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Rhino Gold Gel Ireland, price, review, how to use – makes your pen 4 cm bigger




  • Makes sex last up to 3 hours
  • Increases sensitivity in men and women
  • Shortens refractory period

Be like ryan driller, be №1 in sex with Rhino Gold Gel

Secrets of Profession #5. Porn

I got into porn accidentally. I needed to get money – a lot of money as soon as possible – to pay a debt. It was about a sum of money that you can’t earn in my small town. That’s why I went to the casting.

So here I am. I can’t complain. Millions of men dream of having sex with our girls, and I even get paid for doing this. As for disadvantages, the one I’d like to highlight is that you have to finish on command. Not earlier, not later. A director gives a sign and, several seconds later, there should be an ocean of semen. The more – the better. You can even get a bonus for it. What you shouldn’t expect to get is good contracts if you have a small prick – that’s what really matters when it comes to porn. And when it comes to sex itself, too.

Now, mine is 23 cm long. I can last up to 6 hours and that’s not Mother Nature’s gift, as many might think. This is Rhino Gold Gel. I wouldn’t succeed in porn without this gel. Giant Ron Jeremy, Evan Stone and Mr. 24 centimeters – Rocco Siffredi are into Rhino Gold Gel, too. When I didn’t know about Rhino Gold Gel, my pen length hardly reached 18 cm and I believed it to be normal.

Since olden days and to our time

The scientists developed Rhino Gold Gel, inspired by the experience of an African tribe of long livers – the Barabaig.

They used rhinoceros horn to prevent various diseases. They turned it into powder with the help of a stone crusher. The healers believed that it could treat any disease. Also, men appreciated it very much.

African men owe their pen size and sexual stamina not only to genetics, but to the effects of aminoacids that are a part of the horn of the rhinoceroses.

Rhino Gold Gel — legendary sexual potency activator

20 unique amino acids that recover men’s power + auxiliary components

  • Damiana leaf. Natural aphrodisiac. Boosts libido and makes you get aroused quickly. Stimulates spermatogenesis. This shortens refractory period to several minutes.
  • L-arginine. Protein amino acid stimulates the growth of erectile tissue, thus making a pen bigger and thicker. The effect will last even after you stop using the product.
  • Muira puama. Reduces sensitivity of the receptors that stimulate ejaculation, thus making sex last longer
  • Barrenwort. Improves blood flow to lesser pelvis and strengthens blood flow to the pen, making erections strong and long-lasting
  • Peruvian maca. Boosts testosterone production

Bigger. Longer

  • 1st week + 1,3 cm. Libido improves, you get aroused faster
  • 2nd week + 2,8 cm. Erections become stronger and last longer
  • 3rd week + 3,4 cm. You get control over ejaculation. It’s you to decide when to come, not your body
  • 4th week + 4,1 cm. Full recovery of sexual potency and sexual activity. You’re ready for sex 24/7

They’ve already evaluated the effect of Rhino Gold Gel

Max, 43 y.o. Bristol

I’ve always wanted more in terms of business and sex. Rhino Gold Gel is the best product I’ve ever tried. First, sex lasts much longer than usually (for about 3 hours), secondly, it’s been half a year since I stopped using it, but the effect still lasts. And the main point is the size. To be more precise, it got 3,2 cm longer and 1,4 cm thicker. It’s amazing. Highly recommended.

Nick, 32 y.o. London

My girlfriend gently hinted that she wanted more. Of course, I was angry at first, but then I understood that it was for the better. It’s a better than her potential infidelity. I found this gel and began using it. I noticed the effect a couple of days after I started using it. I began to get aroused immediately. My pen became significantly thicker and erections last 2 hours and more. I believe it’s a good result and my gf enjoys having sex with me. It feels completely different now!

Alex, 65 y.o. Sheffield

I didn’t even think that one can still be sexually active at my age. We have three grandchildren, me and my wife take care of them, but we also take care of ourselves. As for Rhino Gold Gel it’s my friend from a hunting club who told me about it. So now me and my wife catch up on many years of sexual abstinence. It even feels like I have more energy now, I can do everything I have to do and I don’t feel tired.

How to order Rhino Gold Gel – where to buy, original, buy online

  • Place an order on our site
  • Wait for a manager to call you back to clarify the details
  • Pay for your order in any way convenient for you

Rhino Gold Gel what is – pen enlargement gel

  • +4 cm after a course of the product
  • New experience
  • Ocean of semen

98 €

49 €

From a loser in sex to a porn star

How I enlarged my pen and became an in-demand actor

Most of porn actors use stage names at work, and I’m not an exception. But Rhino Gold isn’t just a stage name. It’s a way to show respect to the product with the same name. It helped me to start my career.

