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Biolactonix Singapore, price, comments, ingredients – How “to put the fire out” in the stomach? Lovers of traditional cuisine – meet the first gastroprotector!




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Last week, scientists unveiled the first stomach protector, designed for the lovers of unhealthy food and developed specifically for Asians people – capsules Biolactonix with probiotics and herbal antacids.

Why do Asian patients tend to develop adverse reactions to conventional pills for heartburn and gastritis? Is it true that one in four of us is at risk of getting an ulcer and stomach cancer? Why the capsules Biolactonix should be in every home first aid kit, and how to get them at a concession rate? The developers answer your questions. Biolactonix – Chris North, Pharmacist and Phytotherapist with 27 years of experience.

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Chris North, member of the Biolactonix gastroprotector development team:

The idea to create such a product has been brewing for a long time. Asians are world-famous lovers of spicy food. I lived in the Philippines for 14 years and I know this cuisine very well. It is very tasty and unique. But in terms of harm it does to our bodies, it is not better than American hamburgers at coke, and sometimes even worse. My fellow nutritionists joke that if something kills the Philippines, it won’t be a UFO, a volcano or a meteorite, but a simple stomach ulcer. Today one adult Filipino out of four suffers from it, and the numbers are increasing every year.

According to statistics, 47% of gastroenteritis (stomach flu), ulcers and stomach cancers worldwide occur in your country. Since the beginning of 2020, almost 5,000 new cases of these diseases have been recorded just in Pangasinan province. And this number does not take into account those who do not go to the doctors, ignoring permanent heartburn and stomach cramps after another serve of deep-fried meat.

The stats are scary. At this rate, not only the health of citizens is under threat, but also the country’s economy: hotel service, tourism. Do you say these things are not related? Of course, they are. It’s very simple! Nowadays the healthy nutrition has become extremely popular all over the world. People massively refuse salt, sugar, spices, meat, gluten, fried and fatty foods. In 2-3 years there may be no one willing to spend holidays in a country where rice with spicy beef curry is the staple food! Who wants to experience heartburn during the whole holidays, return home with an attack of stomach flu and spend big money on treatment?

Antacids and enzyme sold in pharmacies (almagel, pancreatin, etc.) are not particularly effective for Asians. They are designed for Europeans with different nutritional traditions and microbiota. Yes, our good germs are different from yours! Your love of spicy food makes you more vulnerable to Helicobacter Pylori, which is the cause of gastroenteritis. If in Europe or Africa people can forget about heartburn after a course of antibiotics and antacids, in case of a Filipino or Thai such an “innocent” gastroenteritis in 97% ends with an ulcer, and the stomach cancer is not far away!

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Why is this happening? The mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines of people in Asian countries is chronically irritated by hot spicy food. This is how it looks in comparison with the European one.

Helicobacter Pylori feels at home on the inflamed mucous membrane and actively multiplies. While the patient suffers from heartburn after a delicious dinner, the nasty bugs do their dirty work. Like a poisonous worm, Helicobacter Pylori feeds on the delicate mucous membrane, forming an ulcer.

Asians are used to endure pain to the last, this is their mentality. Few people pay attention to stomach discomfort after eating, nausea and burping, which are the first symptoms of advanced gastroenteritis, which is about to turn into an ulcer. Therefore, when it comes to doctors, their patients arrive in serious condition with several ulcers and even cancer. Have you noticed that the average life expectancy has decreased recently from 79 to 71 years? And one of the main causes of death is gastrointestinal diseases (including cancer).

Therefore, my team and I, based on our expertise, in 4 years created a remedy that destroys Helicobacter Pylori even in the extremely irritated mucous membrane. I am talking about capsules Biolactonix with probiotics and herbal antacids.

What is the active principle of Biolactonix? Unlike in other products, in this formula the probiotics do not act on their own, but in combination with powerful herbal antacids – Teminalia chebula and Embellica officinale. Only in synergy with them the probiotics can destroy Helicobacter Pylori in chronically irritated gastric mucosa.

Biolactonix will help to get rid of discomfort, improve microflora and digestion – benefits, use, order

This process usually takes 2-3 weeks, but the first symptoms (heartburn, burping) disappear after 5-7 days.

Capsules Biolactonix not only kill Helicobacter Pylori. They also repair damaged mucous membranes, relieve symptoms of “stomach flu” and even fix minor ulcers without medical intervention. Probiotics relieve irritation, heal microflora and replace dead cells of the mucous membrane with new ones, healthy and clean. Then Biolactonix envelops the stomach walls with a protective layer. Done! Spicy foods that are difficult to resist will no longer harm you, and heartburn, heaviness and bloating will be a thing of the past.

Therefore, if you cannot imagine life without spicy and fried food, I advise you to stock up on capsules Biolactonix now. They are available for purchase since last week. Don’t worry about the price, we personally made sure that every resident of the country has this product in their home pharmacy cupboard by the end of 2020.

Together with the Ministry of Finance we have put in place the State Program Health of the Nation. The customers can get it for just 50% of the regular price of Biolactonix… The government will take care of the rest.

The program remains open until the end of the year. You are welcome to take part in it too. Follow the link below and get your Biolactonix with a 50% discount and arrange the delivery. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends. You can protect them from gastroenteritis and ulcers, let them live longer and be more active without heartburn, burping, pain and heaviness in the stomach.

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Sounds scary! For 22 years I thought heartburn was a part of my life. I thought it was from food. But it turns out I’ve been digging my own grave with a spoon for so many years.


Thank you so much! I ordered 2 packs for my grandfather, he suffers from an ulcer since 2 years ago, but he refuses to go on a diet.


Thanks! I ordered and already tried it. After 4 days, no heartburn what so ever. It used to be permanent.


It’s just a godsend! You can eat as much fried and fat food as you want and not worry about anything!


I was among the first ones who benefited from the state program. An excellent product! I took a course and the heaviness in the stomach was gone. Unsalted chicken meat used to give me the feeling of having a stone in my stomach for 1-2 hours after eating.


I also bought under this program. Where have you been before? It has been a week I am heartburn-free, what a feeling!


Are these capsules compatible with alcohol?


While I was taking them, I had some beers with friends a couple of times. Everything worked fine, I am still alive and well!


You saved my gran! The doctors told her she was so close to an ulcer. Biolactonix worked great.


I have been treated for indigestion for many years. It turned out that I was drinking the wrong pills. I bought Biolactonix among the first, I took it for a week and I am healthy! Goodbye diets!