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I never thought that I would talk about my intimate life publicly like this. But it happened that after getting married for the second time, I started having problems. While I was looking for ways to solve them, I realized that there are many people like me. That’s why I’m going to tell you how I cured my impotence.

Three years ago, I got married for the second time to a girl 20 years younger than me. Everything was fine, the sex was just awesome, well you know. And six months later, I was offered a new job. The money was big, but I had to constantly travel on business trips. So, once I left for a month. I missed my wife wildly, I thought we would not get out of bed for a week when I would come home.

I came home, and she met me in such revealing underwear, and I immediately lost it, put her on a bed and … that’s it. It took me 2 seconds! I couldn’t get it up… I thought that all this was due to fatigue and everything would get better in the next few days. But two weeks passed and we couldn’t have sex. I couldn’t get aroused.

I had to take measures immediately. I went to the pharmacy and took everything that was there. It gave me some effect, but I knew that this did not solve the problem. Every time I had to take a pill an hour before having sex. And then one pill wasn’t enough, I had to take three. I was very worried about it. Also, my wife became angry, began to often go to bars with her friends. I suspected that she had someone, scandals every day. So, I had to do something urgently, I didn’t want to get a divorce.

And then one day she came to me and gave me Bluestone Wild. I got angry at first and raised a rumpus that these pills would just kill me soon. But she talked to me calmly, and explained that this was a completely different product. She admitted that she was also very worried about our relationship and tried to solve the problem in all ways possible, and read about this product on the Internet. It is natural and does not harm your body, but on the contrary, strengthens men’s health. It does not contain anything heavy, but it contains only natural extracts that act gently. According to her, Bluestone Wild does not just arouse once, but really solves the problem.

I started taking it the next day. At first, I just felt some kind of vigour or something. A week later, I woke up with a real morning boner! I hadn’t had that in months!

Proud and pleased with myself, I went to work. And there I could only think about sex. Also, we hired a new hostess, a young girl with a D cup. So, I stared at her all day, undressing her with my eyes, but I couldn’t leave, I had a lot of work to do. I slowed down somehow and went home in the evening.

I walk in, and she’s standing there in some shapeless T-shirt and sweatpants, cleaning up. I grabbed her and carried her into the bedroom. She screamed so much, she even tried to fight, but nothing could stop me. I jumped on her like a tiger.

That night we fell asleep at five in the morning. In the end, she even was begging me to stop.

So, guys, I want to cheer you up, not all is lost. Even if you have problems with potency. I know this from my not very pleasant experience. The main thing is that you can fix everything quickly.

I took Bluestone Wild to the end, and now I don’t need extra stimulation. My erections are fine. But my wife ordered more of these capsules to be sure. The most important thing is that it’s been three months, and the effect is still there. I hope it doesn’t go away at all. Good luck everyone!

P. S. If anyone needs it, I can give you a coupon for a 50 % discount on the first order. Many people have already bought it with my coupon, while it is still valid. However, I don’t know how long this offer will last. So I advise you to hurry to buy it at a discounted price.

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Wu Rongling

You rock, man! Your story is really inspiring👊👊👊 I don’t have such problems, of course, but if anything happens, I know how to deal with it👍

Sun Wen

I don’t understand why you have to tell everyone all this. Especially strangers.

Zheng Zhi

Women don’t understand male solidarity. And I express my gratitude to the author, I learned a lot of useful information and ordered this product for myself.

Yang Gaiting

I also have solved my problem thanks to Bluestone Wild.

Ma Cong

I have a young wife… They just can’t get enough. Probably because of this, I had a premature ejaculation literally in 30 seconds of sex. And a weak boner. I also have to try this product💪

Han Wei

I started having problems a year ago. My erection became very weak. I got hooked on viagra, it made my heart go crazy. And then I started taking Bluestone Wild as my doctor recommended me. I got my erection back after I tried it for the first time. now I don’t have problems at all.

Zhao Qian

My husband is 15 years older than me. It is clear that things happen at his age. He was constantly jealous of me. And when he got problems with his erection, he began to worry even more that I would leave him for a young man. He cannot take fast-acting medicines, he is hypertensive. Well. He found out about Bluestone Wild somewhere, and our sex life has changed dramatically! Sex is constant, long and very exciting. The main thing is that this product is completely natural, no side effects. And the effect is amazing!

A safe analogue of Viagra has appeared on the market – what is Bluestone, price

The new product returns male strength without harm to the heart and blood vessels.

Scientists from the UK have developed a product that helps thousands of men forget about prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. The new capsules are 3 times more effective than sildenafil (Viagra) and do not disrupt the heart.

The formula of ‘new Viagra’ is based on 17 active ingredients, 11 of which are pure plant extracts, 2 amino acids, 2 antioxidants, biotin and quercetin. According to the developers, such a rich composition saves a man from 7 problems at once:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • prostatitis
  • pain when urinating
  • early ejaculation
  • low libido
  • testosterone deficiency
  • male infertility

The ‘new Viagra’ was named Bluestone Wild – where to buy

These vegetable capsules of a bright blue colour replace some pharmaceutical products. Previously, men with prostatitis and erectile dysfunction had to swallow a handful of pills at once (including hormonal ones). Now they can just take 2 capsules a day.