When you see me in porn movies, you’re very unlikely to think that I had ever had sexual problems. But just several years ago, girls didn’t want to have sex with me. They only laughed when they saw my small manhood. And I had a lot of desire to have sex that I felt pain in my between leg. I had to watch porn movies. Of course, I wanted to have a big pen like porn actors’. I had no money for surgery and was afraid of an extender – who knows, maybe, it would hurt my pen and I would never get a boner again. So, I had to spend nights alone, wishing to make love to a girl.

It all changed by chance

One day, I watched a TV show about the horn of the rhinoceros. I had never thought it’s such a powerful thing. Processed into powder, it’s used in Asian medicine to treat many diseases, including sexual impotence since long ago. This stuff makes your boner last several hours straight. It’s a dream of those who have sexual problems – it’s better than any pills. Also, if taken regularly, it makes your pen grow! By the way, the record length of the horn of the rhinoceros is 1,5 m, and it’s not the limit. It grows all its life long. The same goes for a pen.

After a TV show was over, I gave it some thought. If they used it to enhance potency and enlarge a pen in the past, there should definitely be something like that nowadays. I searched for the info on the Internet and came across Rhino Gold Gel, gel with natural components in its formula. Some of them have already been used to improve men’s health, and, being a part of this combination, they produce an amazing effect. The reviews prove it.

I decided to take a risk and ordered Rhino Gold Gel. Used it for a couple of months

Guys, it’s amazing! My pen used to be too thin, it was 14 cm long and bent to the right. Look what my monster looks like now! Well, most likely, you’ve already had a look at it in the movies. Its length is 21 cm and its girth is 8 cm, it doesn’t curve anymore. Other effects are cool, too.

I had no problems with erections anyway, but now I only need to see a beauty in the street or think about sex – and I get a boner immediately. I can have sex for hours it’s good for my job. All in all, Im really happy with my pen size. Or, to be more precise, as a rhinoceros who has a huge horn.

I realized it was time to make my dreams come true and try to get into porn. I send my pictures to a studio. The next day, I was invited to screen-test. I was extremely anxious. But Rhino Gold Gel didn’t let me down. I had a rock-hard boner for a couple of hours. That’s how I started my career as a porn star.

What I’d like to say is that even if you’re satisfied with your pen size and sex quality, I recommend you to try Rhino Gold Gel. Be sure you’ll feel the difference. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that you can order Rhino Gold Gel here. I tried to order it somewhere else where it was cheaper, but came across a fake. Don’t repeat my mistakes. Hope you’ll have amazing sex and make love to beatiful girls!


Steve Atkinson

Wow I’ve never thought you had problems like that. You’re cool, you did it!

Michael Reed

What’s more interesting is how did they find out that the horn of the rhinoceros helps to get stronger boners? Did some aborigine rub his pen against a horn and got a boner?:)

Alex Robinson

Used this gel, I agree with every world. My pen grew 4,5 cm bigger within a month, I always get rock-hard boners, girls scream with pleasure… And I have sex daily, and it’s a new girl every day!

Max Harris

Wow gotta try it out, even though I’m OK with my 17 cm. Well, who knows, maybe things will get even better.

Nick Elliot

Oh yeah I saw his tool and felt envious, I thought that it’s thanks to Mother Nature, but it turns out I was wrong…

Robert Fisher

OMG thank you for a link to Rhino Gold Gel. My pen is just 13 cm long, I’m so tired of it. I ordered the gel and I can’t wait to get a parcel, try it out and see the result.

Christian Davies

One can tell many things about Rhino Gold Gel, but it’s better to have a look at the results obtained by those who had tried it. So, here’re my results!

Den Miller

Cool stuff. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks, it grew 2 cm bigger so far, but that’s not the limit. I like it that this gel is compatible with condoms, it doesn’t ruin latex, so you can practice safe sex.

Alexander O’Brien

I was a fool to use a vacuum pump. I was so unlucky one day that I got a bruise. For the next two weeks, peeing was painful and I didn’t even want to think about sex. I think I should order this and give it a try.

Steve Turner

Thanks God I don’t have problems like that, I like my size, it’s 22 cm. I’m afraid my pen will look like a boa constrictor if I use this gel:)

Thomas Bagnall

Cool porn actor! I love movies with him, all his partners are beautiful ladies and the plot is always thought out well. Trust me, I’m porn-savvy.

Den Xavier

It’s scary to use stuff like that. On the other hand, it the formula is natural, why not? You can never know…

Irene Mabbit

Such a cool pen!!! I love big penes!!! Now I know how to help my husband, his 16 cm can’t satisfy

John Rogers

Girls in his movies are amazing, I wish I was there instead of him.

