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Bulldozer the first-ever supplement to increase pen size quickly – Bulldozer India, price, review, how to use




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4580 ₹

2290 ₹

Women love it – what is Bulldozer, effect, where to buy

  • Pen thicker than 8 cm
  • Pen longer than 20 cm
  • Non-stop sex for 2 hours
  • Multiple orgasms

*Based on a survey of 1,384 women aged 18 to 56

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This new product increases pen size and virility for men of all ages.

Active ingredients increase blood flow to a sex organ, strengthening and prolonging erection. Regular application of the product makes the pen tissues stretch. A pen gradually increases in length and girth, its head also grows bigger.

Follow these simple steps – Bulldozer how to use, review

  • Take 2 capsules twice a day

The active component of the capsule enters the penile cavernous tissue – increasing length and volume.

  • Use Bulldozer before sex

This capsule moisturizes and softens the skin, heightening the sensation.

  • Be confident

The more often you have sex, the more pen stimulation you get and the stronger your erections become.

Experiment. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve!

Have sex anywhere: at work, in the car, in the cinema, or at home.

Your woman will want MORE MORE MORE!


4580 ₹

2290 ₹

Bulldozer helps me gain confidence – buy online, original

Hello! My name is Dilip, I’m 16 years old and now I’m going to tell you my story.

Until recently, I was too shy to ask a girl for a date. I was inexperienced, and besides, my dick wasn’t big enough. But surfing the Internet once I discovered the Bulldozer at a porn site. The description promised that after 2 weeks my pen will grow 5 cm.

I didn’t believe it at first, but decided to try and order anyway. I was surprised when the next day I saw the first results, my pen had become thicker and slightly longer.

And after 2 weeks my pen had grown 3 cm!!! Even though it’s not yet 5 cm as promised, I’m still very satisfied with the results. A week after using the remedy, I asked a girl for a date and she agreed, and 2 weeks later we had sex! When she first saw my cock, she was impressed and said that it looks like one in porn movies!

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Please place your order at a discounted price before this offer is given to the next reader!

Please note that the discount is up to 50%!

Comments – Bulldozer forum, opinion, buy


Hi everybody! I ordered 3 packages at once so I have enough supply.


How do you use it? Does it really get bigger?


Yes, it really works! Now I’m buying my second package. My cock first grew 4 cm and became a little thicker, now I expect 19-19.5 cm in length.


And are there any side effects?


Completely safe – no risk to health. Except for your new big cock splitting your trousers 🙂


Thanks, I’ve ordered. Can’t wait to try!


I had the same problem – little cock and teasing girls. Now I’ll try Bulldozer !


Bulldozer will do the trick for everyone! After I used Bulldozer, my girlfriend’ loved my width and length…she was satisfied at last!


Agree 100%. Before using Bulldozer I thought she had a large vagina, but then I realised that it was my fault. Luckily now my dick is 23 cm long….


This sounds great!


I ordered one package for my husband – and another for my fuck buddy. I want sex to be satisfying – not a comedy of tiddlers.


Sheela, come see me instead. My cock is 21 cm long. You will really enjoy it!


Send me a cock pic and your nbr in a private message…:)))


Wow, this is an amazing product, I really didn’t know that I can enlarge my pen without surgery!


I’ve tried it for a week. What the manufacturer said is true. In 7 days my pen length increased by 2 cm 🙂