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Thomas Dawson: “I guarantee to all men that suffer from inflammation of prostate that they can receive the newest substance that will help them treat this condition.”

During the press conference the head urologist of the clinic, dr. Thomas Dawson, stated: “The inflammation of the prostate is not just an unpleasant medical condition. Without the proper treatment it can develop into adenoma. Among all the medical conditions the mortality rate, caused by prostate adenoma, is one of the highest. No man suffering from adenoma lives beyond 10-14 years.”

Exclusive interview with dr. Thomas Dawson, an experienced urologist: “Why is the inflammation of the prostate so dangerous and what can a man do to protect himself?

Journalist: Why is prostate inflammation considered a dangerous disease?

Thomas Dawson: Do you know how many men died of the inflammation of prostate in this year? Thousands of them. And the majority of them precisely because of prostate adenoma. More than half of them! Considering the statistics 72 % of men over the age of 50 have been diagnosed with prostate inflammation (42 % of men under the age of 40). The most dangerous characteristic of this disease is that its condition does not get better with time. If the inflammation of the prostate does not get cured, it can develop into prostate adenoma or malignant tumour.

This means that any man that suffers from inflammation of the prostate can die any time, when this develops into adenoma. Prostate adenoma is one of the most common diseases in men. If the patient does not act promptly, cancerous tumours can develop.

The inflammation of the prostate or the prostatitis is the main cause of death within the male population.

Therefore I consider that the inflammation of the prostate is a dangerous disease and that is among the principal causes of death in men. And, as I have already said, 72 % of men over the age of 50, face the inflammation of the prostate.

Journalist: Why do doctors face difficulties when treating this disease? Wouldn’t an effective treatment save thousands of lives?

Thomas Dawson: The most important fact is that men usually visit the doctor when it’s already late, since one of the traditional methods is the unpopular prostate massage. And, when they finally decide to go to the doctor, he prescribes them some kind of medicine and they don’t take it regularly, despite the instructions.

Then there is the lack of staff in the clinics. How can we dedicate our time to all the patients, if there is not enough doctors, urologists and other medical staff? And, of course, to treat certain diseases we need specialists that are, as I have already said it, scarce. Sometimes doctors prescribe entirely inadequate pills, but that’s another story. All doctors have diplomas, some of them are really good and truly dedicate themselves to their patients, but others can do only harm and no good. Don’t let me start to tell you about the level of stress of this work. We have already said goodbye to numerous elder doctors, and the younger substitutes frequently lack experience. So we don’t only lack personnel, but qualified personnel.

Journalist: Is the high mortality rate of the inflammation of the prostate due to lack of doctors, or should I say good doctors?

Thomas Dawson: This is certainly not the only reason. We have to consider also the lack of good and effective medicine. Pharmaceutical companies often sell all but effective medicine. The problem is that medicine is outdated and that there are some counterfeits cost quite a bit but are totally ineffective. Some doctors would prescribe practically everything. Often they prescribe medicine that provides only temporary solution, cure the acute phase of the inflammation of the prostate but at the same time do a lot of harm to the organism and can lead to terrible consequences. And most of the medication is not designed to cure the inflammation of the prostate but to temporarily alleviate the inflammation.

Men therefore do not receive the necessary treatment and sadly the inflammation of the prostate frequently ends with death.

All of the above contributes to this outcome and the mortality rate is high. This ineffective treatment can be accompanied by numerous complications, the overall condition of the patient gets worse and frequently ends fatally. Of course, there are some private medical facilities. But even there we can find doctors that don’t dedicate themselves to a patient and to what he really needs. This is frequent in young and inexperienced doctors. And there is the goal of squeezing as much money as possible from the patient. Unfortunately, that is the reality.

Journalist: So what should men that suffers from inflammation of the prostate do? Wait for the death? Being the head urologist of the clinic I am sure you have an answer to this question, am I right?

Thomas Dawson: Yes, we are working in the direction of helping every patient that suffer from the inflammation of the prostate. We cannot solve the problem of the lack of our staff overnight. It does not depend only on the clinic, but also on our educational system. Of course, we have practitioners, but there is no quick fix for this problem. We see the same conditions even in other Europe countries and in the world. When I talk to my colleagues from abroad we see that we face the same difficulties.

It is also true, on the other hand, that the inflammation of the prostate cannot be cured in all men, but these cases are rare.