Andrew Murphy

Haven’t used it, but heard a lot of good things about this gel. So, it turns out this stuff does work.

I revenged myself upon my ex at the graduate reunion event by banging her hard in a toilet

Posted: today / Author: Adam

My name is Adam, I’m 29. This is a story about how I taught my ex-girlfriend a good lesson and got rid of sex complexes.

My love life is great now! But it wasn’t always like that. In high school, I was a downtrodden pimpled timid guy who wore oversized glasses, was shy and was in love with maths and Victoria, the most beautiful girl in the school. Victoria was the one whom every single guy fell for, and I can’t say the same about maths. That’s not surprising: she was a cheerleader, a blonde with legs that go one forever and D cup boobs which made even old teachers get boners…

But this angel turned out to have a mean soul. Victoria dumped me and dishonoured me in front of mutual friends. But, 10 years later, my revenge was so sweet! And great. And fat! But first things first.

As I’ve already said, I was a shy guy. Our school’s hunks teased me and called me “four-eyed” because I wore glasses with thick lenses. That’s why I felt like a kid in a candy store when Victoria approached me and invited me to her graduation party. I jerked off to her boobs in the nights for so many years, and I suddenly had a chance! Of course, it felt weird that Victoria chose me instead of some handsome guy that had a crush on her since long ago. But does it matter when you’re on the roll?

The day of Victoria’s graduation party came. I armed her and was proud of myself. The guys looked at me enviously, the girls looked at me with disbelief. This was my first time and I fell in love with her even more! But she was cold in bed, just like a fish: she got away from me, screwed up her face in revulsion when I tried to ask her for a blow job.

Putting the nail in the coffin of the male ego

After the graduation party, we dated for several more days. Then she dumped me over an SMS message. I was so desperate that I was about to fail my college admission examinations. She told everyone I was bad in bed and that my small pen was only good for using it as a toothpick. Can you imagine how it hurt my self-esteem?

At home, I measured off my buddy with a ruler. Miserable 12 cm when erect! I thought it was at least 15 cm long and didn’t care. I was burning with shame.

Fortunately, in college, I could seek oblivion. Sometimes, I managed to trick girls into sex. But love wasn’t a reason: I wanted to bolster my self-esteem and to forget about my failure with Victoria. Then I obtained a diploma, found a steady girlfriend. She was timid and mousy, just like me. 2 years later, she dumped me because she felt nothing during sex.

It was the final straw. I decided to get pen enlargement surgery. I went to a clinic and scheduled a surgery – I had to wait for two months.

One day, surfing the Internet, I came across an ad featuring the gel that makes your pen up to 8 cm longer and up to 3 cm thicker. I checked reviews on other sites: guys posted before & after pictures… I was shocked! It turned out you don’t have to go under the knife to make your pen bigger. To cut a long story short, I decided not to wait for surgery. I ordered that product – Rhino Gold Gel.

In the past, I couldn’t even imagine that one can make his pen bigger with the help of just cream or gel. It turned out it’s possible. And, unlike surgery, it’s safe for your health. Rhino Gold Gel consists of extracts of exotic plants. According to the instruction, these extracts make your pen get up to 8 cm bigger within a month. It inspired me, and I got started!

1,5 months passed. Instead of a ridiculous 12-cm-long prick, I had a 20-cm tool to boast of in my pants. It’s just a success, it’s a super breakthrough!!!

Of course, I cancelled the surgery. A week later, I got an invitation to the graduate reunion event on Facebook. Victoria was going to come, too. So that was a chance to revenge me upon her for my shame!

I dressed smartly, wore expensive perfume. There was no trace of a pimpled teenager which I used to be 10 years ago. But Victoria recognized me and said I changed for the better. She didn’t leave me alone all night long. She got quite drunk after having a couple of cocktails and dragged me to the toilet to “relive our youth”. She unzipped my flies, took my pen out of my pants and gave a cry… She definitely expected to see that very “toothpick”.

Then I forced my pen into her mouth. She could hardly deal with it, tried to break free, suffocated. I was beside myself with pleasure and appetite for revenge. It is judgement on you for a “toothpick”, for my shame, for my ruined self-esteem! It serves you right!

The next morning, Victoria called me. But I blacklisted her number. I know I acted like an asshole. But it’s she who shouldn’t have dishonored me in front of everyone! Well, I don’t recommend you to follow my example. But you can make your pen bigger with the help of this gel. I’m gonna tell you why.

Rhino Gold Gel consists of 4 active ingredients: Peruvian Maca, L-Arginine, Damiana leaf, Muira puama. These components widen blood vessels and cavernous bodies, stimulate its tissues to grow. And what an effect Rhino Gold Gel has on your sexual potency! In the past, I could do it no more often than once or twice a week, but now I can do it 5-6 times a night and that’s not the limit.

