect, how to use, comments

I suffered from halitosis a long time ago, and had no confidence in communication, so I had to find various types of treatments. Luckily, after 5 years I found DETOYIC and took it regularly. I was so surprised at the effects this supplement had.


I’m Priyanka, a 23-year-old tour guide. I chose this job because I like travelling and discovering new things. It is so amazing when travelling to take a deep breath in a new atmosphere, and making new friends. I’ve chosen to be a tour guide because I wanted to travel and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for travel – it’s so much better to experience for real than from a book.

Detoyic review

My mother was always against my job because she wanted me to live a normal life, be a docile girl, choose an easy job, find a man to get married and have babies, and enjoy the simple pace of life. I would not feel happy this way; therefore, I never think that my mother was right about my job when she said I made a mistake being a tour guide.

I change my routine quite often because new places often give me much more inspiration. Once in Mumbai, we all took a boat trip. But some tourists complained about a bad odour on the boat.

I had no idea what it was until a tourist came and said: “I hope you won’t be mad at me but you have bad breath. When you were talking everyone had to hold their noises…”

Oh no! I never thought that my breath smelled so bad.

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Then of course I lost all confidence to communicate because I was afraid that people would be uncomfortable with my breath. I took tour guides less often and even during the tour, I became less friendly and cut myself off.

Before I had often talked to tourists and made friends with them. After graduation, I quit the job because this terrrible issue still made me hesitant to talk to the tourists.

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I applied for an office work which was booking tickets for tourists. It was a boring job, but I would not have to talk much so people would not know about my bad breath.

When talking I chewed gum – but this didn’t look very good.

I felt ashamed. Although I brushed my teeth properly every day, I could not treat halitosis.

I read that experts advised people with halitosis not to eat fish. I followed and even did not eat meat for months; but my breath did not improve.

I still feel so hesitant about myself that I quitted the job at the tourism office and told my mom that I was finding another job to stay at home, avoiding communication with anyone.

The savior of the valuable supplement

After I quitted the job for 2 months, my dad came home. My dad’s life was a journey so hardly did he stay at home for a month. My dad knew how much I loved travelling and discovering new things, so he believed that there must have been a reason for me to stay at home.

I burst into tears crying about my embarrassment. He laughed and told me I was a fool. He said that if I had shared with him this problem, it would have been solved a long time ago.

I had no idea about how my dad would help me until the next morning when he gave me a small package of a supplement, and told me to take it for treating halitosis.

I did not know whether my halitosis relieved, but when I talked to others, I did not see bad reactions. It seemed like my dad’s recommendation worked.

He said that supplement could cure my halitosis. He knew that halitosis was caused by parasites. Brushing teeth, using cleaning liquid or chewing gums were just temporary treatments which never cured that problem. When I use this supplement, all of the parasites in my body would be killed and halitosis would be cured.

Detoyic where to buy

He said that he learned about this method of treating halitosis from a Japanese friend whom he used to work with. My mouth wash freshened but never cured my bad breath.

He added that If I regularly used this supplement, my halitosis would be cured and my body would also become healthy with a strong immune system.

New lands always bring interesting and useful information to me. My dad helped me come back with my passion thanks to this valuable supplement. I know a lot of people having the same problem as me and I believe that they may get disadvantages in communication and in lives as well. Therefore, I want to share this precious supplement with everyone and hope that they can get over this problem, as I did. The valuable supplement is Detoyic.

Where to buy Detoyic original, price

If you want to cure halitosis and have a healthy body like me, look for more information and order Detoyic for yourself.

I see there are a lot of fakes on the Internet, so be careful! There is only one effective Detoyic.


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