But let’s stay on the positive side and let me say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I managed to set a distribution system for a new substance that can completely relieve the inflammation of the prostate and all of the complications that might arise from it. The program will start in its integrity approximately within the next six months, but I managed to organise it in a way that it’s already available to all men.

Journalist: Can you tell us more about this substance?

Thomas Dawson: The product I am talking about completely relieves the inflammation of the prostate, in any given stage. Since the first days of taking this product it also relieves any kind of risk of developing adenomas and tumours. It means it can bring the risk of serious complications and lethal outcome down to zero. Men with inflammation of the prostate are out of danger as soon as they start taking the treatment.

I think this substance for relieving the inflammation of the prostate can save thousands of lives. Therefore I put all my energy into this product and persisted with clinical trials.

Journalist: What product are you talking about? What is the secret behind this product: Men’s Defence what is

Thomas Dawson: The product is called “ Men’s Defence “ and is a completely new product on this market. In contrast with many other remedies and medications for curing the inflammation of prostate this product was developed by experts in this field and not by giant pharmaceutical companies. The product was in fact developed by an inter-service group of leading urologists and scientists.

It has three important principles of action: First, it normalises the blood flow in the pelvic organs. Secondly, it eliminates waste products from the pelvic organs. And thirdly, it restores the production of male hormones. This third principle also enhances male potency. We could also call it “gladly accepted side effect”.

The inflammation is gone quickly after the person starts taking this product – men who took it reported that they noticed first results, aka. urinating without pain and burning sensation, the very next morning after starting to take Men’s Defence. Usually, it takes 14-day therapy with Men’s Defence to entirely alleviate the inflammation of the prostate. In slightly more extreme situations or advanced stages of inflammation the treatment has to be prolonged.

Another advantage of the product Men’s Defence is that it contains lots of vitamins, macro and microelements. It provides a comprehensive relieving effect in a male body.

Besides the three main principles of action Men’s Defence also has some other effects

  • alleviates and relieves the chronic inflammation of the prostate;
  • prevents infections of the urinary tract;
  • alleviates the urination;
  • restores sexual potency:
  • strengthens the immune system of the body;
  • improves the blood flow in the pelvic organs;
  • provides vitamins and microelements to the human body.

Important! The results show that the months of November and december are the best to start the treatment. Since the average body temperature stabilizes, this increases the metabolic processes in the body and with this the effectiveness of the product.

Journalist: Are there any contraindications to the product Men’s Defence: side effects

Thomas Dawson: There is no contraindication known. “Men’s Defence” is produced only with natural ingredients and there are no allergic reactions known related to it. Men’s Defence can also be taken by individuals who are in other cases allergic to some medicines. It is completely safe for liver, usually the most stressed organ when taking other medicine with strong effects.

As I have said before, the product has been developed by independent experts and currently the production is being held at the scientific centre for health and medicine in Slovenia and it will be soon enlarged. This is the reason the product is only available within special programs.

If it was owned by big pharmaceutical companies its price would definitely be a few times higher than it is. But it is owned by a scientific sector and therefore available to people for an accessible price.

The sell was planned to start within 6 months but I managed to negotiate with the research centre and obtain the funds to finance an early launch of the product. It is now available to everybody and with a 50-% discount. All the stock in the warehouse is currently destined to Men’s Defence sales program.

Journalist: So how can men currently get this product? Do they need any kind of medical certificates or similar documents? Men’s Defence where to buy, original, official website

Thomas Dawson: The main request is that they have to be older than 30. The ordered product is then sent directly to the person who ordered it by mail. We think it is the fastest way for the subscribers to get the order and start the treatment. It is in fact quite simplified: you simply place your order with name and telephone number, wait for the call of the operator, you tell him your address and time of delivery suitable for you. You then receive the parcel in the mail.

The conditions of buying the product “Men’s Defence” within this program:

  • For personal use only. This is necessary to protect the product from being re-sold, aka. when individuals order large quantities of product to re-sell them at a higher price.
  • Placing the order for the product through the official web page of the program. The official web page of the program guarantees the price and the originality of the product. Below you will find a form you can fill if you want to place your order-

Journalist: Thank you for your time and your answers. You have provided us with useful information and I think many of our readers will decide to purchase this product to protect their health

Published 12 hours | Publisher’s note: Important! Before the program ends you can get the product „ Men’s Defence “ with 50% discount, only by filling the form provided below. Items still available: 28 items

Journalist: Thank you again. We’ll talk some more next time!