The effect of Rhino Gold Gel will last all your life long. I enlarged my pen 7 months ago. It hasn’t got smaller even by a millimetre during this period. When it’s erect, it’s still 20 cm.

Now, I’m dating a 19-year-old model Evelyne. She’s delighted with my pen and call it affectionately “a sex machine”. So, guys, you have chances to fuck the best girls of your city. Don’t waste your time, order Rhino Gold Gel on the manufacturer’s site.

Rhino Gold Gel comments


well, it has grown


Not bad! You convinced me. I order: D




I have a long but terribly thin one, do you think it will help with thickness? I do not want to lengthen because I already have 17 cm, but it is terribly thin:(


– idk but he did the dirty on Victoria…


@Goldy but Victoria was also rude, spreading about the “toothpick”


I’ve been applying this gel to my pen twice a day for two weeks and I get better erections now. My wife is delighted.

(Pic 10)


I recommend Rhino Gold Gel, too. It works better than any aphrodisiac and makes your pen significantly bigger.


they all say that the size does not matter and then it turns out that it has: /


I order!!! photos are great


and does it come from England or from abroad??


as far as I know, shipping from England

Rhino Gold Gel official website – pen enlargement gel

  • Enlarge its length and diameter!
  • Safe and easy to use!
  • Formula: sage
  • Damiana leaf. Natural aphrodisiac, increases attraction and arousal. Stimulates spermatogenesis and improves sperm quality. Reduces the refractory period. Normalizes blood circulation and ensures a lasting erection.
  • Peruvian maca. Tones up. Stimulates testosterone production, improves stamina. It enhances pleasant sensations and orgasm, increases the time of intercourse up to 45-60 minutes and longer.
  • Muira puama. Reduces the sensitivity of receptors on the glans, increases the duration of sex. Provides blood flow to the pelvic organs.
  • L-arginine. This amino acid activates the growth of the cavernous bodies in the pen tissues, which leads to a pen enlargement in length and girth.

The expert’s opinion

Rhino Gold Gel guarantees a 2 inches increase in size within one month.

This gel does not cause allergic reactions or any kind of side effect, and, most importantly, the result you achieve after using it lasts forever.

This gel does not cause allergic reactions or any kind of side effect, and, most importantly, the result you achieve after using it lasts forever.

Rhino Gold Gel always gets you ready for the battle!

The Chief of Urology at the Polyclinic

Rhino Gold Gel action

The particular enzymes and aphrodisiacs contained in the composition have a positive effect on the pen tissues, which stretch it, together with the pen cavernous bodies, promoting a real increase in both length and girth.

Apply the gel with massage movements to the erected pen.

After applying Rhino Gold Gel to your pen, you will add +2 inches in length, guaranteed.

Rhino Gold Gel effect

  • Partner’s ecstasy. The combination of damiana leaf, peruvian maca, muira puama and l-arginine guarantees women an enormous pleasure, that they will want to experience again and again.
  • All night, every night! Thanks to your steel erection, you’ll become the king of sex
  • A powerful sex-drive. Its unique formula increases the production of testosterone in the blood, the hormone that is the base of a successful man’s life!
  • Fast result without side effects. You will notice a stone erection and experience dizzying orgasms in a few days.

When will you see the results?

  • Week 2. Your erection becomes longer and more powerful, the gel will also increase the sensitivity of your sexual organ twice. Your pen length and girth will be greatly increased up to 1 and a half centimetres.
  • Week 3. Your pen will become visibly bigger, it’s shaped more accurate. The duration of sexual intercourse will increase by 70%!
  • Week 4. Your pen will get bigger by 1.5-2 inches! The quality of sex will be clearly improved. Your orgasm will quickly become longer, it will last between 5 and 7 minutes!

Rhino Gold Gel forum, opinion

Jack Shimmer 46 years old

I was amazed by Rhino Gold Gel, it’s magical for sex, I wanted to enhance my orgasm and it increased my pen size by 2 inches. Exceptional orgasms. I recommend it.

Daniel Wright 35 years old

Stone erection! I made my girl happy 4 times tonight, in every corner of our house.

Richard Finnegan 42 years old

I come like crazy, now, I fill them with sperm several times a day.

Stephen Cross

My pen doesn’t go limp not even viagra is that good

Laurence Smith

I’m 55, my wife and I have sex every day. She’s super happy! Quality sex has given me confidence as a man. I’m always in a great mood and nothing disturbs me:))

Michael Frazier

The effect of using Rhino Gold Gel has exceeded all my expectations! Not even viagra has such effects! Guys, it’s amazing!!!

Pen enlargement gel

Price: 98€ 49€