Bluestone Wild works in 3 directions – how to use, effect:

  • sanitation of the genitourinary system, relieving pain and inflammation
  • improving blood supply to the prostate and pen
  • stimulation of testosterone production – the main male hormone

At the first stage, bioflavonoids contained in Bluestone Wild block the activity of bacteria that are responsible for prostatitis, disinfect, relieve inflammation, pain and itching in just 2-3 hours. Tests have shown that excruciating pain during urination in patients with prostatitis completely disappears after 7 days of daily intake of Bluestone Wild.

At the second stage, Bluestone Wild acts like sildenafil (Viagra) – it accelerates the synthesis of nitric oxide in the blood, relaxes and dilates the arteries. Blood fills the spongy bodies of the pen and the muscles at the base of the pen, and erections occur – even in those with erectile dysfunction. But unlike sildenafil, Bluestone Wild does not act locally on the vessels of the pen (which is dangerous for the heart), but on the entire genitourinary system. And the wider the area of influence, the less the load on the heart muscle. Therefore, Bluestone Wild can be safely taken by men at the age of 50+, as well as by those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The third stage is improvement of hormonal levels. The extract of the Indian plant ashwagandha ‘restarts’ the work of the endocrine glands and increases the production of testosterone. A 14-30 day course of Bluestone Wild not only increases potency, but also stops hair loss and removes ‘hormonal’ excess weight in the abdomen. And this, you see, makes a man self-confident – in bed also!

This is what the Bluestone Wild clinical trial participants look like now.

Teddy Wong

It’s definitely better than sildenafil. I used to be completely impotent from pill to pill. And now I’ve got more interest in women, and my buddy is always ready whenever I want it. It’s very convenient – taking the supplement for a month is enough to become a full-fledged man again!

Sun Wen

Glory to science! Not a trace of prostatitis remained. There’s no pain, I don’t get up to use the toilet at night. And I found myself a 32-year-old girlfriend. She says she feels with me much better than with young guys. And you know, I’m not a millionaire – I’m an ordinary retired hard worker.

(pic 11)

Bluestone Wild capsules are already on the market. Anyone can buy them; you don’t need a prescription. But for now – only on the manufacturer’s official website. And our readers can fill out the form below and order Bluestone Wild at a 50% discount. Hurry up! The special offer is valid only until the end of the month. And don’t forget to leave your review in the comments.

652 HKD

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Wu Rongling

It’s much cheaper than a monthly supply of sildenafil. Let’s see how it works


The composition is just the best! You won’t poison yourself with chemicals and synthetic substances. And it’s hormone-free, which makes me happy.

Zheng Zhi

I’ve been drinking it for 5 days. My wife is happy!

Tang Xinxin

This is a miracle!!!! First erection in 15 years! If things go this way, I’ll have to marry again at 76))

Wang Ke

It’s the best thing to fight prostatitis! And yes, it’s great that you don’t have to drink so many pills anymore. The supplement includes lycopene, quercetin and vitamins in one bottle…

Yang Gaiting

I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks already. There’s definitely more sex in my life now. And it’s longer! In the morning, my buddy is over there))


Great! The capsules have such an interesting blue colour! And if you take them before going to bed, you can do it 5 times a night. Guys, I recommend it!

Liu Zhenxing

It’s true about testosterone. And my beard grows by leaps and bounds. And the belly goes away. Maybe because we fuck several times with my wife at night))

Ma Cong

Cool!! I haven’t had such hard erections for a long time!

Scientists have discovered a simple and effective way to treat erectile dysfunction – Bluestone original

Experts from the University of London, Great Britain made a discovery that helped solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction triples a man’s chances of dying from a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and other diseases. The known drugs only worsen the situation, as they clog the vessels. The scientists’ goal was to create an effective product to improve sex life, which will not ruin the cardiovascular system.

In recent years, erectile dysfunction has become a common problem, especially among men over 40. It turned out that Ashwagandha extract promotes the active production of the male hormone and increases vascular capacity by 55%. Sexual desire increases, additional activity appears during intercourse, and the quantity and quality of sperm increases as well.

The scientists studied effective plants and developed Bluestone Wild capsules.. Their formula includes concentrated plant extracts that have been used to maintain men’s health since ancient times: Lu Bian deer pen, oyster peptides, aspartic acid, lycopene, biotin and quercetin. These natural ingredients have a combined effect and strengthen the effects of each other. At the same time, they don’t disrupt cardiovascular system function, on the opposite, they improve vascular permeability.

Take 1 Bluestone Wild capsule once a day. To strengthen the effect, you can take the capsules before having sex. Researchers invited 400 men aged from 40 to 65 who had various forms of erectile difunctional to take part in Bluestone Wild trial and divided them into 2 groups. The first group of volunteers was offered to take Bluestone Wild capsules, the second one took traditional pharmaceutic potency stimulators.