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Adeola P.

My husband had an inflammation of the prostate. He wants to cure himself but he does not know how. I cannot convince him to go to the doctor. He went one time but was not exactly thrilled with the prostate massage through the anus. And he doesn’t want to go back. I ordered him Men’s Defence while it’s still on discount.

Babiray R.

The health system in Slovenia is really in a terrible shape.

Kobina C.

Congratulations! “Men’s Defence” is really effective when we have to treat the inflammation of the prostate! In my case, it has disappeared and it never returned. A month and a half ago I placed an order, in 4 days the parcel was waiting for me and I can use the bathroom without any difficulties ever since then! Thank you, everybody, and thank you, producer!


It’s great thing. Even I can confirm it. It was recommended to me by a doctor. It is not being prescribed at a clinic but it can be advised. It has helped me quite a bit, the inflammation went away completely. It has also helped with my erection…

Runaco C.

Thank god for these doctors that actually care for their patients! An incredible product. I have been taking it for 3 days and my urination has improved considerably. And the pain went away. I keep on taking it. Thank you for your advice, I mean it! I was a bit sceptical but I noticed the results after 3 days.

Dumizani S.

Thanks for this interesting article. I have been fighting the inflammation of the prostate for three years now and without any success. I have ordered Men’s Defence. There are a few items left but the operator explained to me that they are being sold really quickly.

Gwala V.

How do you order this “Men’s Defence”?

Bomani A.

You fill in the form. The opportunity of testing this product has helped me a lot!

Odhiambo L.

Has anybody ordered it yet? How long have you been taking it?

Nkozana E.

I have ordered it some time ago, through a friend, but no discount was available at that time. I paid a lot more than now but it was worth it. In my case, the chronic inflammation of the prostate disappeared in 2 weeks and has not returned for 4 months now. I received a parcel in 3 days.

Nia L.

My father had an inflammation of the prostate. We bought him this product 2 months ago. He took it for 10 days. In this period his inflammation was completely cured. The doctor that had been treating him with antibiotics was completely taken aback and had never heard of this product. My father did not believe him but all is well that ends well!

Rudo B.

I will get this for my husband too. I simply have no more ideas on how to help him. It seems to have gone away completely and then the inflammation reappears. Don’t let me start telling you how long it has been since we last had sex…

Otino C.

I have been fighting inflammations for quite a few years, it started when I was 38. I went to multiple treatments but my inflammation only got worse and worse. The last one was really terrible. They told me it could easily develop into prostate cancer. Therefore I recommend all that suffer from inflammation of the prostate to start the treatment as soon as possible. It is an extremely dangerous disease.

Matata S.

I think I am one of many people that suffer because of this and thank God I discovered Men’s Defence. It has saved me from prostatitis, something that many medicinals before had not done! I found this page by coincidence, placed an order and I couldn’t be happier…

Dumis M.

It has really helped all of you? Doctors and medicinals are usually useless…

Guandoya F.

Certainly! It has a really strong effect and does not harm your health at all! Go ahead and place your order! It worked for me, my prostate adenoma simply disappeared.

Ololara R-

Thank you, folks, it has helped my husband a lot. I’d like to say to all men not to put off their treatment, but to go ahead and take care of their health!

Adegouk T.

I have been fighting the inflammation of the prostate for years. Then I decided to try Men’s Defence and my inflammation got better the very next day. All in al,l it took me 2 weeks. I feel like a youngster now. It’s good that you can place your order through this official page and that you don’t have to go elsewhere to get this product. Where had it been before?

Abioi J.

I have tried the link to the web page and it seems to be working just fine. I placed an order, the operator called me to confirm the order. He only warned me that the stock is limited- The parcel should arrive any time now. I can’t wait! Thank you so much!

Gakeru B.

Great product, it has helped me in 2 weeks. Effective and now, with this discount, affordable.


How to cure chronic prostatitis? We’ve tried everything, nothing works!

Colleagues, I need help! For the first time in 8 years I’ve come across this kind of problem. My patient, a man of 43, has been suffering from chronic prostatitis for 6 years. We tried everything we could – antibiotics, homeopathy, therapeutic procedures and massages. It helps only for a month, then the symptoms return. How to achieve a stable remission? What do you use to treat such complicated cases? Please share your professional secrets and knowledge.


Kobina Rumfa, Andrologist, Experience: 13 years

Tell me, does your patient keep to a diet? Maybe this is the reason why his treatment turned out ineffective? It’s essential that he gives up fat, spicy and fried foods.

Bongani Kayode, Specialist, urologist, Experience: 8 years

Of course, it was the first thing we discussed with him. My patient follows recommendations as he should. But for some reason, they don’t work, he doesn’t feel any better, he really suffers, being on the verge of divorce…

Runaco Falola, Urologist, Experience: 23 years

Cases like this require professional massage and proper individual therapy with the most contemporary antibiotics. It’s very likely that your patient has hypothermia in pelvic organs area (sometimes it’s enough to sit on the bare ground in summer to get it), that’s why this disease comes back to him.

Dumizani Mamora, Andrologist, Experience: 17 years

Colleagues, your treatment is so outdated. Why poison your patients with antibiotics? Leave these medications for recovery after surgery and neglected cases. I recently returned from the international conference of andrologists, where the problems of prostatitis and methods of its treatment were very actively discussed. Stephen Wildberg, the developer of a unique product with a completely natural composition, spoke to us. He cited data from clinical studies that have proven high efficacy compared with other treatment options.

Gwala Obatola, Specialist, urologist, Experience: 4 years

George, it all sounds perfect, you even showed us photos, that’s great – but no mentioning of the name of the product or where to buy it – why is that so?

Dumizani Mamora, Andrologist, Experience: 17 years

I’m sorry, colleagues. The product is called Men’s Defence. During the conference, the developers revealed us that, the remedy will not be available on the retail pharmacy network due to the high competition and margins. Only specialists can order Men’s Defence, so every participant at the conference received his own link to the site of the manufacturer. When ordering via this link, the product is delivered to any region in just a week. Some of my patients have already purchased Men’s Defence and are ready to try it themselves.

Odhiambo Lawal, Urologist, Experience: 9 years

What is the composition of the product?

Dumizani Mamora, Andrologist, Experience: 17 years

The product is completely natural and does not cause any side effects. It contains ingredients such as Opuntia ficus-indica extract, asparagus stems, ginger root, aloe vera and zinc citrate. You can read more information on the site of the company manufacturer.

Enitan Pyagbara, Homeopath, Experience: 10 years

Cases like this one require professional massage and proper individual therapy with the use of the most contemporary antibiotics. It’s very likely that your patient has hypothermia in pelvic organs area (sometimes it’s enough to sit on the bare ground in summer to get it), that’s why this disease comes back to him.

Dumizani Mamora, Andrologist, Experience: 17 years

Men’s Defence is considered the most advanced method of treatment and prevention of prostatitis. The course is designed for a month. Repeat if necessary every six months – this will help to improve the patient’s condition, prevent exacerbation of the disease and periods of acute inflammation.

Bongani Kayode, Urologist, Experience: 8 years

Thanks, I read about Men’s Defence, learned more details about statistics and reviews. Everything’s fine, the efficiency is great, I’ll start prescribing it to my patient!

Dumizani Mamora, Andrologist, Experience: 17 years

Benoît, I’ve already given the link above, but here it is again – the site of the manufacturer Remember, be careful, do not order it anywhere but on the site of the manufacturer. Lately, there have appeared tons of fakes under the same name. Patients complain that they don’t help. The package is also different.

Bongani Kayode, Specialist, urologist, Experience: 8 years

I can see it now, thank you! I helped my patient order Men’s Defence, I’ll write about the results later.

Bongani Kayode, Specialist, urologist, Experience: 8 years

Well, colleagues, I’m ready to share my success. With the help of Men’s Defence my patient who had been suffering from chronic prostatitis got rid of the disease. It’s been two months since he got cured, nothing troubles him, he feels wonderful, all test results are fine. In 3 months we will repeat the course just to be sure.

I recommend Men’s Defence to all my patients as an effective alternative to traditional methods.

Dumizani Mamora, Andrologist, Experience: 17 years

I’m glad I’ve managed to help you with such a complicated case. I’m actively using Men’s Defence myself, my patients are happy, too, the product is 100% effective.