For the Bluestone Wild trials, the researchers invited 400 men between 40 and 65 years old with various forms of erectile dysfunction and divided them into 2 groups. The first group of volunteers was offered to take the Bluestone Wild complex, the other group – traditional pharmaceutical potency​ stimulants

After 30 days of the experiment, it was found that the effect of Bluestone Wild is more pronounced than that of pharmacy products’. And special tests have confirmed that Bluestone Wild does not affect the cardiovascular system. The men from the first group did not have any abnormalities. A third of the men in the second group, on the contrary, had problems with the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels – even those who were fine previously.​

Extract from the observation diary of a 50-year-old subject:

Before starting research, I had 2 years of bad experience with erectile dysfunction.

Day 1: An hour after taking the supplement, I had arousal. I decided to have sex with my wife. The intercourse lasted for 5 minutes, while the usual time was 30-60 seconds. Feelings were brighter than usual.

Day 7: Libido increased, I felt much more energetic and calmer. During the course, I had sex with my wife 3 times. During the intercourse, I stopped experiencing tachycardia and shortness of breath.

Day 14: Urination got back to normal, and desire to urinate became less frequent. For 2 weeks, sex was repeated 5 more times. Excitement comes faster. My pen has become harder, I can feel the blood rushing to it.

Day 21: The fear of failure in sex completely disappeared, I became calmer both in life and at work. After intercourse, I noticed that the sperm became larger and thicker. I can now control the ejaculation. I can hold on for up to 20 minutes. I had sex 17 times during 3 weeks.

Day 30: All signs of erectile dysfunction and prostatitis disappeared. I began to feel much better both physically and sexually. There appeared interest and strength for physical activities. I noticed that there is less hair left on the comb than usual. During the month of using the capsules, I had sex 35 times. Now it is possible to control the time, the minimum time of the intercourse is 5 minutes, the maximum time is 40. And I’m ready to repeat in about 15 minutes.’

According to scientists, all ingredients of the capsules have a beneficial effect on men’s health. In addition, the active substances of drops and capsules improve the emotional state, which helps with psychological impotence and manifestations of chronic stress.

The capsules Bluestone Wild contains vitamins, minerals and useful trace elements that are necessary for every man aged 30+. Natural plant extracts and amino acids help to improve the intimate life and have a healing effect for the whole body. The capsules help to adapt to stress. This improves brain function and helps fight the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Muira Puama improves memory, stamina and metabolism, which helps to control weight. Lycopene protects the prostate gland from damage and relieves inflammation.

The drops dilate blood vessels and pump blood, which not only has a good effect on erections, but also reduces the risk of stagnant processes. In addition, they increase testosterone synthesis and ensure the correct ratio of sex hormones. Biotin prevents hair loss and bitter orange extract energizes.

The longer and more often a man has sex, the longer he lives. Anyone can have erectile dysfunction due to the individual characteristics of the body. Comprehensive health care will allow you to remain confident, courageous, enjoy intimate life and please your partner for as long as possible.

At present, everyone can purchase the capsules Bluestone Wild with a 50% discount.

652 HKD

326 HKD


Wu Rongling    

You need to go in for sports so that there are no problems. And eat normally.

Shi Qing    

Alas, healthy foods and sports do not help everyone… My husband runs marathons, sticks to a healthy eating plan… Nevertheless, I searched the entire Internet looking for a working solution for erectile dysfunction, since none bought at the pharmacy helped… The point is that my husband does not see a problem, but it is right there…

Sun Wen    

Be sure to try it! I started having erection problems after turning 40. Viagra and all other stimulants are contraindicated for me due to hypertension. Bluestone Wild is my only salvation. I’ve been taking it for a month now. No problems so far.


One day, I saw these capsules at my father’s in a bedside-table. I got interesting, googled it and found out that this stuff is cool not only for potency, but also for your overall health. Decided to order it – it wouldn’t do any harm. Impressed my girlfriend and get her off several times. She liked it so much that she even told her lady friends about me. When it comes to solutions like that, the main points are that they should be safe and natural, and Bluestone Wild has both of those qualities. Thus, both old men and young guys like me can take these capsules.

Zheng Zhi    

I have erection problems for 4 years already, but my wife hasn’t left. Sex is not the main thing.

Ai Chen    

Don’t want to judge anyone, but I have a friend who left her husband because he rarely slept with her. Someone does not need sex at all, but I would not be able to stay with such a man.

Tang Xinxin    

Does this capsules help with rapid ejaculation?

Wang Ke    

I started suffering from similar problem after 45, although before everything was ok. Then I started taking Bluestone Wild. Now there are no problems at all. I can have sex for hours. So give it a try.

Yang Gaiting    

I also had some problems. I went to doctors, but to be honest, they didn’t help, it was just a waste of money. I read about Bluestone Wild on the web. On day 2, I realized that the product worked. I took both capsules and now everything is ok. Recommend.

Zhou Garden Shadow    

I started having problems a year ago. Erections were unstable and very weak. Then I switched to Viagra and my heart screamed ‘Nooo’. Fortunately, I started taking these capsules. After the first intake, I had an erection. Sex became longer, I get aroused faster and I even forgot there were any problems before.